Chapter 375: Demon Lord Morisa’s choice on the ground.

Wang Lufei, Emperor Zoro, Vegeta, Handsome Sanji, and First Iceman all had a blood hole in their hearts, and they all died violently.

Only Indomitable Bear was alive. Both his legs were broken, and he knelt on the ground and couldn’t move.

The terrifying Demon Lord Morisa, didn’t even get up from the throne!

“Hold the grass! This boss is too fast… ah!” Before Star finished speaking, he felt his eyes darken.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already waiting for resurrection in the resurrection room of the Spirit War Chariot.


With a scream, the beef noodle was also pierced by a stream of light that pierced through the heart on the left chest and fell directly.

“You’re the only one left… You can actually dodge my first round of attacks! It’s incredible that I just broke your legs!” Morisa turned to look at the Indomitable Bear.

“Is this Morissa? Demon Lord Morissa?” Indomitable Bear looked at Morissa in front of him, and was deeply shocked.

Just now, he, Wang Luffei and other six rushed to Morisa, trying to delay time!

Indomitable Bear thought that it would take at least ten breaths for the six of them to go up together.


Indomitable Bear sensed a crisis of life and death, so he desperately launched his martial intent to gain insight into all things, entered bullet time, and barely escaped the fatal blow!

However, his legs were broken in an instant, and he couldn’t move.

Indomitable Bear turned his head to look, only to find that Wang Lufei and the five others were all killed in an instant!

Don’t talk about delaying the time, the six of them went together, and Morisa didn’t even stand!

Demon Lord Morisa is too scary!

“Go, use the brain-sweeping technique, I need to know what happened on the other side of the gate!!!” Morissa roared gloomily!

“Yes!” Immediately, a few demon warriors nodded and walked towards Indomitable Bear.

“Hahahaha, Morisa, this time, you won!

“But next time, I will definitely not lose!” Indomitable Bear roared, and immediately launched the ice fire red lotus explosion that had long been brewing!


There was a loud noise, and the indomitable bear exploded in place!

Morisa froze for a moment.

But the next moment.

An astonishing aura erupted, and the throne and surrounding high platforms were smashed together, and even some nearby demon guards were directly crushed to pieces by the terrifying power of demon energy!


Morisa was really angry!

Although he didn’t know the situation on the other side, Morisa also vaguely noticed that on the opposite side of the otherworldly gate, all his demon warriors and beasts were dead!

Perhaps, even the commanders were killed.

This battle could be said to have suffered heavy losses!

“Two choices, go forward? Or leave?” Morisa looked at the otherworldly gate, his red pupils shone with light…

“Hold the grass, damn it, this is a fart!”

“This Demon Lord Morisa is too strong, right? I don’t know how I died!”

“No, I haven’t seen the attack, it’s too fast! It’s not an attack that can be avoided after seeing it!”

Wang Lufei and other ten people walked out of the resurrection room and returned to the front, all of them were messy in a gust of wind.

“The player group has failed!” He Yiming’s face sank after he found Indomitable Bear and asked about the situation of the Outland Death Squad at that time.

Wang Lufei and other six could be said to be the most powerful in the player group!

As a result, in a face-to-face meeting, five people were instantly killed. Indomitable Bear broke both legs and barely died.

This Demon Lord Morisa was better than Ye Wuyou’s description!

In addition, although the otherworldly gate shrunk a bit, it was still very stable. Obviously, the players had not been able to kill all the demons on the opposite side.

And this time, Morisa was prepared, and it was impossible to close the otherworldly gate by killing all the realm demons by surprise.

He Yiming recalled the words of Ye Wuyou the night before.

“He Yiming, if you face off against Morisa, you have no chance of winning!

“The only chance is the Cataclysmic Seal controlled by your disciples!

“But if the Cataclysmic Seal is displayed when Morisa is in excellent condition, it won’t work at all, and the speed of Cataclysmic Seal is very slow. Once Morisa is prepared, it will be difficult to work.

“Since your disciple is very good, maybe this method can be tried!

“The power of us demons is one of the most powerful. The source is the demon energy!

“Even if one is as powerful as Morisa, his demon energy is limited!

“If we calculate base on the amount of demon energy a first-order demon possesses and since he has fifty-three demon marks. The amount of demon energy Demon Lord Morisa possesses in the first form reaches a full 530,000!

“The second form will reach 1.2 million, and the third form will reach 3 million!

“If you If you can use up Morisa’s demon energy, or consume most of it, then you will have a chance to win!” He Yiming recalled Ye Wuyou’s words, and he had a decision in his heart.

But He Yiming couldn’t help but think of a terrible coincidence.

Demon Lord Morisa might have two more forms, and the amount of demon energy in the final form…

I am afraid it could reach 1.2 million!

How could this be real?

“Disciples, start implementing Plan B! Prepare to fight the Demon Lord Morisa!” He Yiming got up and ordered loudly.


All the players were shocked, and immediately started to take their positions.

Between breathing, it was arranged into a very strange stance.

Facing the center of the position of the otherworldly gate was the big brother group.

All the rest of the players spread out in an arc shape and hid their aura by using the Phaseless Concealment Technique.

“Until the sect master issues an order, we are not allowed to activate the Cataclysmic Seal!

“Those who have not reached the minimum half-step mastery of intent are not allowed to go forward to confront Morisa, and all retreat and hide in the wooden tunnel fortress!

“The half-step masters should come out and spread out in a battle formation, with Star as the commander. Get ready to face Demon Lord Morisa!”

He Yiming said lightly.

He Yiming knew clearly that since Plan A failed, then as long as Morisa was still opposite the otherworldly gate, he would never have a chance to close the otherworldly gate!

All he had to do was wait!

Waiting for Morissa to choose!

If Morisa chose to give up, that’s the best!

Everyone, the well water does not violate the river water. You Morisa continue to be unrestrained in the world of Myriad Demons, and I, He Yiming, continue to develop in this lower plane!

However, if Morisa chose to come here through the otherworldly gate, then there will be a bloody fight to the end!

Time began to flow minute by minute.

He Yiming hid his figure and did not move.

All players were staring at the otherworldly gate!

“Hold the grass, I’m so nervous!”

“Damn, isn’t this game too good? How come the style of painting has changed and suddenly there was a rhythm of a horror game?”

“Did you listen to Brother Bear and Brother Ming just now? Brother Lufei and the others were instantly killed when they met. Not even Morisa’s hair was hurt! Hold the grass, is this boss designed by the developer’s feet?”

“Hehe, this damn game is difficult since the first test. God, I can’t even get out of the novice village, and the first War Hunchback Beast I met killed me eighteen times! I know what kind of shit this damn game is!”

“This Demon Lord Morisa design is too much of a cheat! If the power of intent has not reached half a step, sh*t, we don’t even have the qualifications to fight against the BOSS? Hold the grass, is this reasonable? It’s really cheating!”

“And why didn’t Brother Ming let us use the Cataclysmic Seal. No matter how strong the Demon Lord Morisa is, when he just passed the otherworldly gate and couldn’t react, we should just use the Cataclysmic Seal to death, right?”

After the players were nervous for 1 minute, they couldn’t help but feel weak, and they started talking to each other. But even before a single stick of incense…

Suddenly, there was a ripple in the otherworldly gate!


All the players opened their eyes wide and looked at the otherworldly gate!

Soon, a figure slowly walked out of the gate of another world and stood in front of 888 players!

Demon Lord Morisa!