Chapter 376: Obey Your Majesty! (Part 1)

“My demon beast army… 80000 demon soldiers… four army commanders… nine devil guards?” As soon as Morisa stepped into the lower plane, he was instantly determined.

His entire army was eradicated.

They were all dead and there was no one left.

Then Morisa looked around and saw the members of the Big Brother Group, including Wang Lufei.

Then Morisa suspected that a devil was born.

There was just an initial stage Sea Wheel Realm cultivator and a bunch of peak Foundation Establishment Realms.

This is it?

These people killed my invincible army?

Morisa couldn’t believe it!

“Where is the Super Saiya.?”

“Where is the Dragon Army“

“Where is the immortal-killing sword array?”

Morisa’s eyes turned. Ninety nine percent of his attention was on guard against these three things.

“Hold the grass!” At this time, He Yiming, who was hiding in the dark, also took a breath!

He Yiming was a little confident before he saw him!

After the real meeting, He Yiming was convinced of Ye Wuyou’s words.

Three breaths?

No shit!

Morisa would flatten him in four breaths at most.

The extra breath was to not give Ye Wuyou any face, and so that he wouldn’t be too proud.

In a flash, He Yiming knew that the players could never kill the Demon Lord Morisa!

“We can consider leaving…” He Yiming’s instinct for survival quickly calculated the best choice, so he quietly turned around and wanted to run.

In any case, there was only Morisa left. If he wanted to kill the human race, he would naturally look at those big forces first. Naturally, those who were strong in would stand up to him.

For the system task, one could only fight at the heat of the moment!

But when the odds were really slim, why not run away? After all, he would only die after a few exchanges with Morisa.

He was not a fool.



【Activating the system upgrade task!

Issuing the most powerful sect system upgrade task! Kill Morisa.

Target: Kill Morisa!

Time limit: one day

The faster the task is completed, the higher the degree of completion, the higher the evaluation, and the richer the reward!

Friendly reminder, after the task is completed, there is one special reward. Once the task is completed, the system will be upgraded to version 3.0! You can summon more souls to become the host’s disciples!】

With the task suddenly released by the system, He Yiming felt ludicrous.

Hold the grass!

This system is really something!

At the moment when he saw Melissa, He Yiming estimated the victory rate of fighting the demon lord.

It was jusst less than 0.01%!

Even so, the system issued such a mission.

He Yiming stiffened and pondered for seven seconds.

In his mind, countless thoughts flashed!

Finally, He Yiming slowly turned around and sat down, quietly adjusting his breath and waiting for the opportunity!

One word appeared in his mind!


“You killed my subordinates?” When Morisa’s eyes turned, he naturally saw some hidden figures withing the wooden fortress at a glance.

However, those figures were too weak compared to the dozen individuals at the other side, so Morisa ignored them.

“Yes, Morisa. Today, I, Wang Lufei, will kill you!!!” Wang Lufei roared and drove straight into second gear to speed up!

“Kill!!!” At the next moment, Wang Lufei rushed to Morisa!

“One sword style, world!!!” When Emperor Zoro raised his hand, he fused two major achievement intents into a single slash.

“Exploding Fire Dragon Bullet!!!” Strongest Fire Spell opened his mouth. He gathered the power of the Female Fire Dragon Bloodline in his body and ejected an extremely strong fire technique!

“Ice falls on the Milky Way!”

“Xiao Li Throwing Knife!”

“Devil wind feet!”

All of them went together.

At this time, Wang Lufei also rushed in front of Morisa. His hands were raised and ready to attack!


“Take my rockets!!!”

Wang Lufei’s two fists went out together. The martial arts giant behind him also went out with its two fists. The four powerful forces rushed to Morisa!

Boom, boom, boom!

Between breathes, Morisa just ate all the attacks!

He neither dodged nor counterattacked. He just stood still and received all the attacks!


The players felt something was wrong. After a round of big moves, they retreated one after another.

The smoke and dust gradually dissipated. Just then, the figure of Morisa began to emerge.

Swish, swish!

Streams of light come out in a flash!


Wang Lufei raised his arms to try to resist!

He broke my arms in a flash!

Emperor Zore raised Blood Feud and cut down, but it was interrupted by the streams!


Handsome Sanji jumped in the air to try to escape, but he was hit by the streams on his knee!

“My hands…”

The hands of Xiao Li Throwing Knife were broken, First Iceman’s atmospheric ice sea was broken, and even Strongest Fire Spell’s powerful offensive attack was broken!

A flash of light!

All of the players’ ultimate moves were smashed by Morisa!