Chapter 377: Obey Your Majesty! (Part 2)


“Hold the grass!”

“What the?! None of the big boys died! ”

But it’s no different from death!

An instant almost equaled total extinction!

At this time, the smoke and dust finally dissipated.

The figure of Morisa walked over and stood in front of Wang Lufei, whose arms were broken.

All the players took a breath when they looked at him together!

Just now, the big guys went out and attacked Morisa!

But they didn’t even break Morisa’s skin!

Forget any sign of blood, Morisa didn’t even lose a single hair.

“That’s a major achievement in martial intent. It’s really good. You are very good!” Morisa took a look at Wang Lufei and then looked at Emperor Zoro.

“You are also very good to be able to combine your own sword intent with the Blood Feud’s killing intent!”

“You guys are good!” Morisa turned her eyes and looked at the other players of the Big Brother Group, and then continued to speak.

“I can let bygones be bygones! You have only one choice now!

“Turn into a demon and become my loyal subordinates! I can give you the position of demon general, even the position of army commander!


“You will all die!”

Morisa spoke lightly, full of absolute dominance!

This remark, together with the invincibility of Morisa, directly shocked everyone!

“Hold the grass, isn’t this Morisa too good at showing off?”

“This defense is invincible. The big guys have the strongest attack powers, and they haven’t even broken his defense? They were juust a fart!”

“Where’s Brother Ming? I can only watch Brother Ming at this scenario!”

“Shit, did Brother Ming run away? Damn it, is an NPC still afraid of death?”

“Shit, do you dare to slander my idol Brother Ming? I will kill you now!”

“I think the next wave is ready! If we stand still, the big brother group can’t break his defense. If the other party attacks, the big brother group will be totally paralyzed. Will we still stay idle?”

The players were in an uproar and decided to cast.

“I, Wang Lufei, would never surrender to a villain like you even if I died!” Wang Lufei stood up and shouted loudly! Hot blood, passionate!

“Yes, Brother Ming treats us well. How can we betray Brother Ming?”

“Yes, kill us if you want to. Come on, kill me first!”

“Ho ho, I decline, even if you kill me!”

The rest of the players are all proud. They pronounced their loyalty one by one!

“Huh?” Not only did Morisa not panic, but he was very satisfied.

Morisa liked this kind of arrogant and hot-blooded human geniuses!

In those days, there was even Ye Wuyou.

He remembered chasing Ye Wuyou for a year. He appreciated it very much, so he took him and turned him into a demon!

Ye Wuyou was a true genius.

At a young age, he pressed all the demon generals and became the first among them!

He even mastered the Thunderwood Sword perfectly, and his strength could be regarded as the strongest among his entire army and even among the four army commanders.

Although his army was gone, if he could accept these talents, then he could easily compensate for it.

Morisa clearly saw from the attack just now. These human geniuses, each of whom was less than 20 years old, could achieve half-step intent. They even achieved major achievement realm.

Forget about the lower plane, such geniuses should be compared to higher level planes.

Even in the 3000 realms, they were sure to be invincible in the future!

If he could recruit them at such a young age, then he could turn them into powerful soldiers. That would be more beneficial than conquering an entire lower plane.

Million demon beast army?

Ten Demon Generals?

Four army commanders?

Nine Demon Guards?

Those rubbish could not be compared with these super geniuses.

So instead of being angry, Morisa raised his palm and slowly formed a sphere of black magic gas.

“Obey me, you will not die. I can turn into a demon and become more powerful! You have a longer life, regenerative ability, and can follow me to fight in different battlefields!

“As long as you belong to me, you can have the invincible power under your new God!

“Don’t you desire power?”

Morisa, word by word, tempted them.

Bah! We……” Wang Lufei and others just wanted to have another wave of classic boasting!

Morisa also wanted to use nine unique skills, such as torture, coercion and inducement. However, he was afraid that these geniuses will not surrender.

But at this time, a figure jumped out.

“Demon Lord Morisa, this little brother, Beef Noodles, is willing to be reincarnated into a demon and submit to Lord Morisa! I will contribute to Lord Morisa’s journey to conquer the world!”

This figure finished speaking at one breath, a skilled horse.

ID: Beef noodles.

He Yiming: ??

Wang Lufei and other players: ??

Morisa: ??