Chapter 378: Oh my god! Beef noodles have become beef noodles!

“Brother Noodles, you are…”

“Hold the grass, Brother Noodles, you actually betrayed Brother Ming?”

“Shameless, shameless!!!”

The players were in an uproar, they looked at Beef Noodles.

“Hahaha! You are very smart, it seems that you are the smartest little guy among these humans!” Morisa laughed and looked at Beef Noodles.

“Hahaha, you idiots. A great opportunity is right in front of you, but you don’t know how to cherish it!” Beef Noodles stood up proudly, standing beside Morisa skillfully and naturally, with a proud look on his face.

“Damn, I knew that Brother Noodles would betray us!”

“Hold the grass, shameless, shameless!”

“Despicable Brother Noodles!”

The players were in an uproar, gnashing their teeth in anger!

“Hahahahaha, who let you blow up my demon body before!

“Who let you blow me up with your hands before!

“It’s noon, and it’s finally time for Beef Noodles to rise!”

He laughed out loud.

“Hahahahaha!” Morisa also burst out laughing, and the two laughed together, blending perfectly and confidently.

At a glance, anyone would think they were brothers.

All players would definitely kill him!

“King Morisa, please grant me invincible power!” Beef Noodles knelt on one knee and said excitedly.

“Okay!” Morisa smiled in satisfaction, and as soon as he raised his hand, the black magic air mass fell into the center of Beef Noodle’s eyebrows.

As a black magic energy quickly spread out, it broke out completely!

After a few breaths, black scales appeared all over Beef noodles, four black magic horns grew on his forehead, and twenty-four marks appeared on his body, which looked a bit fake!

“Hahahahaha! I’m back at the top again!” Beef Noodles laughed, full of arrogance!


Beef Noodles exerted his force, and the terrifying power of demonic energy erupted, shaking the earth and whistling in all directions! Full of invincible spirit!

At this moment, Beef Noodles appearing in their true colors, he was more badass than Morisa!

“Hold the grass!”

“Damn Noodles!”

“Despicable Beef Noodles! I should have been reincarnated as a demon”


other players saw was envious, jealous, and hateful!

“How, do you know the greatness of this god? As long as you are willing to submit to this god, you can be as powerful as him! Hahahaha… eh?” Morisa couldn’t help laughing!

“Lord Morissa, me, me, me!”

“And me, I’m going to be reincarnated as a demon!”

“Ah, Lord Morissa, I was wrong, add me!”

Morissa As soon as the words were finished, more than a dozen players got up and started talking!

Hold the grass!

Brother Noodles, this dog actually plays with fire, so shameless!

I am naturally more shameless than him!

Oh shit!

“Not bad, really good!” Morisa nodded in satisfaction.

It went well, I didn’t expect it to go so well!

Sure enough, no matter which plane it is, there will always be a guy whose mind is not firm enough and is easily tempted by power!

With the first one, you see, the second, third, and fourth, then won’t they all come out?

With the addition of these heaven-defying geniuses, my dominance is just around the corner!

However, Beef Noodles happily felt his brand new demon body, looked down and vomited.

“Hold the grass! It doesn’t feel right?” Beef Noodles was shocked, and immediately became furious!

The original plan of Beef Noodles was to pretend to surrender first, be reincarnated as a demon, gain powerful squak, and then wait for the opportunity to turn against the tide and attack Morisa from behind!

After all, since ancient times, whitening was weaker by three points, and blackening was three times stronger!

He was now so completely blackened, and his strength has tripled. After an opportunity arrived, he would launch a sneak attack from behind. Wouldn’t he be able to kill Morisa with a single strike?


“You gave me a fake reincarnation as a demon? I don’t even have squak. I am just a fart!”

“Ah!!!” Morisa was really unprepared.

He just ate Beef Noodles attack.

“What? No squak? Fuck, this reincarnation as a demon is useless!”

“Slag, it’s too rubbish, fortunately I didn’t reincarnate!”

“That’s right, paying such a big price to be reincarnated as a demon. It’s just as ugly, isn’t it just for the sake of squak? No squak? Then forget it! I almost fell for this stupid Demon Lord Morisa!”

those more than a dozen players who said they wanted to be reincarnated as demons Instantly changed their faces, all shook their heads, and all expressed their refusal.

Morisa: ? ? ?


What is squeak?

Why would you refuse just because of the squeak?

Could it be that the power of twenty-four demon marks, the power of the fifth-order demon, was not as good as a squeak?

“Eat my strongest demon fist!” While Morisa was shocked, Beef Noodles started to fight in waves!

“Ola Ola Ora, how does my Demon Fist taste? Do you feel numb and numb, the force is in place, the blood circulation is smooth… ah!”

“Do you feel like you are dying? Ah? Do you feel it?”

Beef Noodles punched in waves, sending hundreds of punches. He felt a little out of breath, but Morisa didn’t respond at all.

It made Beef Noodles vomit blood.

“What I hate the most is betrayal!” Morisa turned around slowly, his face unbroken.

“This game is poisonous!!!” Beef Noodles vomited, turned around and wanted to run.


However, Morisa punched and directly crushed the huge demon Beef Noodles several meters high!

With Morisa’s fingertips quickly passing through the void, he slashed hundreds of times with his fingers!


The next moment, the demon body of Beef Noodle was cut into tens of thousands of shreds, and the death couldn’t be more miserable!

“How? Did you see it? This is the end of betraying me. Now, do you know fear? Do you know the horror? Do you know the power and invincibility of this god?” Morisa laughed and turned around, just wanting to see the others The despairing look of the human race.


“Hahahaha, Brother Noodles dies again!”

“I don’t know why, Brother Noodles suddenly died. I should be sad, after all, Brother Noodles is… Ahahahaha, pffhahaha, dead Hahahaha!”

“Hold the grass, Brother Noodles is really cut into beef noodles.”

“Hello everyone, here is Morisa, this is Beef Noodles brand freshly made by the god. It’s so strong. Crispy and smooth, with excellent taste, very fresh and luxurious, no 98, no 100, only 99! What are you waiting for? Why don’t you quickly call the exclusive number of this demon and order a copy?”

“Hahaha, Brother Noodles died. At this moment, I just want to laugh out loud!”

“I’m dying of laughter. No, come and celebrate with a hot pot PARY!”


The death of Beef Noodles didn’t frighten anyone. The players even let out a wave of laughter.

Morisa: ? ? ?

“Why aren’t they afraid?” Morisa was stunned.

This was not a disguise. Morisa saw at a glance, every human race was sincere. The joy and excitement of the true feelings!

This was a feeling that was almost non-existent in normal monks, and only mortals could do this.

Not only were many human cultivators happy, but many human cultivators actually are hot pot?

Not only did they eat hot pot, but even a human race cultivator opened several bottles of fine wine?

Not only drinking wine, but they even danced?

Morisa fainted, what happened to these people? Why did the tragic death of their companion made them so happy?

“It seems that the power displayed by this god is not enough!!!” Morisa was angry! Then, without saying a word, he let out a low growl!


The terrifying power of demon energy erupted completely, and 530,000 demon energy circulated throughout the body!

The power of the mighty demon energy exploded, directly shattering several heavy wood fortresses in the distance, and even causing many weaker players to vomit blood! Even the Big Brother Group members such as Wang Lufei were blown away dozens of meters away!

The terrifying aura and the gap in absolute strength completely shocked all players!

“Hold the grass, so strong?”

“Damn, this boss is too perverted, right?”

“This is a fart!”

Many players were shocked. After all, everyone was not stupid. The absolute difference was really too big!

It felt as if they were still a freshman at the first level of Body Forging, and then they encountered an enemy at the Heavenly Pill Realm! Fight?

Fuck it!

However, at this moment, He Yiming skillfully issued a notice and a brand new task!

“Hold the grass! This mission, I’m going to explode!!!”

“This mission, fuck, Morisa? I’m going to blow his head off today!”

“Ah, ah, ah. My soul is on fire!”

“Oh my God, for such a reward. Foodie army, attack!”

“What? Even took out that piece of equipment? Can this be missed?”

“Huh? Huhu, it’s finally here, it’s time for me to show his strongest combat power!”

After seeing the notice and mission released by He Yiming, all players burst into flames in an instant!