Chapter 381: He’s pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger! (Part 1)

“Haha!” Handsome Sanji shook his head coquettishly and showed off his hairstyle.

And then…


One claw pierced Handsome Sanji’s chest!

Handsome Sanji: “???”

“An ant!!!” Morisa was furious and killed Handsome Sanji!

“Hold the grass, Brother Sanji croaked in just three seconds!”

“Ah, Brother Sanji has also died! Brother Zoro will highly likely be the next one dying!”

The players in the distance were amazed.

“Ahhh! You all die, damn it!” At this moment, Morisa was full of rage and looked extremely furious.

“He’s injured! Hurry up, let’s go together. Maybe we can kill him!”

“We broke the defense. We finally broke the defense!”

“Quick, let’s attack together!”

The other players in the big brother group looked at this scenario, they were overjoyed!

At this time, Emperor Zoro slowly raised the broken Blood Feud.

Although Blood Feud was a magic sword, it was not immortal!

Morisa’s attack was too powerful, interrupting the blade of Blood Feud and bringing Blood Feud’s death.

“Are you going to die?” Emperor Zoro raised his Blood Feud and felt that the aura of Blood Feud was rapidly weakening, and after a while, it would disappear completely. Once this magic disappears, Blood Feud would be reduced to an ordinary long sword, and more so, a broken long sword.

“I, you are not allowed to die!!!” Emperor Zoro closed his eyes and suddenly activated his sword intent, Breath of All Things!

The huge force of the sword intent spread continuously, first entangling in Blood Feud and then slowly spreading out, extending to every fragment of the Blood Feud.


Under the power of Breath of All Things, every fragment trembled slightly.

Emperor Zoro closed his eyes, and suddenly saw tiny fragments in the originally pitch-dark world.

Those fragments werelike existences waiting to die. However, his intent felt the breath of these fragments, and used the power of the Breath of All Things to link all the fragments together again, linking them all to Blood Feud!

“Before, it was you who lent me the power of your killing intent!

“Now, it’s my turn to help you!

“I am Emperor Zoro, and I want to be the number one swordsman in this cultivation world!

“All the fragments…


With Emperor Zoro’s low roar, the huge power of sword intent burst out!

The Blood Feud fragments and each the other fragments were condensed together, and Blood Feud was formed again in one breath!

The Blood Feud appeared in front of Emperor Zoro once again.

Although there were countless cracks on it and although the blade was no longer sharp…

Blood Feud was stronger than ever!

The breath of Blood Feud perfectly fused with Emperor Zoro’s sword intent and burst forth with unimaginable power!

There was no independent killing intent in Blood Feud. The whole Blood Feud had become a part of Emperor Zoro’s body!

The Blood Feud at this time, really, became the shape of Emperor Zoro!


Emperor Zoro slowly raised his Blood Feud and looked at Morisa again.

At this time, He Yiming frowned.

The players saw that Morissa was in a state of madness, with blood on his face, and seemed quite embarrassed.

But only He Yiming could clearly perceive that Morisa, let alone injured, didn’t even had his aura weakened in the slightest.

He Yiming couldn’t help looking at a list!

[Strongest in the Second Test Heaven Ranking]

NO1: [Wang Lufei] Consumption of magic energy: 77

NO2: [Handsome Sanji] Consumption of magic energy: 12

NO3: [First Iceman] Consumption of magic energy: 1

NO4: [Strongest Fire Spell] Consumption of magic energy: 1

NO5: [Beef Noodles] Consumption of magic energy: 1

NO6: [Indomitable Bear] Consumption of magic energy: 1

NO7: [Thousand Hand Pillar] Consumption of magic energy: 1

NO8: [Vegeta] Consumption of magic energy: 1

NO9: [Xiao Li Throwing Knife] Consumption of magic energy: 1

NO10: [Gentleman Qian] Consumption of magic energy: 1

The list of the system would never go wrong!

In other words, Morisa wasn’t injured by the player’s attacks at all. It was all disguised by Morisa!

Even now, only Wang Lufei and Handsome Sanji have broken through Morisa’s physical defense slightly, consuming a little bit of Morisa’s magic energy. However, the Demon Lord hadn’t run out of gas!

Don’t say forcing Morisa to do his best!

They didn’t even consume 1% of Morisa’s demon energy!

This Morisa was actually pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?

He Yiming’s expression sank.


Suddenly, He Yiming felt a strange wave hit.

He Yiming hurriedly restrained his breath, ran the Phaseless Hermitage with all his strength, and used the characteristics of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to disguise himself as a piece of grass.

He Yiming was swept across the whistling waves, and he didn’t seem to be aware of it.