Chapter 382: He’s pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger! (Part 2)

“So that’s the case… This guy Morisa is still guarding against the Immortal Killing Sword Formation?” He Yiming was a little speechless, not sure whether to be happy or fortunate.

Morisa had been showing weakness and camouflaging. That meant he was constantly scanning the area thousands of miles with his magic consciousness, looking for the non-existent Sword Array!

No wonder Morisa never been too far away from the otherworldly.

Noo wonder this guy had been very reluctant to easily reveal his true strength to his opponents!

It turned out that he was completely fooled by Beef Noodles!

However, He Yiming knew that Beef Noodles’ lie would soon be seen through! Because Morisa’s magic consciousness began to recover rapidly, obviously everywhere had been scanned!

“Huh?” Morisa suddenly retreated dozens of meters at this time, frowning.

“No dragons? No ancient immortal formation? I didn’t find any Heavenly Pill-level enemies?”

Morisa was very confident in his magic sense, but he deliberately showed weakness just now and scanned thousands of miles around him, and yet he found nothing?

Could it be that the Nine Demon Guards and Mo Kinyu were deceiving him all this time?

Or was it that the other party hid it so well that he didn’t find it?

Or, something happened to cause the dragon family to leave? Was the Immortal Killing Sword Formation destroyed?

But anyway!

Within a thousand miles, he didn’t sense an enemy who could threaten him, so it’s time for him to end his charage with these human geniuses.

Boom boom boom!

At this time, dozens of attacks from the big group hit Morisa in unison, but Morisa’s skin was not broken.

“Huh? What’s the matter? Didn’t we break his defense just now?”

“Yeah, I clearly saw Lufei and Sanji beating him up and making him vomit blood!”


All of them were dumbfounded…

Morisa suddenly burst out laughing.

“He wasn’t broken at all. The so-called injury was just a disguise!” Emperor Zoro spoke suddenly, staring at Morisa while spitting every word.

After merging Blood Feud with himself, Emperor Zoro found that the power of his sword intent was even stronger!

But at the same time, a terrifying truth was also discovered!

Morisa had been showing weakness, and everything just now was all Morisa’s performance!

“Huh? You’ve become stronger again?” Morisa turned his eyes and glanced at Emperor Zoro.

“Hehe, the joke ends here! Yes, this god has been showing weakness just now!

“The god has already scanned thousands of miles with magic consciousness during this performance!

“Unfortunately, the dragon clan and even the Immortal Killing Sword Array don’t exist. More so, there isn’t even a single Heavenly Pill opponents within thousands of miles!

“Anything that might threaten my existence does not exist!”

Morisa said lightly.


The players of the Big Brother Group were stunned for a moment, and then everyone was shocked.

“This boss pretends to show a weakness in order to show off? Dressing up as a pig and eat a tiger? Hold the grass!”

“God, this game is a cheat!”

“Damn, this boss is actually smarter than me? This really is damn cheating. Is it AI?”

The players of the Big Brother Group took a deep breath, and then they reacted.

It turned out that this Morisa had been teasing them and others! In fact, the investigation had a radius of thousands of miles. Now that he had confirmed it, he would no longer pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?

“As long as I kill you first, it’s the same whether you show weakness or not!” Emperor Zoro raised his Blood Feud in the air, and it was the strongest cut!

“One sword technique, a thousand worlds!”

Morisa laughed as a huge sword qi slashed towards him.

“To this god, shatter!” Morisa raised his hand, and the void grabbed the thousand-meter-giant sword energy, and the void pinched!


Emperor Sauron’s kilometer-sized sword energy shattered directly into the air!


Emperor Zoro was completely dumbfounded.

“Get out of the way!!!” At this moment, Vegeta suddenly roared!


The next moment, Vegeta burst out with an earth-shattering breath!

“Super Saiyan, transform!!!” Vegeta roared, and the long black hair turned into golden color!

The power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline burned wildly, and behind the Vegeta, there was a small golden five-clawed golden dragon phantom, twinkling.

“Super Saiyan?” Morisa was startled, and seemed to be a little jealous for the first time.

After all, this was what Mo Kinyu said.

It was the secret weapon against him!

Could it be that…

This Super Saiyan had the same combat power as him?

Morisa’s expression became serious.

“Morisa, I’m a Super Saiyan, I’m going to take your life today!!!” Vegeta roared and stomped, attacking Morisa in an instant!

30 seconds!

Super Saiyan 1 could only last for 30 seconds, so be sure to fight quickly!


The next moment, Vegeta and Morisa punched each other,