Chapter 383: This is my true form! (Part 1)


The forces of both sides banged against each other!

A terrible airflow and shock erupted directly!


Many players in the Big Brother Group couldn’t even bear the impact, and were directly sent flying!

“Ahhhh!!! Woah, fuel consumption!” Vegeta punched frantically while confronting Morisa, but he didn’t lose out!

“The power of the dragon? The breath of the real dragon?” Morisa’s expression changed, and he felt the mortal enemy of the Myriad Demons Realm from the body of Vegeta, the breath of the real dragons in the ancient true dragon realm!

At this moment, Morisa had completely believed the words of Mo Kinyu, who was Beef Noodles in disguise!

Because the real dragon breath could not be disguised!

How could a human race on a lower realm have the aura of a true dragon?

Unless, this human race was a genuine human race super card, especially used to deal with him!

Boom boom boom!

Vegeta and Morisa confronted each other, attacking each other continuously, and in just one breath, they exchanged hundreds of punches! “Hold the grass! Vegeta is so fierce?”

“How much power did Morisa use while in diguise?”

“Hold the grass, Super Saiyan, it’s really scary!”

All the players were shocked that Vegeta was able to confront Morisa!

He was actually so strong?


Vegeta and Morisa suddenly moved together at high speed!

“Hehe, I’m behind you!” Morisa accelerated and appeared behind Vegeta.

“No, I’m behind you!” However, the voice of Vegeta appeared behind Morisa again.

“No no, I’m behind you!” Morisa appeared behind Vegeta again.

“No, no, I’m behind you again!” Vegeta smiled proudly and appeared behind Morisa again.

The two went back and forth in a circle for several seconds.

“Hold the grass, these two dogs are poisonous!”

“Although Morisa is strong, he looks like a funny guy?”

“Why do I think I’m being led astray by Vegeta?”

The players were infuriated.

Are these two dogs playing in circles?

“The warm-up is over! Can you use your true strength?” Morisa suddenly stopped and spoke lightly, with a look of ease!

“Well, that’s exactly what I mean!” Vegeta said proudly, with an unfathomable expression on his face!

“This is the first time this god has met an equal opponent on a lower plane! At such a young age, he has the breath of a true dragon bloodline! Tsk tsk tsk! As a tribute! Just now, this god only used less than 10% of his power, So now, I’ll use 30%!” Morisa smiled slightly, and then burst out with an aura that was several times more terrifying than before!

Even the ground around Morisa constantly cracked!

Vegeta: ? ? ?


Vegeta vomited, really vomited.

Vegeta thought that Morisa was the same as him, pretending to be a boss!

Vegeta had exhausted his power, and he could only maintain his form in just ten more seconds.

And then, Morisa in front of him actually said, he just used less than 10% of his strength?

Are you kidding me?

“It’s over, Vegeta is going to die!”

“Morisa: I’m sorry, I only used 10% of my strength just now!

Vegeta: Hold the grass we pretended to be a boss together, but you turned out to be a fake. Are you really cheating?

I’ve seen this episode, Vegeta is ten seconds away from the classic death!

Ten, nine, eight…”

The player on the wooden fortress in the distance had entered the theater mode.

This boss was so strong, and he was faking it?

“Damn, my Super Saiayan power, even if it’s only ten seconds, no, three seconds!!!

“Give me strength!!!

“I’m going to keep pretending to be boss!!!”

Vegeta suddenly roared in his heart!

His final wish to show off gave Vegeta made him unwilling to breathe his last!

Just imagine, there was a fantasy in the heart of every second-year junior high school student! A last hope that was unwilling to be pierced by reality! It was the last obsession of a 2nd year junior high school teenager in the depths of his soul!

At this moment, with the roar of Vegeta!


Many of the big brother group who came close suddenly felt their bodies tremble.

“What’s going on?

“There seems to be some power surging in my body?

“Ah, it flew out!”

Vegeta shouted in his heart, causing the power of Vegeta’s martial intent to explode!

Suddenly, a strange resonance occurred!

As a result, dozens of players from the Big Brother Group who were close to each other suddenly shot a golden light from their bodies!

Behind every big group player, there was a five-clawed golden dragon phantom flashing away!

Approaching forty golden lights, they flew into the body of Vegeta!

The next moment…


Vegeta’s aura quickly erupted, and it was several times stronger than before!

Kacha, Kacha, Kacha!

Under the foot of the Vegeta, the ground also cracked with a thousand-meter crack, and the surrounding air was faintly distorted!

Even around the body of Vegeta, a golden barrier appeared, like a layer of shield, or in other words, like a layer of golden mist!

“I’ve kept you waiting for a long time. I have to tell you. This is my, Vegeta, true form!

“Super Saiyan 1 change!”

Vegeta had a proud look on his face, and as soon as he said it, his second year junior high school heart became happy.