Chapter 384: This is my true form! (Part 2)

“His true dragon blood aura has become stronger? It seems to have absorbed the true dragon blood aura of others? Sure enough, he is indeed a Super Saiyan! It’s so terrifying!” Morisa commented with a little respect.

“Before killing you, this god will ask again…

“Are you willing to join this god’s command? The deity will give you the title of first army commander, second only to this god. It’s the highest status!”

Morisa was reluctant to persuade him to surrender again.

“What’s with your so much nonsense!!!” Vegeta suddenly roared and rushed towards the demon lord!

Damn, I have less than 10 seconds left!

How can I still have time to talk to you!

One word!


Boom boom boom!

At the next moment, Vegeta and Morisa started a fierce battle!

Seven seconds passed in a blink of an eye!

“Damn it!” The more he hit Vegeta, the more frightened he became!

Damn, this Morisa didn’t brag. He really only used 30% of his strength to show off!!!

I, however, have less than three seconds left!

“This is my last attack!!!” Vegeta stepped back and rubbed his hands directly to make the last big move!


Morisa was shocked!

“Turtle School Qigong Wave!!!” Vegeta roared, and all the power was condensed in this blow, which directly turned into a golden shock wave and blasted directly at Morisa!

“What a powerful attack!” Morisa was stunned for a moment, then raised her hands to resist!


This time, even Morisa was kicked back by the force of this terrifying shock wave!

“Forty percent of power!!!” Morisa roared, using forty percent of his power, and then with both arms, he finally shattered the shockwave power of the Vegeta!

“Hu…hu…hu…” Vegeta’s hair had returned to black hair, and his breath plummeted hundreds of times in an instant, and he hit the prototype directly. The whole person was even more tired and almost struggled to stand.

“Huh?” Morisa resisted the blow, and it was a little difficult, but unexpectedly found that the Super Saiyan in front of him was abolished?

The appearance of the Vegeta was not like a disguise, but a completely exhausted appearance.

“30 seconds?” Morisa was taken aback, and suddenly thought of a possibility.

Could this Super Saiyan form… only last for 30 seconds?

“Hehehe, what a pity! I didn’t expect that this form can only be maintained for such a short time, or it’s because your basic cultivation is too weak! It’s a pity that you are only at the early stage of the Sea Wheel Realm! If you are Heavenly Pill Realm, maybe the result of this exchange will be different!” Morisa said lightly.

“Damn, damn, damn!!!” Vegeta was not reconciled!

He tried his best, and even consumed a drop of Female Fire Dragon’s blood!

But… there was still no way to defeat Morisa!

“Oh my God! Vegeta lost?”

“Super Saiyan is like cheating, and it can’t still win this?”

“It’s over. If we switch to Morisa’s side now, is it too late?”

Many players were frustrated.

“Hehehe, this is despair? This god can tell you a more cruel truth!” Morisa laughed.

“I know I know, you still have four forms, right!”

“Yes, you still have four forms. Before the final form changes, you still need a little time to prepare!”

“BOSS lines, aren’t you afraid that the GM will hit you?”

Several players in the big group started to speak, each one spitting a sentence, and Morisa was stunned.

“Four forms???” Morisa lowered his head.

The god obviously only had three forms, right? Why do they think there are four forms? And speaking together, everyone is sure of it? What the hell?

Could it be that the god has a hidden form that he doesn’t even know about?

At this time, kilometers away…

“Brother Lufei, don’t move, your injury is too serious! Why don’t you eat a slice of the magic chicken leg first?”

“Yes, our hot pot has just been cooked, and it is delicious!”

“Haha, add some more seasonings, ah, Brother Sanji who just died suddenly in the distance can cry!”

The four big foodies, and the four demons beside them, were eating hot pot while looking at the figure covered in blood.

ID: Wang Lufei.

Before, Wang Lufei was punched thousands of meters away by Morisa, and he was almost dying!

But he happened to fly to the foodie group, who were hiding to eat hot pot, so he was fed.

“What is that in the middle?” Wang Lufei’s eyes narrowed. He saw a black ball boiling in the center of the hot pot.

On the black ball, there were twenty-four magic marks, shining brightly!

“Aw, this is a silly magic core called Modoli. We have been cooking it for a long time. When it is soft, let’s taste it!” a foodie player said casually.


Wang Lufei’s big hand suddenly grabbed the demon core.

“I want to eat it! I want to… defeat Morisa!” Wang Lufei whispered suddenly, then grabbed the demon core and swallowed it in one go…