Chapter 385: Are you from the Myriad Demons World? Who are you?

“Ha, not bad!” He Yiming’s eyes lit up at this time!

He immediately glanced at the Heaven Ranking.

[Strongest in the Second Test Heaven Ranking]

NO1: [Vegeta] Consumption of magic energy: 14766

NO2: [Wang Lufei] Consumption of magic energy: 77

NO3: [Handsome Sanji] Consumption of magic energy: 12

During the fierce battle, Vegeta actually made Morisa consume more than 10,000 magic energy!

If He Yiming’s expectations were good, as long as he fought Vegeta for more than 10,000 times, he would be able to exhaust Morisa’s demon energy!

Ah, very good! We still have a chance!

“Has the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline collapsed?” At this time, Strongest Fire Spell raised his head and looked at Morisa in front of him.

With a casual blow, Morisa destroyed the power of the Female Fire Dragon bloodline in his body.

As a result, Strongest Fire Spell couldn’t even enter the dragon state at this time!

However, after losing the power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline that he had always relied on, Strongest Fire Spell raised his head at this moment, and finally remembered the power of his martial intent.

I remembered, the power that I rely on to rise!

At this moment, Strongest Fire Spell finally realized!

“I, have an epiphany!” Strongest Fire Spell stood up proudly, his hands raised!

“Five fireballs!!!” With the low roar, the power of the five Female Fire Dragon bloodlines gathered into five red fireballs!

Boom boom boom!

These five fireballs not only contain the power of the five Female Fire Dragon bloodlines obtained by Strongest Fire Spell, but more importantly, it contained the power of its martial intent! The power of the martial intent, five fireballs!

Accompanied by the fierce Major Achievement martial intent aura, Strongest Fire Spell was simply powerful and boundless!

The five fireballs were burning with the power of dragon flames, and an amazing and terrifying aura erupted!

At this moment, Strongest Fire Spell was simply invincible. He was simply incomparably powerful, and he had stepped into the pinnacle of cultivation!

“Morisa, with this five fireballs, you will definitely die…” Strongest Fire Spell finished speaking his lines skillfully, and then shot five fireballs to kill Morisa in seconds!


A black claw struck his heart from behind.

“This human race is so weak, and there is so much bullshit?” Morisa shook his head and drew back his hand.

“What’s wrong with me…” Strongest Fire Spell slammed to the ground with a face of unwillingness and a look of death without resting his eyes!

Damn, this boss doesn’t talk about martial arts? He didn’t even gave me time to pretend to be a boss? what! O vile Morissa!

“Holding the grass, Brother Fire died so miserably!”

“Damn it, he died in the same pose as Sanji! He tried showing off!”

Other players glanced at Strongest Fire Spell, and they couldn’t stop nodding.

“Haha, rookie!” First Iceman smiled disdainfully and glanced contemptuously at the body of Strongest Fire Spell.

Scum is scum!

At the critical moment, it is still up to me!

“Morisa, you can kill the weak chicken, but this First Iceman…”


A claw hit his back and killed First Iceman.

“Morisa… you’re poisonous!” First Iceman vomited blood.

Damn, this boss is poisonous. He killed three people in the same pose? You are so insane!

First Iceman slammed and fell in front of Strongest Fire Spell, staring at the corpse of Strongest Fire Spell, both of them dead!

“Wood technique, the strongest barrier!!!” Thousand Hand Pillar let out a low roar, and the heavy wood technique barriers rose into the sky!

It turned into a 100-meter thick wall!


“Hahahaha! I don’t believe you can kill me from behind when I pretend to be boss!” Thousand Hand Pillar leaned against the 100-meter-thick wall and couldn’t help but laugh.

I can die, but huahua… The back of my heart must not be exploded. Even if I die, I will die with vigour and vitality. I must not die like the first three idiots! This was Thousand Hand Pillar’s last insistence as a man with strong personality!


However, the black claws still naturally and reasonably pierced through the chest of Thousand Hand Pillar!

Thousand Hand Pillar turned his head reluctantly, and saw that Morisa forcibly penetrated the 100-meter-thick wooden escape barrier, and killed himself from behind.

This Morisa, are you an old pervert who likes showing off? Why do you like to attack from behind people?

“Why? Obviously, you can easily kill me from the front!” Thousand Hand Pillar gradually lost consciousness, but he gritted his teeth and insisted on questioning.

“Hehe, this god, I like challenges!” Morissa said proudly.


Thousand Hand Pillar spat a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

I can’t rest my eyes!

Don’t rest your eyes!

Not to die!

Do not!

“No, my Huahua…ah!

“This Morissa is crazy? Why do you want to kill people from behind?

“Aah, Morissa, you have that weird hobby… kill me!!! Pfft!


Next, Morisa was like a no-man’s land. He liked to go around behind the big players at a terrifying speed, and pierced their chests!

“One sword technique, blood swept across the sky!” Emperor Zoro shot again, slashing down with one sword!


Morissa waved his hand at will, and directly shattered Emperor Zoro’s sword energy!

“Finally, you’re the only one left!” At this time, Morissa had already killed all the rest of the gang, and his eyes were directly locked on Emperor Zoro.

“Damn!!!” Emperor Zoro gritted his teeth, turned around quickly, and was about to kill Morisa!

But Morisa’s speed was too fast. When Emperor Zoro was just about to turn around, he had already pierced Emperor Zoro’s back!

“Hehe, if I kill this kid, all the geniuses who control martial intent will be dead! In this low-level plane, there is no longer any power to stop me!” Morisa smiled proudly.


However, his big black hand was pinched.

Morisa exerted his strength, but he was unable to shake the opponent at all!

“???” Morisa was stunned, and when he turned his head, he saw a figure that seemed a little familiar, but was extremely unfamiliar.

“What are you doing to my partner?” A terrifying figure that was four meters tall roared in a low voice.

The next moment…


The figure slammed into Morisa’s face with a punch!


For the first time, Morisa vomited blood from the mouth, and his entire body was directly blasted thousands of meters away, breaking countless boulders and trees!

“You are courting death!!!” But less than half a breath!

Morisa’s figure appeared in an instant, and he swung his fist and punched the big man who knocked him thousands of meters away.


However, the 4-meter man raised his hand and pinched Morisa’s fist with ease.

“???” Morisa was stunned!

He has already exerted 40% of his current first form!

Boom boom boom!

The next moment, Morisa was punched three times, and his entire body was almost deformed by the blast. He even spat several mouthfuls of blood!

“Ten percent of power!!!” Morisa was angry, and he burst out with all his strength in the first form. With one force, he broke free from the shackles of the four-meter-tall man in front of him.

Boom boom boom!

There was a confrontation between the two sides, Morisa punched the other party nine times, and the other party also punched Morisa nine times!


Both sides vomited blood and flew upside down for 100 meters before standing still.

“You are also from the Myriad Demons Realm? Who are you?” Morisa stared at the figure in front of him as if he was facing a great enemy.

At this time, all the players, as well as the newly resurrected Handsome Sanji and others, were immediately dumbfounded.

This four-meter-high giant shadow burst out with a terrifying and demonic figure all over his body, and his muscles were so thick that it was unbelievable!

The explosive power was enough to condense the terrifying power of Morisa’s bloody vomit on this terrifying figure!

But the most ridiculous thing was that all players knew this guy!

ID: Wang Lufei!

“Me? I am…

“Demon King Luffy!”