Chapter 386: Gear 3 change, demon form

“Demon King Lufei?” Morisa was stunned.

Damn, why does this name sound familiar?

“Hold the grass, how did Brother Lufei change?”

“Damn, isn’t this Nightmare Luffy? But didn’t Nightmare Luffy eat Gecko Moria’s shadow? What did Lufei eat?”

“Who knows about it!”

The players in the distance were all in an uproar.

There were only four foodie players who knew the truth.

“Hold the grass, Brother Lufei really ate the demon core of the second army commander Mo Tuoli?”

“Not only Mo Tuoli’s demon core, but Brother Lufei ate 99 demon cores in one go!”

“Doesn’t that mean that he ate a full 100 demon cores? Damn, I’ll try it too…”

The four foodie players stared at Wang Lufei in astonishment. They all took out the the demon cores, dipped in sesame sauce, and also began to eat a lot.

And then…

“Ah, ah, fuck, I’m going to die!” As soon as a foodie player ate a demon core, the huge magic energy exploded, eroding the player like a poison!

The other three players hurriedly helped him, and they were frenzied. This foodie players spent a lot of energy to slowly control it.

Next, they ran the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to suppress the power of the demon energy in the body, and gradually forced the demon energy out of the body.

Forget absorbing the energy. Surviving alone was already difficult1

“Damn it, I almost died after eating one. How can Lufei eat a hundred?”

“Toxic, this game must be poisonous!”

“I don’t accept it!”

Four foodies looked furious.

The battle situation at this time was extremely fierce!

Boom boom boom!

Demon King Lufei and Morisa fought indistinguishably, both sides coming and going. Fist to flesh, no one could gain the upper hand!

“Hold the grass, how did Wang Lufei do this?” He Yiming was also stunned, and after a long period of careful observation, he finally understood.

“This kid, did you eat a hundred demon cores?

“However, with so many demon cores bursting with terrifying demon energy at the same time, it will definitely make any human race enter a state of death. When normal people are on the verge of death, they are xtremely weak. Then, it is even more impossible to resist the erosion of demonic energy!


“Could it be…”

He Yiming observed carefully, only to find that Wang Lufei had perfectly integrated his Martial Intent inside his body!

Martial Intent of Death was worn on Wang Lufei like a piece of armor!

At the same time, it was deeply integrated with Wang Lufei, which meant that every corner of Wang Lufei’s body was entangled with the power of martial intent!

Wang Lufei’s Martial Intent of Death. The more he was on the verge of death, the more he struggled on the line of death, the more powerful and incredible his martial intent! Therefore, the more demon cores Wang Lufei ate, the closer he was to death!

The closer to death, the stronger Wang Lufei’s Martial Intent of Death woukd be!

The stronger the power of Martial Intent, the more demon cores it could withstand!

Using this logic, Wang Lufei was able to withstand the power of a hundred demon cores!

“Although this power is one-off, after all, you can’t always have so many demon cores for you to eat, but…

“It’s beautiful!”

He Yiming sighed in admiration, and glanced at the list.

NO1: [Wang Lufei] Consumption of Magical Energy: 58774

NO2: [Vegeta] Consumption of Magical Energy: 14766

NO3: [Handsome Sanji] Consumption of Magical Energy: 12

In a short period of time, the demon energy consumed reached more than 5W of magic energy!

This consumption was very scary, equal to one-tenth of the magic energy of Morisa in the first form had been consumed!

“Damn!!! He should be dying soon! But why is his power still increasing?” Morisa was most shocked. The Demon King Lufei in front of him, whose power was still increasing, was the source of this shock!


Soon, Morissa couldn’t take it anymore, and was blasted away by the Demon King Lufei!


Morisa flew out a thousand meters away, and fell into a crumbling ruin without moving for a long time.

“You are very strong!

“Although I don’t know which Demon Race you are, this low-level plane is already mine!

“Want to snatch this low-level plane from me?

“This god will let you see what real terror is!!!”

Morisa’s voice sounded, and then the next moment…


All the fallen stones and trees in the ruins were all shattered!

Morisa finally couldn’t stand it and used his second form!

Kacha Kacha!

Morisa’s height increased rapidly, and in one breath, it increased to more than four meters!

The figure was more sturdy, and there were countless powerful demon marks on his body!

Fifty-three demon marks were shining brightly!

But the most terrifying thing was that Morisa’s demon aura was twice as strong as before!

“The current god has at least one million demon energy! How can you fight this god?” Morisa gently stepped on the ground and appeared in front of Demon King Lufei.

“The warm-up is over? Very well, let me be a little more serious!” Demon King Lufei laughed.


This sentence, not only Morisa was startled, all the players were dumbfounded as well.

“Hold the grass! Brother Lufei is still not serious?”

“Wait, isn’t he just bluffing like Vegeta?”

“Hold the grass, Brother Lufei never lies! You are stupid!”

The players were in an uproar.

But then, all the players sucked in a breath of cold air!

Because Wang Lufei actually assumed a familiar posture.

The legs were spread apart, the right fist touched the ground, the pose was very classic!

“Enter… Demon Second Gear!” With the whispering voice of Demon King Lufei, a terrifying aura erupted!

The almost explosive magic energy on Demon King Lufei started to burn!

The original second gear was the power that all explosive skills such as the Eight-door Dunja and the Burning Blood Technique used. The essence was to burn everything in the body, and at all costs, to obtain explosive power in a short period of time!

And now, Demon King Lufei had eaten a hundred demon cores, and the biggest source of power in his body was demon energy!

When the second gear was burning, naturally it was demonic!

“Are you… burning demon energy?” Demon King Lufei’s action shocked Morisa!

What kind of shit is this guy doing?

Burning the demon energy was equivalent to burning the demon core!

This was irreversible and permanent damage to oneself!

The demon in front of him…

Is Demon King Lufei crazy?

“This low-level plane, is it worth betting on everything for a powerful demon like you?” Morisa still believed that the Demon King Lufei was a demon and came from the world of demons.

After all, the demon energy on Demon King Lufei was too powerful!

“As long as I can defeat you, I, Demon King Lufei, am willing to pay any price!” Demon King Lufei whispered slowly, and then stepped on!

Demon King Lufei’s re-activation was no longer super fast!

It’s a new way of moving!

The way the demons move!


The mighty power of demon energy was entangled in Demon King Lufei’s body!

“It’s really nice to meet you guys!

“I have seen your powerful demons with my own eyes, and how you move!

“Wrapping the demon energy around your body, consume the demon energy and move like a rocket jet!

“This kind of movement speed far exceeded my super speed!

“But, I have learned it!

“Starting today! The super speed of Demon King Lufei has a new evolution!

“I call it…

“Burning Demon Acceleration!”

Morisa: ? ? ?

All players: ? ? ?

He Yiming: ? ? ?