Chapter 387: Now at a critical juncture, we can only rely on fusion!

“Earth has always been burning natural gas to accelerate a car, so in this cultivation world, burning magic energy to accelerate, um, it’s reasonable to show off!”

“This name, I don’t know why, but I have a strong feeling that something is wrong!”

“If you think about it too much, it’s over!”

The players were in an uproar, but after thinking about it carefully, it seemed very reasonable.

“This god doesn’t believe it!!!” Morisa was extremely confident in his speed!

Otherwise, it would not have been possible to attack and stab nearly 40 big brother group members to death with the same posture.

Whoosh whoosh!

After Morisa entered his second form, the speed was astonishingly fast, and there were hundreds of afterimages left between her breaths!

“Go to hell!!!” At the next moment, Morisa suddenly appeared behind Demon King Lufei, raised his claws, and pierced the back of Demon King Lufei with a single blow!


The figure of Demon King Lufei dissipated like smoke!


“What?” Morisa was taken aback, and immediately noticed something, and turned around in panic!

“Demon… gattling gun!!!” Demon King Lufei appeared behind Morisa, and started to attack frantically with his fists!


Morisa didn’t say a word, he raised his hand and launched a frantic attack as well, facing the Demon King Lufei!

Boom boom boom!

The two sides quickly confronted each other, each blow was powerful enough to frighten people to death, and each other’s fists kept bombarding each other’s fists!

“Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate again!!!” Demon King Lufei roared, accelerated again, and finally hit Morisa with one punch, followed by the second punch, the third punch, continuously!

Puff puff!

Morisa was punched several times in the face, and he vomited blood, and one of his teeth was smashed.

“I don’t believe I can’t beat you!!!” Morisa got angry and gave up the interception, punching punch after punch, directly hitting the body of Demon King Lufei.

Both sides gave up their defense and directly slammed each other’s body into the crazy slugging session!

Puff puff!

In just ten breaths, the two sides simultaneously bombarded each other with thousands of punches!

Morisa vomited blood and was blasted thousands of meters away!

Demon King Lufei was also bombarded with broken bones, and dozens of holes were penetrated in his body!

Soon, Demon King Lufei knelt down on one knee. He finally couldn’t hold on anymore!


However, Morisa smashed everything around him, suspended in the void, and slowly floated towards the Demon King Lufei!

“It turns out that you are still a human race… just don’t know why, but you have a huge demon energy!” In the confrontation, Morisa had already sensed the essence of Demon King Lufei.

Still human!

Because at this time, all the wounds caused by being hit by Demon King Lufei quickly regenerated and recovered!

But Demon King Lufei’s wounds didn’t heal!

Obviously, Wang Lufei still had human body. It did not have the regeneration ability of the demons!

“I admire your strength! In order to make you completely despair, let me show you the third form of this god!” Morisa laughed, and then the aura suddenly erupted again!

Kacha Kacha Kacha!

The next moment, Morisa’s body began to deform. First, there were black spikes all over his body, and then his body became taller, and the tail on his back became more than ten meters long!

At this time, Morisa was already like a humanoid monster!

But what’s even more terrifying was that Morisa’s magical energy doubled again!

“The current god has more than two million demon energy!

“Do you know the meaning of two million?

“A common demon army, with tens of thousands of demon warriors’ demon energy combined, is not as good as the current me!” Morisa laughed loudly, jumped in the air, and appeared in front of Demon King Lufei.

“Blood for Brother Luffy!!!” Star commanded.

More than 800 players joined forces and used pseudo-divine powers for Wang Lufei, Life is Endless!


With one sip, Wang Lufei got up again!


He punched Morisa directly in the air!


However, with just one punch, Wang Lufei vomited blood, broke his arm’s bone, and was defeated by Morisa!

“Add blood, add blood, don’t stop!” Star hurriedly instructed the players, frantically adding blood to Wang Lufei!

With the support of the players, Demon King Lufei stood up for the third time!

“Huh?” Morisa never thought that this Wang Lufei would be so difficult to deal with!

The most hateful thing was that there were still many human races who mastered extremely heaven-defying techniques. Together, they could save Wang Lufei from a mortal injury in one breath! If things went on like this, Wang Lufei’s martial intent would continue to break through the limit, and sooner or later, he would not be able to support himself!

So the top priority…

“First kill those guys who healed this Demon King Lufei!” Morisa turned around and raised his hand!


A stream of light flashed. It was thrown by Morisa and an arc crossed the sky!

Puffy Puffy Puffy!

During the attack, the players who were adding blood to Wang Lufei on the Wooden Fortress died.

Almost half of them were cut in the middle!

Boom boom boom!

Demon King Lufei flew into the air, attacking Morisa, not giving Morisa another chance to kill other players!

Morisa laughed and smashed Demon King Lufei to the ground with a backhand punch.

This time, the number of players who added blood to Demon King Lufei was less than 200, so there was no way to cure Demon King Lufei in one go!

“Hahaha!” Morisa laughed.

Losing the ability to heal instantly, the Demon King Lufei in front of him wouldn’t manage to hold it for long!

After killing Demon King Lufei, it would be a breeze to kill other weak chicken humans!

“Ah!” Next, Demon King Lufei was receiving a beating!

Morisa, who entered his third form, was really too powerful!

At the same time…

“Brother Noodles, what are you talking about?” Strongest Fire Spell felt that something was wrong with his ears.

“WTF?” Vegeta looked bewildered.

“I said, let the two of you fuse! Only in this way can you kill this bastard Morisa! You dare to deceive my pure feelings!”

“???” Strongest Fire Spell and Vegeta glanced at each other, one silently running the five fireballs, the other quietly exerting the power of Super Saiyan’s martial intent, looking at the extremely angered Beef Noodles.

“Hold the grass, what I mean is, I have a pendant that I seized from two demon

commander brothers! You wear one each, so you can fuse!

“Once you fuse, you will have the combat power of a demon commander!

“Since the demons can do it, so can we!”

Beef Noodles hurriedly explained.

“This…” It was only then that Strongest Fire Spell and Vegeta understood.

But there was a key question!

This pendant was a special magic weapon, which was used by the demons!

Could it be used by humans?

Would there be any problems?

“Don’t worry. Trust me, it’s all right!” Beef Noodles slapped his chest and vowed.

“Okay!” Strongest Fire Spell gritted his teeth, recalling the humiliation that he had just realized the true meaning of his power and was killed by Morisa, so he put on this magic pendant without hesitation.

“Super Saiyan, how can we lose here?” Vegeta was also dissatisfied! He put the other pendant.


With a burst of strange power, the bodies of Strongest Fire Spell and Vegeta were forcibly bonded together by an irresistible terrifying attraction…

At the same time…

In the world of demons…

“Lord Morisa personally went over, hehe, those weak chickens are definitely dead!”

“Yes, with the million demon beast army, 80,000 elite demon warriors, and the first demon commander, Mo Pura, how can a group of ant-like human race resist?”

“We just need to guard here and keep the otherworldly gate open! All the spare realm demons have been mobilized, if we lose any of them again, there will be no realm demons to replenish!”

A group of demon warriors guarded, squatting next to the otherworldly gate, and couldn’t help chatting.

At this moment, the corpse of the largest demon warrior on the ground suddenly moved.

This demon warrior was the first demon warrior nearly ten meters tall to be killed by the players.

At this moment…


With a loud noise, the right leg of the demon warrior exploded, and a blood-stained figure slowly got up.


The demon warriors under Morisa, who was guarding the otherworldly gate, were all stunned.

“No. 1… First Demon General Ye Wuyou?” Many demon warriors were shocked.

Ye Wuyou actually hid in the body of a demon warrior, hiding from the sky and crossing the gate, and suddenly appeared when Lord Morisa passed through the otherworldly gate was not here?

“Well, there isn’t even a single demon with eighteen or more demon marks, so now, isn’t this demon invincible?” Ye Wuyou turned his eyes and smiled.

Morisa went through the otherworldly gate.

The four commanders, the nine demon guards, and the top ten demon generals all died in battle!

There were still tens of thousands of demon warriors and realm demons left behind.

But they were all rubbish!

“Seven Demon Slashes!!!” Ye Wuyou pulled out a black long sword and made seven consecutive cuts in the void!

Boom boom boom!

Seven kilometers of giant sword qi burst into the air, directly killing more than 90% of the realm demon who maintained the otherworldly gate!

Having lost the maintenance of so many realm demons, the otherworldly gate suddenly vibrated violently, and there was a faint trend of shrinking.

“Kill all the realm demons, and the otherworldly gate will gradually shrink and eventually close if it loses its support!” Ye Wuyou was very clear about his mission.

“Quick, kill him!”

“Let’s go together!”

“We must keep the otherworldly gate until Lord Morisa returns!”

All the demon warriors at the scene attacked Ye Wuyou!

“Haha!” Ye Wuyou smiled disdainfully and slowly raised the black long sword.