Chapter 388: What are you special? (Part 1)

“…” Indomitable Bear walked out of the resurrection room, stood on a hillside, and quietly watched the fierce battle between Morisa and Demon King Lufei!

Indomitable Bear’s eyes had rays of light that were becoming more and more condensed, and the mood of his body had suddenly undergone an incredible change!

Under Indomitable Bear’s strong feet, a golden dragon of luck sometimes emerged and sometimes disappeared!

At this time, Indomitable Bear did not realize that he had entered a mysterious state!

But at this time, the battle situation had changed again!

“Ah!” Demon King Lufei vomited blood and fell to the ground.

The injury was too serious. Even if Demon King Lufei wanted to get up and continue fighting, it was difficult to do so.


Morisa stepped on Demon King Lufei’s chest, and his right hand slowly gathered a powerful magical power.

“Unfortunately, you are only a human race after all. If you are also a demon race, the outcome may not be certain!” Morisa said proudly, preparing to cut off Demon King Lufei’s head with one blow.

No matter how strong Demon King Luffei was, no matter how the power of the Martial Intent of Death manifested, if his head was chopped off, Wang Lufei would surely die!

This was the fundamental limitation of the human body!

On the other hand, Demon King Lufei really did a lot of damage to Morisa, and many of them were very big!

However, Morisa, who was like a sea of demon energy, only needed to consume the demon energy to quickly regenerate the demon body and restore it to its original state!

“It’s over, Brother Lufei is going to croak!”

“What should I do? Are we going to continue adding blood?”

“Hold the grass, this Morisa is going to cut off Brother Lufei’s head. Once the head is gone, there is no point for adding blood. What the hell!”

The players on the Wooden Fortress looked at each other in dismay, but there was nothing they could do.

“Go on and die!!!” Morisa laughed, and the demon energy in his hand exploded.

He was about to cut off the head of the Demon King Lufei, when a figure suddenly appeared.

“Want to kill my Brother Lufei? Dream!!!”

A figure appeared instantly, and a flame foot kicked Morisa out!

ID: Handsome Sanji!

“You’re dead meat!!!” Handsome Sanji interrupted his execution, which made Morisa furious and raised his hand to attack!


The terrifying demon energy erupted, turning directly into a crushing force that fell from the sky, crushing Handsome Sanji to pieces in an instant!

Only one foot remained, flying in the air and landing on the ground with the soles of the feet facing each other.



On the sole of this Handsome Sanji, the middle toe suddenly stood up, giving Morisa a middle finger!


The next moment, Handsome Sanji’s last remaining foot was also slapped into pieces by Morisa!

“Hold the grass, Brother Sanji is too much a MAN!”

“How did you do this? Hold the grass, God!”

“As expected of my Brother Sanji! People can die, but they must not forget to show off. Show, it’s a show!”

The players in the distance couldn’t help but admire!

In this wave of pretending to be boss, they were willing to give a score of 101 points to Handsome Sanji.

“No matter who comes today, you will have to die!!!” Morisa locked on Demon King Lufei again, raising his hand. It was a black stream of light!

The power of this blow was so powerful that even if Demon King Lufei was in good condition, he might not be able to stop it!



A figure suddenly fell from the sky, raised one hand, and slapped Morisa’s blow straight away!

“?” Morisa was stunned.

Demon King Lufei was also stunned.

The players were also stunned.

He Yiming was also stunned.

“You want to hurt Brother Lufei in front of this Strongest Fire Spell? Hehe!” Strongest Fire Spell said proudly.

“Brother Lufei is the boss of our Dimensional God Domain, you’re thinking of shit!” Vegeta said lightly.

Their heads were less than an inch apart, but it was perfectly flat!

“What are you doing?” The next moment, Morisa asked!

Because the thing in front of him was really…

“Hold the grass, is it a two-headed ogre magician?”

“Hold the grass, this, is this a two-headed man? Hold the grass, Strongest Fire Spell and Vegeta fused?”

“Hahaha Haha, woohahaha, instigate hahaha, no, I’m going to die of laughter, wow hahaha…”

All the players who saw this scene erupted in laughter in an instant!

Because at this time, the one who appeared between Morisa and Demon King Lufei turned out to be a sturdy body of five meters tall. However, it was a fat one.

Then, above the shoulders of this body, there were actually two heads growing side by side!

One was the head of Strongest Fire Spell, and the other was the head of Vegeta.

The two of them also wore a super magic pendant in their ears!


The human race can use the super magic pendant, and after the combination, the combat power increases instantly! Extremely powerful!

The only flaw is that there are so many small side effects!

That is, the two people fit together, and the result is that the bones and flesh and blood of the two people are added together! It turned out to be a big fat man!

What’s even more painful is that both of them have their heads and can control the body!

It definitely hurt to show off.