Chapter 389: What are you special? (Part 2)

“Damn, let’s go back and kill this bitch Brother Noodles!” Strongest Fire Spell roared with grief and indignation.

“Dead Noodles is the good Noodles! I finally realized it!” Vegete also burst into tears.

To defeat Morisa!

What a great sacrifice we have made!

“Super magic pendant? You actually killed the Mo Boer brothers, the commander of the third army, and got their super magic pendant?” Morisa recognized the super magic pendant on the ears of the two at a glance, so his complexion changed!

The third army commander, Mo Boer brothers. Looking at it alone, there were only 20 demon marks, and their strength was not enough to even qualify as the Nine Demon Guards!

But being able to be selected as the commander of the third army was naturally because of the super magic pendant developed by the two!

The two could be merged to become a powerful demon warrior with twenty-four demon marks!

But Morisa never thought that the super magic pendant fell into the hands of the human race, and would be used by two human races!

“The pinnacle of Sea Wheel Realm?” Morisa’s eyes swept across, and he found that although the appearance was a bit rough, the strength of this fusion body was truly tyrannical!

The two seemed to have existed only in the early stages of the Sea Wheel Realm, but after the fusion, the cultivation base actually stepped into the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm!

Moreover, it was not at all the peak of the ordinary Sea Wheel Realm!

Morisa had seen the powerful human race in the low-level Sea Wheel Realm!

If a normal human race in the early stage of Sea Wheel Realm in a normal low plane had a qi sea cultivation level of 1!

Then it would be 2, 4, and 8 when he entered the middle, late, and peak stages of Sea Wheel Realm!

This was the normal occasion.

Occasionally some geniuses, or those who majored in certain techniques were relatively powerful. At the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm, they could exceed 10, or even reach 12!


the fusion body in front of him was the terrifying and powerful sea of at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm, and its power actually reached 720!

Seven hundred and twenty!

Compared to an ordinary human who also stepped into the peak level of Sea Wheel Realm, their power was 90 times stronger.

It was more than 60 times that of some young geniuses in medium and high planes!

This was no longer the difference between the more powerful techniques!

It was a more essential existence!

Just talking about the essence of cultivation, this fused body at the peak level of Sea Wheel Realm was already comparable to a being at the early stages of Heavenly Pill Realm.

This was too much bullshit!

“What kind of techniques are you practicing?

“Using ordinary techniques, it is impossible to have such a terrifying and profound Sea Wheel cultivation base!

“Not to mention the low-level planes, even in the high-level planes that are famous for the Five Elements Sect in the Three Thousand Worlds, the Ancient Dynasty of Ten Thousand Swords, and even the famed Xuanyuan Family, the descendants of the immortals, the cultivation of the most talented disciples under their command is less than one-tenth of yours!

“Who are you?”

Morisa asked with a horrified expression…

In the early levels of Sea Wheel Realm, the gap was only 12 times, and most players were not proficient in controlling the power of cultivation, so they could not fully exert it!

So Morisa just felt that the cultivation of these people from the Sea Wheel Realm far exceeded the power of ordinary low-level planes, and each of them was a genius!

But now, the cultivation base of this Sea Wheel Realm fusion human race was profound, which has exceeded 90 times more of the ordinary humans at the same level! This was no longer just a genius. Even the fusion power of the super magic pendant couldn’t explain it!

“Could it be that… it is the thing that the Great Emperor has been frantically searching for?

“The Ten Great Divine Bodies?”

This thought suddenly popped into Morisa’s mind.

Because only the Top Ten Divine Bodies could possess such incredible power that was beyond the common sense of the cultivation world!

“Hahaha! God is helping this demon!

“This low-level plane, this demon has almost lost interest. This demon wants to capture you alive, perform a brain scan on you, and dig out all your secrets!

“The secret of getting the top ten divine bodies…”

Morisa almost burst into laughter.

But Strongest Fire Spell and Vegeta were not planning to dawdle at all!

“Damn, I can’t bear such a disgusting posture for too long!”

“Yes, let’s go all out, within 1 minute…”

“Kill him!” X2!

With a roar, an incomparably huge aura burst out!

“Super Saiyan!!! Transform!!!”