Chapter 390: Morisa Complete Body! (Part 1)

Strongest Fire Spell blended the fire power of his six giant fireballs to his body.

Vegeta also took out the last two drops of the Female Fire Dragon blood and burned at the same time!

Together, they burned eight drops of Female Fire Dragon blood.

“I’m in charge of melee combat!”

“I’m in charge of long-range attacking and mockery!”

“Good cooperation!”

“Let’s go!”

Immediately after a heavy step, they went towards Morisa like a thunderbolt!

“Five fireballs in a row!!!” Strongest Fire Spell opened his mouth and spat five fireballs!

“Go away!!!” Morisa waved his hand and shattered all five fireballs!

But the next moment…


Vegeta controlled the fusion body and punched Morisa’s chest!

Morisa directly vomited blood, and his chest collapsed a little!

“Ada, Ada, Ada, Adu, Adu~~” Vegeta frantically punched and beat Morisa, while also dubbing skillfully!

At the same time, Strongest Fire Spell was not idle either.

“Kill this bitch to death!

“Slap him in the face, kick him in the stomach, hurry up, and give him another kick!

“Morisa? Hahaha, it’s almost the same as a dead Lisa!

“Yes, yes, that’s the kick!

“We are really invincible. Today, we will beat you to death!

“Haha, you just accept it? If you don’t wat to accept it, resist! Scumbag!”

Strongest Fire Spell was like wiping honey. He used the skill taunt, but he was very good at it. It had rhythm and even some whistles in the middle. It was just like a rap!

Morisa’s nose almost crooked!

On the one hand, he was beaten violently, and on the other hand, he was mocked by his opponent!

The most disgusting thing was that the other party still had a clear division of labor. The two of them were together, and they were skilled and naturally cooperate perfectly!

Morisa not only couldn’t beat his opponents, but he also couldn’t attack the opponent!

“Go away!!!” Morisa roared and finally temporarily forced back the fused Strongest Fire Spell and Vegeta!

However, Morisa hadn’t caught his breath yet when something appeared.

“Devil… Giant rocket launcher!!!” In the sky, the figure of Demon King Lufei who had already recovered suddenly appeared, and he directly activated the Demon 3rd gear! His fists turned into a terrifying giant fist that was nearly 100 meters long and bombarded Morisa!


Morissa collapsed to the depth of a thousand meters!

The sky was full of shattered spikes, blood, and even the ten-meter-long tail of Morisa!


Demon King Lufei and the fused Strongest Fire Spell and Vegeta bowed their heads and looked at the big and bottomless pit.

“Morisa, are you dead?” Wang Lufei asked, a little surprised.

He Yiming opened his eyes and glanced at the list.

NO1: [Wang Lufei] Consumption of magic energy: 867651

NO2: [Vegeta] Consumption of magic energy: 287772

NO3: [Strongest Fire Spell] Consumption of magic energy: 287772

NO4: [Handsome Sanji] Consumption of magic energy: 15

At this time, the three of them managed to consume nearly 1.5 million of Morisa’s magic energy!

If Morisa in his second transformation was correct according to Ye Wuyou’s understanding, then Morisa in the third form would only have a total of 2 million demon energy. At this time, 70% of the magic energy had been consumed, and even if he did not die, he would definitely be seriously and severely injured!


Morisa, was there really only these three forms?


At this moment, the entire ground shook violently! There were earthquakes for hundreds of miles around.


Immediately, a black magic stream of light burst through the ground and burst out!

Immediately after that, there were the second, third, tenth, and one hundredth!

In a breath, hundreds of thousands of magical streams of light erupted from the ground, pierced the ground, and blasted into the sky!


Under the horrified gazes of the players, the ground continued to collapse and crumble centered on the deep pit where Morisa was blasted down!

Wang Lufei and the fused two hurriedly retreated.

Soon, a figure slowly rose up from the ground!

“Hold the grass! This guy isn’t dead yet?”

“Mom, does this boss really have a fourth form?”

“Come on, isn’t this the Lord Frieza from Dragon Ball?”

“Fuck, it’s too similar. Don’t ask, it’s just the dog blood again!”

“I am guessing that Wang Lufei and Vegeta will die in the next five minutes. I’m willing to bet 5 contribution points!!”

The players were in an uproar!

Because slowly rising was Morisa who entered the third form!

At this time, Morisa’s body had shrunk a lot, only less than two meters tall!

The limbs of his body were similar to those of ordinary humans, except that there were huge black magic core-like crystals everywhere in his body! Shoulders, abdomen, knees, elbows, all of them!

Especially between the eyebrows, there was also a black crystal!

It seemed that Morisa was not as scary and cruel as before, but a little gentle.


“Magic Thunder Falls!!!” Morisa raised his hand, a little empty.

Boom boom boom!

More than 200 black thunderbolts fell from the sky, killing all onlookers!

“No one who sees this form of this god will survive! You all have to die!” Morisa said slowly.