Chapter 392: The future version of the power of martial intent?


He Yiming, who was about to stand up, slowly sat down again.

He Yiming originally thought that the player attacks should stop here, and he had no choice but to take action!

Although he could attack then, the chances of winning were very low.

But what he didn’t expect was that Indomitable Bear would ste up.

Under normal circumstances, He Yiming knew that Indomitable Bear couldn’t even take a breath!

However, the current state of Indomitable Bear was very strange. He Yiming could vaguely feel a wonderful atmosphere, which seemed to be similar to a situation recorded in the books of Haotian Academy!


He Yiming turned his head and glanced at the list.

NO1: [Vegeta] Consumption of magic energy: 1634412

NO2: [Wang Lufei] Consumption of magic energy: 1479877

NO3: [Strongest Fire Spell] Consumption of magic energy: 1075511

NO4: [Handsome Sanji] Consumption of magic energy: 15

Logically, players could consume more than 4 million magic energy of Morisa, which was far beyond He Yiming’s imagination!

However, if Morisa was really as He Yiming expected, then the consumption of the four million demonic energy was less than one-tenth of Morisa’s!

The time for victory was far from here!

“Early stage of Sea Wheel Realm?” Morisa glanced at Indomitable Bear, a little puzzled.

In an early stage of the Sea Wheel Realm, where did you have the courage to stand in front of me?

So Morisa waved his hand, a stream of light flashed, and then without even looking at it, he was ready to continue to kill the Demon King Lufei.

In Morisa’s view, Demon King Lufei was the real dangerous guy!

Because Demon King Lufei was on the verge of death, his aura of martial intent kept growing. For now, Morisa was confident that he could stably suppress Demon King Lufei.

But if he kept going, it’s hard to say!

Therefore, the Demon King Lufei must be killed as soon as possible!

“Hey! Your opponent is me!” However, the familiar voice sounded, and Morisa was taken aback and turned to look.

Indomitable Bear is not dead?

“It’s impossible!” Morisa couldn’t believe it!

His attack just now didn’t deal any damage at all!

Even any of the four army commanders could be instantly obliterated!

But then, even the hair of a human race ant in the early stage of Sea Wheel Realm was not injured?

“For this god, die!” Morisa snorted coldly, raised his hand, and pressed the void!


A huge handprint of 100 meters slammed down, directly blasting the ground into a big pit that was tens of meters deep!

The shape was exactly that of a big hand.

“This time…?” Morissa’s eyes widened just as he was about to be proud, Indomitable Bear emerged unscathed in one of the gulleys.

This huge pothole was in the shape of a big hand!

And the gap between the two fingers of the big hand was naturally the dead end of the attack, and it would not be damaged!

However, Morisa’s attack was terrifyingly fast. A genius like Handsome Sanji before, who had already mastered the power of space, didn’t even have time to hide!

But then, this young man with a smile on his face escaped unscathed?

“Who are you?” Morisa finally sensed something was wrong.

In front of this young man, there seemed to be an indescribable and inexplicable strange aura around him!

“Indomitable Bear!” Indomitable Bear answered lightly, and then raised his hands flat in an extremely arrogant posture!

In Indomitable Bear’s eyes, there was a strange silver vortex, flowing slowly!

“Pupilism? The power of martial intent?

“No, not at all!

“This is an epiphany!!!”

Morisa carefully observed it, and then suddenly realized it!

Indomitable Bear entered a state of epiphany!

Generally speaking, it was only possible to enter the state of epiphany only if the luck was heaven-defying, or even the existence of the son of luck in an era!

Epiphany was a state that no monk could explain!

After entering the epiphany, it was possible that the realm that had been stuck for thousands of years and could not be broken through could suddenly be broken through in seconds!

It was also possible to comprehend a secret technique that others couldn’t understand after a hundred years of hard work!

Even comprehend it in situ and create a new technique!

There were even legends that every art of destiny was an invincible existence in the ancient times could only be comprehended in the realm of epiphany!

“This guy, how did he get in the state of epiphany?” What Morisa didn’t understand at this time was this.

Indomitable Bear in front of him has not changed, so it is not a breakthrough!

He also didn’t use any anti-sky technique or sword technique, which means he didn’t comprehend or create any kind of anti-sky technique.

So, what did Indomitable Bear in front of him get in the epiphany?

“No matter what you get, as long as you die, it’s all over!” Indomitable Bear appeared, disrupting Morisa’s plan, so Morisa raised his hand, and five black streams blasted away!


However, in Morisa’s horrified eyes, all the five black streams brushed past Indomitable Bear’s strong body, and none of them hit Indomitable Bear!

“So how about this?” Morissa raised his hands, and the terrifying demon energy turned into a thousand-meter-long black cloud covering the sky.

Boom boom boom!

At the next moment, tens of thousands of black magic thunders slammed into Indomitable Bear!

But something even more amazing happened!

Indomitable Bear naturally displayed his speed and moon step. Amidst the bombardment of thousands of thunders, he took a leisurely walk and avoided every black magic thunder!

“Monster!!!” Morisa was finally a little frightened, so he launched all the attacks desperately and began to attack Indomitable Bear!

At this time, players continued to be resurrected one after another, but they all tactfully hid and watched this scene from a distance, and then all the players were stunned.

“Brother Bear is this good?”

“Hold the grass, Morisa was just pressing down Brother Lufei’s head, but he can’t even hit Brother Bear?”

“Hello everyone, I’m a scum bear, do you want to be as strong as me? Then spend 99 contribution points and buy a Bear brand unlimited flash plug-in, and you can be like me!”

The players watched this scene in shock, and there was an uproar!

He Yiming was also a little shocked.

To be fair, He Yiming admitted that what Indomitable Bear was doing was out of ordinary!

This incredible power was simply not something that Indomitable Bear at the Sea Wheel Realm could possess!

But the weird thing was that this kind of power appeared in Indomitable Bear, and there was no sense of disobedience, as if this kind of power was originally possessed by Indomitable Bear!

He Yiming couldn’t help but have an evil idea.

“Could it be that Indomitable Bear’s epiphany, is the power of his martial intent… the future version?”


【Congratulations to the host for completing the sect mission and closing the otherworldly gate!】


【Congratulations! The host’s mission is completed, evaluation: S!

Task reward: Top-quality Heaven Mending Pill!】

He Yiming’s eyes widened suddenly with the clear and pleasant system sound!