Chapter 393: Epic Mission: Block Morisa (Part 1)

He Yiming suddenly laughed, very satisfied and full of relief.


After failing to intercept Morisa’s arrival in this world, He Yiming sent a team of players to try to reach the Myriad Demons Realm and close the otherworldly gate from the other side.

Unfortunately, the player team failed to destroy it.

However, He Yiming hid a hand!

That was to let Ye Wuyou hide in the body of a demon warrior and wait for the opportunity!

If Morisa left the Myriad Demons Realm and arrived in this world, Ye Wuyou would take action, kill all the demons on the other side at the Myriad Demons Realm, and close the otherworldly gate!

Unexpectedly… it turned out to be a success!

In addition, although the players were all wiped out, it seemed that not only did they participate in closing the otherworldly gate, but they also helped Ye Wuyou, so the task of otherworldly gate was still considered completed!

Moreover, the reward for completing the task was as expected by He Yiming, and it really was a top-quality Heaven Mending Pill!

“Morisa means Demon Lord, Demon Lord means the strongest existence in the fifth-rank Demon Race! It is equivalent to the invincible existence in the Heavenly Pill Realm on the Human Race side!

“Although I am a bit invincible in this world, he is definitely not something a Sea Wheel Realm can resist!

“To kill Morisa, I must also step into the Heavenly Pill Realm! No matter how hard players try, they can only consume Morisa’s magic energy in the end! They can only create opportunities!

“Also, Morisa is invincible, but I know that he has an Achilles heel!

“That is his biggest reliance on one-hit kills!”

He Yiming was secretly thinking about it.

He no longer hesitated, and issued a task directly to the players.

Then he swallowed the Heaven Mending Pill in one mouthful!


The next moment, He Yiming’s breath exploded instantly!

Directly hit the Heavenly Pill Realm!!!


All players received the notification at the same time, so they looked down.

【Epic Mission: Block Morisa [All players participate]

Goal: Stop Morisa at all costs. Buy time for Sect Master He Yiming to break through the Heavenly Pill Realm!

Quest reward: 100,000 sect contribution points per breath!

Friendly reminder: Quest rewards will be issued according to the length of time that Morisa is blocked.】

“Hold the grass! Blocking Morisa means 100,000 contribution points?”

“My God, isn’t this cheating?

” A multi-millionaire?”

All the resurrected players were excited!

“Fuck, why hasn’t I been resurrected?”

“Damn, when will I resurrect? At this critical moment, I am still lining up to be resurrected?”

“This game is poisonous, really poisonous!”

At least More than 500 players were still queuing up in the resurrection room to be resurrected. At this time, when they saw the notification, they vomited blood.

“Huh?” Morisa’s frantic attack consumed a lot of magic energy, but he didn’t hit Indomitable Bear at all. He was not righteous at all. He frowned and looked in He Yiming’s direction.

“Breakthrough Heavenly Pill Realm?” Morisa was a little confused.

At this time, there were actually some ethnic monks who chose to break through the Heavenly Pill Realm? Right under his nose?

Generally speaking, Morisa was not afraid of the early days of Heavenly Pill Realm at all!

There were a lot of people who were powerful in the human race from the lower planes, and Morisa killed a lot them!

However… an instinctive sense of fear made Morisa break out in cold sweat!

From the direction of He Yiming, there was a burst of feeling that made Morisa feel the breath of death!

Morisa’s instinct seemed to be telling Morissa, at this time, to turn around and run away!


“This god will never be frightened by the enemy!!! Break through Heavenly Pill Realm? This god will kill you first, let’s see how you can break through!!!” Stepping hard, throwing Wang Lufei and Indomitable Bear, he went straight to He Yiming!

Because Morisa had a vague feeling.

If the opponent broke through to the Heavenly Pill Realm, he might die!

“Stop!!!” Indomitable Bear suddenly leaped into the air and blocked Morisa in front of him!

“I am Indomitable Bear, and even if I die today, I won’t let you… ah?” Indomitable Bear said with integrity, and suddenly, the whole person trembled.

That strange state suddenly disappeared.

That mysterious aura disappeared instantly without a trace! It was as if it never happened!


The next moment, Morisa struck with a casual hand. He pierced through Indomitable Bear’s chest!

Indomitable Bear: ? ? ?

Morisa: ? ? ?

“I… puff!” Indomitable Bear vomited blood, fell to the ground with a puff, and died with a crunch.

“This guy’s epiphany state has disappeared? Huh… No, I don’t have time to think about this guy now!” Morisa himself didn’t react.

Just now, Indomitable Bear who he couldn’t hit with his frantic attack just died that easily?

He died like a weak chicken!

But Morisa quickly reacted, and the most important thing to kill at present was the existence that was about to break through to the Heavenly Pill Realm!

“No matter who you are, if you dare to break through the Heavenly Pill Realm in front of this god, you are really looking for death!” Morissa ran using all his power and rushed towards He Yiming at the fastest speed!

“Stop, I…”




“Eat my strongest knife…”


All the players came one after another, trying to block Morisa like a tide, but Morisa didn’t stop at all. He smashed them all to pieces! But suddenly, Morisa stopped his footsteps.