Chapter 395: Unlimited combos! (Part 1)

“This is, Heavenly Pill Realm!” He Yiming couldn’t help feeling the power in his body that far surpassed Sea Wheel Realm.

Too strong!

It was a qualitative change. The gap between the peak of Sea Wheel and the early days of Heavenly Pill was even bigger than that of early Body Forging Realm to the Peak of Sea Wheel Realm!

He Yiming swept his spiritual consciousness through his body, and the original sea of qi had disappeared!

At the moment of the breakthrough, the sea of qi shrank rapidly, turning into a golden inner core, hovering in the deepest part of He Yiming’s body!

The sea of qi transformed into a golden core, which was the proof that he stepped into the Heavenly Pill Realm!

He Yiming looked again!

On the golden core in his body, vaguely, there were four phantoms of other small swords, slowly floating.

It was his Four Great Achievement-level Sword Intent that was perfectly integrated into the Golden Core!

This also meant that He Yiming’s casual strikes were perfectly integrated into the power of his intent! The power of cultivation and the power of intent were perfectly integrated, regardless of each other!

But what was even more amazing was that He Yiming could see countless veins!

From within his golden core, to every meridian, every muscle, every hair in his body!

Not only was the cultivation base and intent perfectly integrated, but at the same time, the golden core was also perfectly connected to every part of his body!

That being said, even just taking a single hair from his hair would also include a hint of his power.

With just one finger, he could easily display his cultivation base and the power of intent!

What was the Heavenly Pill? It was the unity of man and nature, the self-made golden core was the Heavenly Pill!

“So what if you break through? This god is a demon, a direct descendant of the invincible frozen demon family of fifty-three demon marks!!! This god has killed so many Heavenly Pill Realm cultivators!” Morisa’s arrogant dignity wouldn’t let hims escape.


However, in the next instant, He Yiming punched and slammed his fist into Morisa’s chest!


Morisa directly spat a large mouthful of demon blood, and his chest was dented by a punch!

The demon energy on his body dissipated a lot!

“With this punch, I knocked out about one million demon energy?” He Yiming glanced at the system’s records and couldn’t help being stunned.

Cough, cough…

Morisa couldn’t believe it, He Yiming just punched him, and he vomited blood and was seriously injured?

The demon body of his fifty-three demon marks was actually less stronger than this human race who has just stepped into the early days of the Heavenly Pill Realm in terms of physical strength?

“The Heavenly Pill Realm of Azure Emperor Immortal Body is complete, and it’s really scary!” He Yiming was also a little shocked.

How terrifying Morisa’s body was, He Yiming knew it clearly by watching the battle.

After the fusion of Vegeta and Strongest Fire Spell, 8 drops of Female Fire Dragon blood and blood power were burned, yet all of which were easily deflected by Morisa!

But now, with his ordinary punch, he hit Morisa so miserably?

“This god can absolutely not lose!!!” Morisa was angry, raising his hand to make a terrifying black shock wave!


A shock wave exploded, directly blasting a huge gully out of the ground dozens of miles ahead, and the width of the gully reached nearly 100 meters!

However, He Yiming’s voice sounded from behind Morisa.

“Do you like sneak attacks from behind? I’ll do it for you!” He Yiming punched, directly piercing Morisa’s heart!

“Go away!!!” However, He Yiming didn’t expect it.

He pierced Morisa’s heart with a sneak attack, but Morisa still had the strength to fight back!

Two hearts? He Yiming frowned.

“Rebirth!!!” Morisa forced He Yiming to retreat, and with a low roar, the majestic demon energy exploded wildly, and all his injuries were restored.

Even the heart was restored to its original state!

Morisa’s power increased a lot!

This was the advantage of the Demon Race. The more they fought, the stronger they got!

However, He Yiming accurately discovered that although Morisa’s power had become stronger, the amount of demon energy had been greatly reduced!

The super speed regeneration of the flesh just now, the consumption of magic energy was much larger than the normal regeneration!

“Second gear!!!” He Yiming stopped talking nonsense and entered the second gear without saying a word!


The next moment, He Yiming rushed directly in front of Morisa.

“You’re courting death!!!” Morisa was furious.

The human race in front of him was actually going to fight him?

Boom boom boom!

The two sides directly clashed!

In a breath, He Yiming punched Morisa eighteen times and blocked Morisa seven punches!

And Morisa blocked He Yiming’s six punches, but received a full twelve punches!

Puff puff!

Morisa spewed out twelve mouthfuls of blood, and there were twelve more depressions on his body, and the magic energy was consumed by tens of millions!

“This god needs a little time to recover magic energy!!!” Morisa panicked a little, and quickly backed away, trying to use the speed advantage to open the distance!


However, He Yiming pressed his face in an instant, unleashing nine consecutive punches!

“Ah!” Morisa was suddenly beaten again!

At this time, Morisa felt that the magic energy in his body had been reduced by half!

If I go on like this, I will die!