Chapter 396: Unlimited combos! (Part 2)

“I’ll let you see the true power of the Frozen Demon!!!” Morisa didn’t dare to drag on any longer, and finally activated his most powerful power!


One breath!

The terrifying cold air broke out and swept across a radius of 1000 meters!

The ground was completely frozen, and all plants, including stones, buildings, and even corpses, were frozen into ice sculptures!

Black ice!

The power of the frozen demon!

What was even more terrifying was that a black ice storm swirled around Morisa’s body!

“Humans, this is the power of frozen demons! If you dare to take a step, you will be frozen into an ice sculpture!” Morisa suddenly roared!

“With the power of this frozen demon, he will never be able to reach me in a short period of time. This god wants to fully stimulate the power of the frozen demon. It only takes a little time to succeed! At that time, this god will be able to exert 200% of his power!

“At that time, the total amount of demon energy of this god will reach 120 million!

“No matter how powerful this human race is, he is dead!!!”

Morisa gave a grim smile, but she was stunned as soon as she started to stimulate the power of the frozen demon in her body.

“Sword Intent, Hengtian!”

“Sword Intent, Windchaser!”

“Sword Intent, Fusion!”

“Sword Intent, Breakthrough!”

“Sword Intent, Falling Star Galaxy!”

How could He Yiming, who was familiar with Dragon Ball, not know what Morissa wanted to do?

He Yiming was not Goku. How could he give Morisa a chance to enter into a full-strength form?

So, the great swordsmanships erupted in unison!

There was a giant mountain in the sky!

A storm roared!

There was a flaming dragon and thunder!

There were more sword marks that cut through the sky!

The four great swordsmanships were perfectly integrated and turned into the strongest sword!

“Ice Devil Thunder Blade, Azzinoth!” He Yiming let out a low roar, Ye Wuyou’s superb magic weapon was in hand! Then he rushed directly to the black ice storm!

Seeing this scene, many players who were hiding far away were in an uproar!

“Hold the grass! Brother Ming is equipped with the Azzinoth?”

“Brother Ming: I have six gods in my hands, isn’t it like killing a dog? I’ll kill you, Morisa! Quack!”

“Hold the grass, Brother Ming, this is too strong, right? Why is an NPC so handsome?”

Many players vomited blood, but their eyes were fixed on He Yiming!

Next, He Yiming did not give Morisa a chance at all!

A set of explosive combos attacked Morisa in one wave! He didn’t give Morisa a chance to make a big comeback!


In Morisa’s horrified eyes, He Yiming held the most handsome war sword, Ice Thunder Demon Blade Azzinoth, and cut Morisa’s black ice storm apart!

A sword slashed through Morisa’s body!


Morissa just started to activate the power of the frozen demon, and it was only a few breaths activated.

But he was brutally interrupted by He Yiming, his body was cut in half by the middle!

“Ah go to hell!” Morisa was going to use his strongest blow!


However, Morisa’s attack was misfired!


He Yiming’s heart skipped a beat!

He cut off Morisa’s body with one blow with all his strength, and the moment he turned around was the moment when he exposed his weakness.

Most importantly, his own combos would be interrupted!

Once the combo was interrupted, Morissa might make a come back!

Such a pity!

“The god’s demon energy… exhausted?” Morissa shouted in anger!

“Damn it, if this god had even one million more demon energy just now…” Morisa vomited blood, half of his body was suspended in the air, and his face was unwilling!

“Haha! There is no if!” He Yiming had already made adjustments at this time, answering casually and starting to continue the attack!

But He Yiming couldn’t help but feel happy!

The players fought desperately, consuming Morisa’s 10 million demon energy, and it really played an extremely important role! Morisa was just short of one million demon energy, and as a result, he lost his chance to make a final comeback!

“Despicable! If you have balls, give this deity some time! A fair fight with this god!!!” Morisa roared in grief and indignation!

“Fat chance!” He Yiming laughed, do you think I am a fool?

Why give you time to unleash your strongest form?

Players worked hard to weaken you in bloody battles. They let me faced you with a handicap.

Cut, chop, chop!!!

He Yiming did not talk nonsense, and he started chopping with Azzinoth!

“Ahhhh!!!” Morisa was hit with a fatal blow in an instant, the demon body almost collapsed, and nine huge cracks were cut out on the demon core in his body!

“This demon is fighting with you!!!” However, Morissa was worthy of being a demon. He suddenly raised his right hand and performed some kind of secret technique!


Morisa’s right hand instantly turned into a slightly illusory mist, and the terrifying forest chill spread out!

Don’t ask, He Yiming knew that this was the power of the frozen demon!

Because it was interrupted by his own combo, Morisa probably only stimulated the power of one hand!

If He Yiming continued to attack, it was very likely that he and Morisa would lose both and die together!

Because the power of this frozen demon was so terrifying!


“You are the first one to see my strongest trump card! You can also go in peace!” He Yiming flipped his hand, put away Azzinoth, and immediately raised one finger!

In an instant, Morissa felt that everything around him was frozen!

This move had not yet been launched, but it was already so terrifying?

“Supernatural powers!”