Chapter 397: Infinite Combo Set!

After stepping into the Heavenly Pill Realm, He Yiming’s Azure Emperor Immortal Body finally achieved something!

At the same time, the most important thing was to activate the first derivative magic power! Turning spirit into wood!

He Yiming pointed the void at Morisa!


Indescribable power burst out!

In an instant, Morisa’s demon body turned into a blue wooden vine, Morisa’s magic energy turned into an azure wood aura, and the power of the frozen demon inspired by Morissa turned into a flower full of flowers.

Morisa could still move his red pupils, but his whole body was like a wooden sculpture!

“Supernatural powers!!!” Morisa was like a plant demon at this time, unable to move a finger. There was not even a trace of demonic energy, only his consciousness was still there!

But Morisa’s heart already set off a monstrous wave!

“This is a supernatural power!!! How is it possible? How could he have the supernatural power that even the Great Emperor is looking for?” Morisa struggled frantically, but unfortunately, in the face of the supernatural power launched by He Yiming, there was no resistance.

What was supernatural power?

Those who transcended magic, transcend intent, and transcend common sense were supernatural powers!

How terrifying was it?

There was a saying among the great emperors!

The only one who could fight against supernatural powers was supernatural powers!

This sentence was full of supernatural powers!

Was Morisa weak?

In the Myriad Demons Realm, among the countless powerful fifth-order demon races, he could win the terrifying title of Demon Lord!

He also possessed the terrifying power of inheritance of frozen demons!

There were also invincible legions under his command that conquered countless worlds!

But at this moment…

Morisa felt like a newborn baby, unable to move at all. His demon body and demonic energy were instantly turned into wood!

This kind of power that went against common sense and violated the law could only be achieved by supernatural powers!

“Ah ah ah! How can this god die here!!!” But Morisa was not reconciled! He stimulated the power of the frozen demon in his body!

Soon, a trace of cold air slowly appeared on Morisa’s body!

“Eighty-eight ancient demons of origin, Lord Frozen Demon!!! Please give your power to this god!!!” Morisa roared frantically in his heart!

In the world of human cultivators, the only power that could resist supernatural powers was supernatural powers!

But Morissa was a demon!

The ancestor of Morissa was one of the eighty-eight primordial demons in the ancient world of Myriad Demons Realm. He signed a contract and obtained a trace of the power of the Frozen Demon!

If it was not a last resort, Morisa would never have casted the power of frozen demon!

Because of the power of the eighty-eight primordial demons in ancient times, if one wanted to obtain it, you have to pay a price!

“This god sacrifices 90% of the remaining 70,000 years of this god’s lifespan!!” Morissa roared and paid a huge price!

Finally, Morissa’s demon body began to slowly recover, and the magic power wrapped around Morissa’s body began to weaken!

“Hahahaha! Just give me a little more time… what?” Morissa was stunned as soon as he showed surprise.

He Yiming raised his hand at this time and suddenly roared!

“All disciples, obey the order. Hand over your power to this sect master. Join hands to use…

“Cataclysmic Seal!!!”

Following He Yiming’s order, more than 400 players gathered together. Hands up!

Unite together to launch the strongest blow!



All the cultivation bases and the power of intent of the 400 players were all integrated into the Cataclysmic Seal that He Yiming displayed with all his strength!

Immediately, the power of the Cataclysmic Seal rose to an unheard of, unprecedentedly powerful level!

He Yiming activated his supernatural powers to turn the spirit into wood, just to fix Morisa!

Dealing with a human being, this was overkill.

But Morisa was a Demon Lord, and a Demon Lord with Frozen Demon inheritance at that!

Therefore, He Yiming even activated his supernatural powers, which became one of the most critical links in the infinite combo!

“No! Wait a minute, don’t kill this god!!! This god can give you…” Morisa finally felt the breath of death when he saw the cataclysmic seal that crushing down! So he hurriedly begged for mercy.

“No, a dead Morisa is a good Morisa!” He Yiming smiled disdainfully.


The next moment, the Cataclysmic Seal came crashing down and slapped Morisa on the face.

Before dying, Morisa’s panic turned into the ultimate resentment!

“This god sacrifices everything!!!

“Please, Lord Frozen Demon, come, this god has only one request…

“I must kill that human!!!!!!”

Molissa would sacrifice the power of the frozen demon that he gained after more than 60000 years of life, all of which would be used to summon the power of the frozen demon!

There was only one purpose!

Killing He Yiming!

“Ah ah ah!” The power of the Cataclysmic Seal slammed down. It was an absolutely unstoppable terrifying power!

Morisa felt that his demon body was rapidly collapsing, the demonic energy dissipated, and death came completely!

But Morisa smiled wickedly.

“This god will die, but you can’t escape! Hahahaha!” Morisa let out a final laugh, and he was completely flattened by the power of the Cataclysmic Seal!


There was a loud roar on the ground. A terrifying palm print that was 3,000 meters in size was directly blasted out!

The palm print was even more than a hundred meters deep, as if a small basin had been punched out!

Under this blow, He Yiming clearly felt that Morisa was smashed to pieces!


He Yiming glanced at it and saw that where Morisa was originally, there was only a cracked demon core left!

The demo core containing fifty-three demon marks!

“Finally won!” He Yiming let out a long sigh of relief.

His tactics and plans really succeeded!

With the help of the player’s consumption, Morisa’s demon energy was consumed by more than one-sixth, and then, in one breath, an infinite combo attack took Morisa’s life away!

The incomparably powerful Morisa had no way to effectively counterattack from the beginning to the end. After only half of his original terrifying power was exerted, he was beaten to death by He Yiming himself!

Even the power of the frozen demon that Morisa wanted to activate was interrupted by his activation of supernatural powers, and he just didn’t show it!

He Yiming looked down and saw that the second task of the system was to collect the demon core and blood of the demon race. It was the last goal, the demon core with fifty demon marks!

As long as Morisa’s demon core was put away, the second task of the system would be completed!

In addition to killing Morisa, the system upgrade task was also completed!


“Brother Ming, be careful!” At this moment, a player who had just been resurrected suddenly shouted!


He Yiming turned his head, his soul almost flew away!

In the void…

A pitch-black finger emitting a terrifying cold air flew towards him so lightly!

Wherever this finger passed, the space was condensed into ice crystals by the terrifying cold air!

Freeze space!

He Yiming wanted to run away!

But he was shocked to find that that finger was only pointing at himself, and all his power seemed to be frozen!

His cultivation base did not work!

Sword Intent couldn’t be displayed!

Even He Yiming raised his hand, it was amazingly slow!

The appearance of this finger seemed to have frozen the world!

“Frozen demon?” He Yiming took a deep breath and exclaimed directly!

—Author’s note—

[Morisa is completely fucked up. There is no such thing as resurrection for the sake of revenge. This kind of funny plot does not exist. The bosses can be rest assured. In addition, the third test will begin, and a new and more exciting chapter is about to begin!]