Chapter 398: The Seed with the Five Color Lotus Imprint

He Yiming learned about Morisa in detail from Ye Wuyou before.

So it was natural to know that Morisa belonged to the extremely powerful demon clan in the world of demons, the frozen demon clan!

Myriad Demons was extremely vast and terrifying! It was even bigger than the three thousand worlds known to the human monks combined!

Even many demons themselves did not know how huge the Myriad Demons Realm was!

But Ye Wuyou said that in the Myriad Demons Realm, just a few demon clans joined forces to suppress the True Dragon Ancient World, and the True Dragons who were comparable to the immortals were being defeated by the day.

In fact, there were too many such demons!

Morisa’s so-called Frozen Demon Clan, in fact, should be considered to have inherited the Frozen Demon Contract!

The ancestor of Morisa, who was once known as a legend in the Myriad Demons Realm and had never been seen by the Demon Race, as well as one of the eighty-eight primordial demons in ancient times, and the Frozen Demon signed a contract!

Ye Wuyou did not know what price Morisa’s ancestor pay, but in the end, Morisa’s family gained a trace of the power of frozen demons!

Relying on the power of this little bit of frozen demon, Morisa could become an invincible existence in the fifth-order demon race, that was, Demon Lord!

Only then could he lead a powerful army and conquer various planes!

The horror of the frozen demon was evident!

In the cognition of the demons of the Myriad Demons Realm, the eighty-eight primordial demons in ancient times were more terrifying existences than true immortals!

Now, this finger floating in the void was floating all the way to him. Could He Yiming not be frightened?

Morisa summoned this just before dying just to kill him.

Even the space could be frozen, which showed that the power of this finger had surpassed the laws of this lower plane!

Ordinary power was simply no match for it!

He Yiming wanted to try to activate his supernatural powers again, but he couldn’t find it.

This supernatural power could only be activated once a day!

He Yiming tried his best, but he could only watch the finger float towards him. He took three breaths at most, and he would probably be wiped out by this finger!

But suddenly…

“Try your luck!” He Yiming’s mind moved, so he slammed into the air and threw something out!

Ice sculptures!

It was brought back by Beef Noodles. It was the ice sculpture made by the corpse of the player with the strange ice flower!

He Yiming couldn’t handle this ice flower, and even the power of Azure Emperor Immortal Body could be frozen by it!

So as soon as He Yiming gritted his teeth, he threw it out to see if it worked!

The next moment, the black finger hit the ice sculpture!


The ice sculpture was frozen into black ice crystals in an instant, and then shattered!

Seeing this scene, He Yiming’s face turned pale. Obviously, if he was hit by the black finger, he would definitely end up like this!

But then a wonderful scene happened!

After the ice sculpture shattered, the strange ice flower inside the ice sculpture came into contact with the black finger!

On the one hand, it was the power of the frozen demon that froze the space!

On the other hand, it was the power of ice flower that could freeze everything in He Yiming’s cognition!

The moment the two confronted…


The black fingers turned into ice crystals and shattered!

And the ice flowers were also dyed black at the same time and shattered as well!

“To die together?” He Yiming was stunned, but then he discovered that after the ice crystal shattered, a strange seed fell out!

It was a thumb-sized seed with a five-color lotus imprint on it!

As soon as this seed appeared, it exuded a terrifying aura!


Within a thousand miles, everything that was originally frozen came into life!

All the plants and trees were in spring, and the sea of flowers could be seen everywhere, and the broken giant tree had once again grown new shoots!

All the black ice on the ground instantly disappeared without a trace!

The ground that was bombarded and devastated by various forces turned into a sea of flowers! Stretching out for hundreds of miles!

“What kind of treasure is this? My God!” He Yiming was dumbfounded!

The aura of life bursting out of this seed was too terrifying, and just the slightest aura it exuded caused a vision of heaven and earth!

If it continued like this, one would definitely notice the great power!


He Yiming grabbed this strange seed quickly, and immediately entered the Small World of Five Elements!


Kacha Kacha Kacha!

He Yiming’s Small World of Five Elements trembled violently, and the whole small world began to show signs of collapse!

“???” He Yiming was dumbfounded.

What did this scene show?

This meant that He Yiming’s Small World of Five Elements that could fit a hundred aircraft carriers into it, couldn’t bear a seed the size of his thumb?

Are you kidding me?

Suddenly, He Yiming had a strange feeling, so he followed the feeling and put this seed into his golden core!

He Yiming learned about it when he was studying at Haotian Academy!

After stepping into the Heavenly Pill Realm, the cultivator’s golden core becomes a small world by itself!

Flying swords, earth tools, and even some extremely precious things could all be put in the golden core!

In a critical moment, the Heavenly Pill powerhouse could blow up the golden core, and these precious things would disappear forever, and no one could take it away!

Unexpectedly, the seed of this five-color lotus imprint was shot into the air, and it fell into He Yiming’s golden core, and stayed there quietly.

At the same time, He Yiming felt that a majestic vitality began to nourish his golden core continuously! It meant that he didn’t need to take the initiative, and he would automatically practice at a speed thousands of times faster than usual!

If He Yiming didn’t take medicinal pills and practiced in seclusion, it would take a thousand years to break through to the middle stage of Heavenly Pill Realm!

So now, even if He Yiming did nothing, lied down and slept for at most one year, he would definitely break through the middle stage of Heavenly Pill Realm!

The seeds of the five-color lotus imprint were too heaven-defying!

At the same time, his golden core was like a perfect breeding ground, quietly nourishing and nurturing the seed of this five-color lotus imprint!

He Yiming had a feeling.

This seed of extraordinary origin was not usually cultivated in the spirit field. On the contrary, it was more like it must be cultivated in a golden core!

Even the golden core of ordinary monks couldn’t cultivate it!

It must have the top ten divine bodies, or even to be more precise, must have the strongest wood-type divine body, the golden core of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body cultivator!

He Yiming observed the seed of the five-color lotus imprint for a while, and there was no change, so he left it alone for the time being.


He Yiming grabbed, and Morisa’s demon core fell into He Yiming’s hands!

【Congratulations to the host for completing the sect mission and collecting magic elements!!】.


【Congratulations to the host for completing the task, Evaluation: S!

Mission reward: body and sword are one!】.


【Congratulations to the host for completing the system upgrade task, Evaluation: SS!

Mission reward: Purgatory True Demon Body, Demon Chapter!

Mission reward: Array Book, Human Chapter!】.

“!” He Yiming was stunned.

Another SS rating?

Another double reward?

And these two rewards, He Yiming got to know a little bit. He was stupefied!