Chapter 400: Arranged properly

“As expected of Mr. He Yiming! However, the Holy Prison Land is extremely powerful and controls the entire Southern Spirit Realm! It is said that the number one master of the Southern Spirit Realm, the one who once possessed the Heavenly Thunder Body, also In the Holy Prison Land! I believe Lord He Yiming can do it, but don’t be impatient!” No. 7 hurriedly spoke and replied respectfully.

“Don’t worry, I have my own measure!” He Yiming said confidently.

At this time, Ye Wuyou also came over.

“You actually killed Morisa…” Ye Wuyou couldn’t believe it until now.

“Thanks to my disciples fighting with their lives!” He Yiming put the great credit on the players.

“Next, the otherworldly is getting smaller and smaller. Do you want to return to Myriad Demons Realm?” He Yiming glanced at the gate, which had shrunk to less than ten meters, and then asked.

“Well, being reincarnated as a demon means that I can only survive in the Myriad Demons Realm! The world of human monks can’t sustain me!” Ye Wuyou replied.

“Before you leave, this jade slip is for you!” Ye Wuyou flipped his palm and took out a jade slip.

“What is this?”

“This is where I recorded everything I knew about the Myriad Demons Realm, the knowledge and information about the Demon Race, the True Demon, and the Demon Race! In addition, before leaving, I’ll give you one more gift!” Ye Wuyou waved casually.


A strange black ripple swept across the hundred Ice Palace female disciples.

“Ah!” These Ice Palace female disciples felt dizzy, and they all collapsed to the ground.

“Ah!” Nangong Li was taken aback, but found that the Ice Palace female disciples seemed to be all right, so she and He Yiming looked at Ye Wuyou in doubt.

“I erased their memories of this day! Most especially is that I’ve erased their memories of seeing you being so close together. In this way, even if there are powerful people who come, they will not have to get rid of these Ice Palace female disciples After that, you can arrange the outcome of this battle however you want! But…” Ye Wuyou glanced at No. 7 after turning his eyes.

“He Yiming, your disciple can be trusted, but this person…” Ye Wuyou’s hint was very obvious.

“I have planted a mark on his eyebrows. Don’t worry!” He Yiming replied.

“Okay! Let’s say goodbye then!” Ye Wuyou turned around and walked towards the otherworldly gate.

“He Yiming!” When walking to the otherworldly gate, Ye Wuyou suddenly turned around, his expression was extremely serious, and suddenly he fell to his knees.

“???” He Yiming was startled, what was Ye Wuyou doing?

“Destroy my Ye family and kill the great emperor…

“His name is Cangtian Emperor!!! If it’s you, He Yiming, you will be able to step into the Emperor Realm! Please take revenge for my beloved!” Ye Wuyou said word by word, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Ye Wuyou knew that by simply relying on himself, he would never have a chance in his life!

But if it is He Yiming, maybe…

There was such a glimmer of hope!

This was the real reason why Ye Wuyou did everything possible to help He Yiming!

“I will remember!” He Yiming didn’t agree, but he didn’t refuse either.

But Ye Wuyou already understood what He Yiming meant.

Ye Wuyou and He Yiming are both smart people, so Ye Wuyou understood in an instant. He gratefully bowed to He Yiming, then turned around and stepped into the otherworldly gate.

After talking to Ye Wuyou, He Yiming had an idea.

“How did the Holy Prison Land find my Nangong Li?” He Yiming asked No. 7.

Nangong Li’s face blushed, but she didn’t say anything. She just snuggled happier in He Yiming’s arms.

“It’s through this thing. This thing is called the Emperor’s Seal. It can track the aura of the Great Emperor’s seal. It was given to the Holy Prison Land by the Great Master of the Upper Realm!” No. 7 spoke slowly.

He Yiming studied this imperial seal symbol carefully, then he laughed.

“Formation, activate!” He Yiming’s thoughts moved, and the Major Achievement-level formation suddenly erupted, and countless formations were displayed. The void surrounded Nangong Li, and after a while, it shrank rapidly. On Nangong Li’s palm dropped a small word.


“Huh?” Almost at the same time, No. 7t was shocked to find that the Emperor Seal began to sway, seemingly losing the power to lock onto the Great Emperor’s Seal.

“What, what’s going on?” No. 7 was stunned.

“I used the formation of the Major Achievement Level to temporarily cover the tracking effect of the Emperor Seal! After you go back, report to the Holy Prison Land and say that Gu Hang from Haotian Academy colluded with the demons to destroy Ice Palace’s chief elder and disciples. And that they captured Nangong Li! You fought to the death and suffered serious injuries,” He Yiming said lightly.

Anyway, Gu Hang was already dead, and Gu Hang could take the blame!

“This explanation is ok. After all, such a big thing happened here, and there will be a great power that will investigate soon. There are so many monsters and demon corpses, which should be enough to explain it! However, when the time comes, how do I explain it. Who killed these demons and monsters?” No. 7 hesitated and then asked.

“It’s very simple. Just answer that it’s the work of an almighty who didn’t want to be named! That almighty also set a mark on your eyebrows. Anyone who dares to search your soul will be attacked. Well, in the end, you only saw that this great master saved Nangong Li and left with Nangong Li!” He Yiming said lightly, and by the way, he strengthened the mark!

With He Yiming’s cultivation at the Heavenly Pill Realm and with the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, unless the other party also possessed the top ten divine bodies and a cultivation base higher than himself, whoever dared to search for the soul of No. 7 was courting death!

“Understood!” No. 7 nodded, and at the same time, he was stunned. According to He Yiming’s explanation, Gu Hang took all the blame!

This meant that although Gu Hang dead, Gu Hang’s faction, and everyone who was still alive in the Gu family, would become the targets of revenge for the entire Northern Spirit Realm and the Holy Prison Land!

Damn, it’s too bad!

He Yiming said a word and wiped out Gu Hang and all the factions behind Gu Hang! Not only that, the disappearance of Nangong Li could be blamed on the great power who did not want to be named! At that time, the Holy Prison Land Prison would definitely go crazy looking for that great power, and naturally, they would not be able to deal with He Yiming.

Moreover, since Nangong Li didn’t die, not only would he not be sentenced to death, but he would be the only witness, sparing his life!

At the same time, if what He Yiming said was true and the Holy Prison Land could not search his own soul, then it would be more secure!

Speaking of which, if he prepared properly, maybe not only will he not be punished, but he might be able to make meritorious deeds!

After all, all the people who came here from the Holy Prison Land and the Flame Sect died!

As for what’s going on here?

He could just fabricate it.

“Right!” He Yiming waved his hand, and a figure came quietly.

It was Ling Tianyu who had been hiding all this time.

“He is my secret disciple, Ling Tianyu! No. 7, when you return to the Holy Prison Land and everything is stable, you will place Ling Tianyu inside the Holy Prison Land!” He Yiming said lightly.

“!” No. 7 looked shocked!

Does He Yiming really plan to attack the Holy Prison Land? No, he plans to slaughter them in half a year!


It seems possible!

“This subordinate understand !” No. 7 nodded, respectfully taking orders.

“Be careful with everything! After refining a new Earth Sea Pill, the Sect Master will give it to you through the exchange shop!” He Yiming said while looking at Ling Tianyu.

“Disciple understands!” Ling Tianyu nodded without a single question.

“Well, you can leave now, and bring those Ice Palace disciples with you!” He Yiming glanced at the Ice Palace disciples and said immediately.

“Yes!” No. 7 nodded, turned his palm into a big hand of spirit power, and held up all the female disciples of the Ice Palace.

“Qing’er, she…” Nangong Li turned her eyes and glanced at Qing’er who was unconscious.

“I’s better for her not to know certain things.” He Yiming just replied softly.

“Yes…” Nangong Li didn’t say more, left a jade slip, handed it to No. 7, and instructed No. 7 that after Qing’er woke up, he should hand it over to Qing’er.

So, No. 7 left with a group of Ice Palace female disciples and Ling Tianyu.

“Wait for me…” He Yiming whispered to Nangong Li, then he rose into the air!

At this time, the spatial turbulence in the sky had already disappeared. After all, these spatial turbulence only appeared in a short period of time due to the change of terrain. In fact, before the players faced the Million Demon Beast Army, they almost disappeared.

He Yiming directly burst out the spirit consciousness of the Heavenly Pill realm, and in one breath, it swept across a radius of hundreds of miles!


Seemingly aware of something, He Yiming’s mind moved, and he broke through the air!

Soon, He Yiming came to a small attic.

Here, there was already a lazy figure sitting in the reclining chair, and not far away stood a figure wearing a mask and standing respectfully with his hands behind his back.

“Disciple He Yiming greets Master!” He Yiming saluted respectfully, and then looked at the stunning woman in front of him.

The chief guest of Haotian Academy, Wang Yue!