Chapter 401: Who are you, Master? (Part 1)

“Unexpectedly, you killed the Demon Lord Morisa!” Wang Yue’s lazy, yet charming voice sounded softly.

Wherever the sound went, He Yiming felt a chill deep within into his bones!

However, He Yiming did not make any extra moves.

Intuition told He Yiming that the Wang Yue in front of him was probably not from this world, maybe not even a huma! Moreover, the sense of danger that Wang Yue brought to He Yiming was not at all beneath what he felt while facing Demon Lord Morisa!

“Master, it was you who used the technique to alter the terrain thousands of miles around the Haotian Academy? The disciple thanks Master!” He Yiming saluted again.

“Also, you have really stepped into the Heavenly Pill Realm!” Wang Yue just glanced at He Yiming’s cultivation in a daze.

The current He Yiming was no longer a little guy who could just wave his hand and kneel in front of others!

He could already kill Morissa, and it was a devastating kill at that.

She didn’t know what means He Yiming used, but He Yiming not only successfully killed Morisa, but he also did not suffer any damage, which was very scary!

Even Wang Yue couldn’t see through He Yiming for a while.

“I already know that Nangong Li was placed under the Grand Emperor Seal and became the prince! So I hope that Master Wang Yue can tell me everything I should know! For example, who are you, Master? Why did you come to Haotian Academy?” He Yiming raised his head and looked directly at Wang Yue.


Behind Wang Yue, the masked youth snorted coldly, and the huge cultivation base in the middle of the Heavenly Pill Realm burst out!

“To give Master Wang Yue face, I won’t kill you!” He Yiming didn’t turn his head, didn’t even look at the masked young man.

It was as if a young man in the middle stage of the Heaven Core Realm was inferior to a blade of grass in He Yiming’s eyes.

“You!” The masked youth almost vomited blood.

“Have you not thanked He Yiming for his grace of not killing?” Wang Yue spoke slowly, which shocked the masked youth.

The meaning of Wang Yue’s words was to imply that not only was he not He Yiming’s opponent, but that He Yiming could actually kill him?

Only then did the masked youth remember that even the Demon Lord Morisa died in the hands of He Yiming! He was just a fart!

“Thank you, Lord He Yiming!” The masked young man replied respectfully, not daring to act tough anymore.

“He Yiming, do you think that you can fight the emperor when you step into Heavenly Pill Realm?” Wang Yue smiled.

“Of course not!” He Yiming answered directly without any hesitation.

“It seems that you didn’t get carried away because of the rapid increase in strength. Not bad. You’re really good!” Wang Yue smiled and suddenly said an amazing proposal. “He Yiming, why don’t you come and be the son-in-law of my Wang family! Leave this plane with me! I can give you everything you want! I even allow Nangong Li to be with you!”

Wang Yue smiled sweetly said.

“???” He Yiming was stunned.

He Yiming thought about it. Wang Yue might refuse to tell him, and she might even make a move!

But he didn’t think that Wang Yue would say such a thing!

It was said that a woman’s mind was hard to comperehend!

But it should not be so outrageous!

“I’m sorry, please allow the disciple to refuse! For some reasons, the disciple has caused a lot of trouble! I’m afraid, it will implicate the master!” He Yiming replied seriously.

“Oh, I know, you are worried about the emperor! Well, the emperor who left his mark on Nangong Li is really not easy!”

“What’s that emperor’s name?”

“Nine Lotus Great Emperor!”


He Yiming frowned. Wrinkled, he thought of the seeds with the imprint of the five-color lotus in his golden core at that moment.

Wouldn’t it have anything to do with this great emperor?

“How strong is the Great Emperor?” He Yiming’s most crucial question was this.

“You only need to know that any great emperor has the strength to shatter the inferior plane that you and I are in now, or rather, the power of this fragmented continent!” Wang Yue casually said a terrible fact.


He Yiming took a deep breath.

Shatter this fragmented continent?

Now that He Yiming has stepped into the Heavenly Pill Realm, he couldn’t even smash the extremely desolate area!

The Great Emperor can Shatter the entire continent?

He Yiming couldn’t imagine how the emperor could do it!

Perhaps, this was caused by the huge gap in realm!


Wang Yue raised her hand and threw a jade slip to He Yiming.


He Yiming grabbed his hand and then looked at Wang Yue.

“Since you have reached the Heavenly Pill Realm, you can also learn a little about the truth about the Three Thousand Worlds! Basically everything you want to know is in it!”

“As for who am I and why did I come to this plane?” Wang Yue smiled and answered immediately.

“I am from the Vermilion Bird Family. I came to this plane to monitor a true dragon, but it is amazing that the real dragon suddenly disappeared! So I should leave this plane soon! Go back to the Vermillion Bird Star Region controlled by my Vermillion Bird Family!” Wang Yue did not hide his answer.

“Vermillion Bird?” He Yiming was startled.

Isn’t this the four mythical beasts?

Unexpectedly, Wang Yue’s background was so big!

As for the true dragon she was monitoring, it’s not necessary to ask. It was obviously the Five-clawed Golden Dragon Ancestor!

It seemed that the relationship between the Vermillion Bird clan and the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Clan was not good. Wang Yue definitely had ulterior motives when he comes here!

“Actually, when I first saw you, I planned to wait for you to grow up and eat you in one bite!” Wang Yue looked at He Yiming with a smile, but said something to let He Yiming feel afraid.

“I...” He Yiming’s body trembled.

No wonder when he was studying in Haotian Academy, He Yiming always felt that Wang Yue’s eyes were a little wicked and creepy.

Unexpectedly...Wang Yue really planned to wait for him to gain weight and eat him in one bite!

And eat him literally!

“Thank you Master for not killing me!” He Yiming thanked him sincerely.