Chapter 402: Who are you, Master? (Part 2)

“He Yiming, why don’t you tell me, what kind of techniques are you practicing? If you tell me, I can promise to accompany you for a night! I’ll let you do whatever you want~~” Wang Yue said suddenly with a smile, in a tone of seductive voice.

As for whether what she said was true or false, He Yiming couldn’t tell.

Cough, cough, I’m sorry, Master, I really can’ t say this!” He Yiming solemnly refused.

Hmph, scumbag!” Wang Yue said angrily with her small mouth twitching.


He Yiming was speechless.

As a Vermillion Bird Family, a descendant of divine beasts, how could she speak like a little girl?

Or was it acting?

But He Yiming couldn’t see it at all and could only keep silent.

“Ah, that’s right!

“Since you called me Master, then I’ll tell you some more news!

“After half a year, your little girlfriend will be picked up by the Nangong family!

“And you, there is no choice but to stay in this lower plane! However, if you want to chase your little girlfriend, there is another way!

“That is to go to the Central Divine State in this fragmented continent, where there is a road to the sky! There, you can go to the upper realm! Of course, the process is definitely not easy, but I believe it will not be a problem for you!” Wang Yue said with a smile.

“Central Divine State?” He Yiming remembered secretly, and then thanked her again.

“Here you go!” Wang Yue suddenly threw a piece of crimson feathers to He Yiming with a flick of his hand.

“Huh?” He Yiming was stunned, why did Wang Yue give him a feather?

Could it be...

He Yiming looked up and found that a blush flashed across Wang Yue’s face, and then disappeared without a trace.

“This is a feather of my real body. If one day, you want to find me, you can follow the aura of this feather and come find me! Anyway, I have helped you so much, and I am still your master. If you dare to forget me one day, I will bite you to death!” Wang Yue said each word with a nice voice.

“Master, don’t worry. This disciple will never forget Master!” He Yiming was speechless and could only answer in a serious manner.

What else could he say?

I’ll definitely find you with your feather?

Cough, cough...

“I’m tired, let’s go!” Wang Yue got up and pointed her finger.

“The original dean of Haotian Academy and those old antiques are all right, and I put them in the underground! The students who died this time are all from big families and sects, and all of the civilian students are fine! So, Haotian Academy not only is okay, but it has eliminated a large number of scourges!” Wang Yue said with a smile and left.

“Disciple He Yiming thanks Master!” He Yiming saluted again.

After a long distance away, Wang Yue stomped her feet angrily!


With this random kick, a thousand-meter-long gully was created on the ground.

“Tell me, am I not pretty? Why doesn’t this little guy react at all? Damn, is he a man? He rejected me twice! He even spoke so earnestly!” Wang Yue said angrily.

“How could it be that He Yiming is stupid! Lord Wang Yue is the number one beauty of the Vermillion Bird Family!” The masked youth hurriedly knelt down and answered loudly.

“Huh... it’s alright! I’m just a little angry!” After Wang Yue vented, she returned to normal, still her lazy and mature expression.

“There is something unclear about this subordinate!”

“Tell me!”

“That He Yiming’s origin is not simple. He must have a chance and a secret, why didn’t he take the opportunity just now... Although he defeated Morisa, how could Demon Lord Morissa be compared with Lord Wang Yue?”

“I am indeed stronger than Morisa! But, can you guarantee that He Yiming used all his strength when he dealt with Morisa? If we can take down He Yiming, it will be perfect! However, if he escapes, I have a hunch. Maybe, he will be the culprit behind the demise of the Vermillion Bird Family!”

“Ah? Then, how could that mere He Yiming have such great ability!”

“I still don’t understand!” Wang Yue’s expression became solemn.

“In the four years He Yiming spent in Haotian Academy, his performance on the road of cultivation was extremely ordinary! In four years, he went from the first level of Body Forging to the tenth level of Body Forging! This kind of cultivation speed, in this lower plane fragment continent, was average. It’s almost as fast as a trash! It’s no different from mortals!

“But as soon as he left Haotian Academy, in just three months, he stepped into the Heavenly Pill Realm!

“He had been suppressing herself, not revealing a single bit of her own secrets! What a terrifying mind!

“Three months. Body forging to Heavenly Pill Realm! In our Vermillion Bird Family, who can do it? Huh?

“And I have been in close contact with him many times, and when he was in Haotian Academy, his bone age was definitely not more than twenty years old!

“But just now, I sensed at least three Major Achievement intent from him!

“The most terrifying thing. Yes, the aura of luck on his body is so powerful that my heart is shaking!” Wang Yue lightly patted her chest before slowly calming down.

“You mean, he has the potential to become the Great Emperor?”

“No, maybe, more than that!

“Let’s go, since the Five-clawed Golden Dragon Emperor Ancestor is gone, we should return to the Vermillion Bird Star Region!”


Before Wang Yue left, she couldn’t help but look back at He Yiming’s direction, bit her lips lightly, and finally let out a sigh, then left.

He Yiming also returned at this time. He just returned to the previous position, he was almost suffocated by old blood!