Chapter 403: Brother Ming, we were wrong, we dare not!

“Dear sister, from the first day I saw you, I was deeply...” Beef Noodles was holding up a bouquet of flowers and confessed affectionately.

“Go away!” A big foot kicked Beef Noodles.

It was a star.

Nobody knew where Star got his suit. He even combed his hair back.


When Star snapped his fingers, 40 players from the 1st Star Group appeared and held up a large banner.

“Sister, I love you!”

Then Star got down on one knee and was just about to speak.

“Death!” First Iceman kicked Star.

“I, First Iceman, will marry Sister today!” First Iceman waved his hand, and the snowflakes slowly drifted down from the sky, and the atmosphere was extremely romantic.

“Shut up! Sister is mine!”

“Fuck, with your virtue, you still want to get in on my sister-in-law?”

“Go away. Today, I’m going to propose to sister-in-law with a hundred demon cores!”

“You are here every day. If you want to eat shit, don’t you have any pressure in your heart? Don’t harass my wife again, okay?”

“Please, let’s fight! I’ll kill you today! The fewer competitors, the better!”

“Mother, don’t pay attention to these scumbags, let’s go over there and enjoy the good time of the two of you! Ah poof!”


At this time, more than 100 players had already formed a group in front of Nangong Li. They put on a great show.

Nangong Li watched with a smile. Not only was she not angry, but she was also very happy.

Cough, cough, I made you laugh!” He Yiming coughed twice, and then skillfully and naturally hugged Nangong Li’s waist.

“It’s okay, your disciples are really lively and cute!” Nangong Li smiled.

“Hold the grass, Brother Ming is back! Run!” At this time, all the players saw that He Yiming was back, and they turned around and wanted to run.

“Evil!” He Yiming waved his hand, and all the players knelt on the ground.

“Brother Ming, we were wrong. We dare not!” All the players cried with sincerity on their faces.

Bah, dare next time!

“Each person will get deducted 100,000 contribution points! Beef noodles, you will get deducted 200,000!” He Yiming said lightly.

“Ahhh!” All the players wailed.

Fuck, I don’t dare next time. Damn it! If I commit another crime, I will chop up my little squeak!

Beef Noodles: ? ? ?

Next, before the forces of the Northern Spirit Realm and the sect powerhouses arrived, He Yiming used his spirit sense to confirm that he had scavenged all the valuable things, and then brought all the players and Nangong Li back to the Extremely Desolate Region.

“This is...” When returning, Nangong Li glanced at the huge creature not far away in shock!

The golden wings flickered with lightning all over its body, and the aura it emitted was several times stronger than that of the blue-feathered giant eagle!


The speed of the green feather giant eagle was already extremely amazing. Unexpectedly, He Yiming also had a Thunderbird mount, which controlled the powerful thunder force. In terms of combat power, it was enough to surpass the late stage of the battle or the peak of Sea Wheel Realm!

However, the main purpose of Thunderbird was to hold the Spirit War Chariot with both claws!

Inside the Spirit War Chariot, there were a lot of players.

He Yiming and Nangong Li rode the blue-feather giant eagle alone.

“How did you catch this Thunderbird?” Nangong Li was a little curious.

“Well, at Hundred Thousand Mountains. I was still in the early stages of the Sea Wheel Realm. I fought several times and finally caught it!” He Yiming said serious nonsense.

After all, the Thunderbird was not caught. It was the system’s week sign-in reward.

In the past month or so, He Yiming signed in four times, and he was given a total of 100 five spirit bodies.

Twenty flying swords were given at one time!

One more check-in, he was given the Thunderbird.

As soon as the Thunderbird was obtained, it was in the Sea Wheel Realm. Even if the Azure Feather Eagle was promoted to the Sea Wheel Realm with the help of He Yiming, it was beaten by the Thunderbird in all aspects!

This was the difference between daily sign-in and weekly sign-in rewards! So reasonable.

As soon as he returned to the sect, He Yiming settled Nangong Li First, so that Nangongli would live in the Sect Hall in the future.

Along the way, He Yiming looked at Brilliant.

“After you left, a lot of weak people came to make trouble, and I shot them all to death!” Brilliant spoke very quickly. After all, He Yiming wasted a lot of energy.

“Well... Could it be someone from the Holy Prison Land? Or from Northern Spirit Realm? Forget it, it doesn’t matter!” He Yiming nodded without thinking much.

Brilliant took a deep breath of He Yiming’s body very comfortably, with a very satisfied look on her face, and then...

She opened her mouth and bit He Yiming’s arm, blood gushing out.

“...” He Yiming didn’t say a word. Only after Brilliant sucked a lot of his blood did he stop the bleeding.

“Delicious, delicious!” Satisfied, Brilliant turned around and ran to the soft sofa on the balcony, curling up and lying down.

He Yiming knew that Brilliant would sleep for at least a week!

As for why she sucked his blood, it was naturally because he cultivated the Azure Emperor Immortality Body, and his blood was the best tonic for Brilliant, who was an Female Fire Dragon.

It was not unreasonable that the five elements generated each other, and wood generated fire.

With Brilliant guarding it, He Yiming knew that his sect was safe.

Unless the Heavenly Pill powerhouses come in groups, or there were powerhouses that surpassed the Heavenly Pill, they could do nothing with Brilliant!

After checking that there was nothing wrong with the sect, He Yiming summoned all the players.

“Come here, the quest rewards are here!”

“Three epic quests, I don’t know how much blood will be earned in this wave!”

“That’s it!”

“Ah, although I earned blood, I was also deducted 100,000 contribution points!”

“Fuck, if I knew it earlier, I wouldn’t harass Sister! Blood loss!”

“Damn, it’s Brother Noodles taking the lead! It is strongly recommended that Brother Noodles contribute 1 million points!”

Most of the players were joyful, a few were in grief, and very few were gnashing their teeth.

“This time, all the disciples have performed very well!

“The sect master is not stingy. According to the efforts of the disciples, he will give you precious rewards!”

He Yiming ignored the players who were crying and shouting, and immediately began to distribute quest rewards...

The first was the epic quest: Battle against the Million Demon Beast Army!

888 players, each person rewarded 100,000 contribution points!

The magic weapon material reward was already distributed, and that was the result of the players on the battlefield at that time.

Next wa the reward of the Slaughtering Demon List! The number of beasts and demons killed would be rewarded accordingly!

He Yiming raised his hand, and a stone tablet was raised. On the stone tablet, the Slaughtering Demon List was clearly displayed.

NO1: [Dimensional God Domain] Slaughtering Demon Value: 43W

NO2: [Flame Burst Dragon God Sect] Slaughtering Demon Value: 19W

NO3: [Myriad Frost Sky Palace] Slaughtering Demon Value: 18W

NO4: [Woodleaf Village] Slaughtering Demon Value: 13W

NO5: [Star Hall] Slaughtering Demon Value: 12W

NO6: [Beef Noodle House] Slaughtering Demon Value: 6W

“Each disciple of the Dimensional God Realm will be rewarded with an additional 10W contribution point! Flame Burst Dragon God Sect 5W, Myriad Frost Sky Palace 3W!

“In addition, in the battle against the Million Demon Beast Army, outside of the battle, the most outstanding disciple, MC Myth, Thousand Hand Pillar, Illusion, Alloy Equipment, Star Five will get additional 5W contribution points. All the disciples who used the pseudo-divine power more than 100 times would be rewarded with an additional 3W contribution points!”

He Yiming meticulously and without omission distributed the rewards of the first epic task fairly and justly.

Next, the epic quest: Block Morissa quest rewards!

In fact, only three players actually completed the mission.

“Indomitable Bear blocked Morisa for one breath, reward 100,000 contribution points!

“Wang Lufei blocked Morisa for two breaths, reward 200,000 contribution points!

“Beef Noodles, blocked Morissa for three breaths, reward 100,000 contribution points! Don’t ask why!”

He Yiming announced lightly.

Beef Noodles: ? ? ?

Then came the most exciting moment!

Epic Quest: The quest rewards for the strongest decisive battle in the second test are distributed!

—Author’s Notes—

[The Morissa chapter is officially over. There are many explanations in these chapters, mainly the ending. All the clues and foreshadowings are gathered together, and none of them will fail! Don’t worry, big guys, the third test is about to start, and the new exciting content is also about to start!]