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"I'm so close to creating the first genetic factor~~!" Maisa said with both hands on her cheeks while maintaining a dreamy look in her expression. Everyone else laughed but had similar thoughts.

"By the way, you guys noticed, right?" Julia asked as she put on her blouse, "Amon made it happen better this time, yes? I think only he can cause something so incredible."

"Yeah?" Confused for a moment, Barbara soon recognized what Julia was referring to and said with a certain fascination and admiration in her voice, "Oh, you're talking about the fantastic effect that made the medicinal bath better? Amon is fantastic indeed!"

Ariel finished putting on her last piece of clothing. She watched everyone's expressions and said smiling, "Look how you praise him even though Amon has already left. And you're being so sweet that it feels like I ate pure honey~"

Barbara's eyes lit up and she nodded thoughtfully. She could be a little shy at times in front of Amon, but normally she wouldn't be shy about what she said. However, the same could not be said for the twins. Even though Maisa hadn't said anything yet, she blushed, as things left unsaid could also affect one's thoughts to run wild when someone understood precisely what had been left out.

Ariel's gaze became more amused when she saw the three girls' expressions. Each one had a different way of acting and Barbara's way was the most attractive, however, Julia's gave a sweeter feeling, while Maisa gave a strong desire to take care of her.

"Of course, even if he's not here, I'm still going to scream for the whole world to hear how amazing he is," Barbara responded with conviction, "From the first day I met him, Amon was able to show me many things that fascinated me. The more I got to know him, the more I wanted to know about him. So far I believe he's amazing and hasn't shown everything he's capable of and surprises me every day."

"Hoho, it's so hot in here~" Ariel fanned her face with her hand while smiling, "Look how someone is boiling~"

It might have been a little different for the twins. Maisa at one time had even had a strong prejudice against Amon because of Elijah's existence, which made her think that because they were brothers, they might be alike.

However, little by little he had proved her wrong, and thinking about it now, Maisa even felt ashamed. But, she wasn't going to get stuck in the past and stop wanting to know more about him, missing her chance to get closer to him because of something that happened before in the past.

"I also want to know more about him," Maisa muttered deeply.

Julia nodded and said, "It's my wish too."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. So sweet, so sweet~" Ariel clicked her tongue several times and then laughed, "At this rate I'll get diabetes~"

Although a little embarrassed, the way Ariel teased them made the twins laugh a little, as Barbara joined in laughing.

Amon had found a fat pig. It had a slightly evil aura, but he thought he would be able to purge this toxic aura using the rune: [Boundless Heart].

Amon's black hair gave the impression of changing color to golden when he was surrounded by lightning. If it wasn't for his control, maybe the current outfit he had on would have possibly been destroyed in the process.



His feet sank into the ground, a small crater forming just below where he put pressure. Soon he appeared ten meters away and only increased the velocity!

Pig: "??"

Twisting his body, Amon appeared before the pig, flexing towards it at high speed as he punched the center of the creature's head.




Hisses of lightning echoed as the pig's head vanished... Or rather, it was struck with such force and speed that it completely shattered the pig's head as something like strands of lightning stretched forward. The pig's body remained in place, but it wasn't, because the blow wasn't strong enough to send the pig's body away, but because it was so fast that it barely had any effect on the body, as the body's head was instantly destroyed.

"Mm, let's test it now."

Amon took the large body of the pig, which weighed about 100 kilos, and laid the body on the ground. Placing his hands on the pig's stomach, Amon closes his eyes and uses the rune in his mind. An aura of fluctuation surrounded him as the purity of the aura manifested and surrounded the pig as well.

This would have been of benefit to the pig if it were still alive, as the black goo started to come out of the pores of the body while a dark mist left the corpse.

'It worked.' Amon hadn't tried this before, so he wasn't so confident if it would work, but when he opened his eyes and saw what was happening, he already knew his test was successful.

After continuing for a few minutes, the most dangerous toxin had already left the pig's body. Amon then stored the pig's remains and headed towards the cave where the girls were waiting for him.

As Amon got close, it was impossible to see the cave without knowing the exact location. Amon placed his hand on the 'wall', and soon he broke through a barrier made of spells and appeared inside the cave.

The girls saw Amon arrive and smiled. Amon smiled a little in response. "I managed to catch a pig… Oh yeah! About what happened before, the fact that I can make you guys get stronger faster…" Amon looked at them. "This is related to a big secret of mine. I hope it stays between us, okay?"

'Grandma and grandpa said that the [Boundless Heart] rune needs to be kept secret. It's better if fewer people suspect something unique about me,' Amon analyzed. He himself was surprised, since before he wouldn't have been able to be so calm to analyze something like this.

Before he was more concerned with controlling the Fury genes, and because of that, he ended up not thinking about the big picture often. This time, though, he felt the need to give the girls that little reminder.

"Of course! You didn't even need to warn us," Barbara smiled, "It's similar to the other times; I at least will never say a word about this phenomenon caused by you to anyone, even my mother~"

"Of course, I won't say anything about that," Maisa said hastily.

"Calm down, I'm not accusing or even warning you. I trust you all enough to let you experience this. I'm just giving this warning in case you end up thinking it's not something you need to keep secret," Amon said calmly.

Ariel smiled. There was a hint of teasing as she said, "Oh, I almost thought you were going to do 'this' and 'here', and 'this too' to shut us up... It's really a shame I am wrong~"

Automatically, the other girls' faces turned tomato red. The way Ariel spoke and the obscene gesture of her sticking her index finger into a ring made with her other hand's thumb and index finger made their imaginations run wild.

"I brought this pig." Amon took out the pig and said, "It should be enough to satisfy our hunger."

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