The next morning, Amon woke up with Julia beside him. Remembering what had happened, Amon looked at her beautiful angelic sleeping face and gave a weak smile.

At almost midnight, Julia had appeared in his dorm ringing the doorbell. Amon opened the door and saw Julia. He was only somewhat surprised, as he'd been through this more than once before. It was amazing that the girls could go to the boys' dorm, however, the same didn't work for the boys to go to sleep in the girls' dorm.

There was a simple reason: it was for the girls' privacy, as it was much easier for girls to be harassed than the other way around.

Other than that, boys also didn't tend to mind girls coming in and out of male dorms, as they would hardly be harassed by girls. It was sad that the same thing didn't apply to girls, and many girls hated this.

Apart from the fact that the university was founded by a woman, she knew these facts, so she made the system this way, and it had been maintained until the current day with very few complaints over the years. The fact that she allowed girls to go into their boyfriends' rooms demonstrated that she wasn't against boys per se and her tolerance was pretty high...

But anyway...

Julia entered Amon's 4-room apartment, which contained a bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom. She was dressed in a long-sleeved white button-up shirt, a white knee-length skirt with blue stripes, and black tights with a 3 cm short heel. Her long blue hair was tied in high braids with two strands forward. She looked beautiful with that hairstyle and outfit.

"Want something to drink?" Amon asked softly.

Julia normally wasn't this shy, but she seemed to be a little bit at that moment. However, she took a deep breath as she tried to keep her emotions to herself.

"Yes, anything will do," Julia answered.

Amon looked at her. After thinking for a second, he walked into the kitchen. Julia followed him in as Amon pulled 2 cans of beer from the fridge.

A light flashed through Julia's eyes; she looked surprised by Amon's choice of drink.

"How about this?" Amon offered her one of the cans of beer.

"It'll do." Julia took the offered drink and smiled softly.

Slung over her left shoulder was a bag, neither too big nor too small.

"Want me to put your bag on the couch?" Amon asked.

Seeing him point to her bag, Julia nodded, handing it over to him, "Thank you."

"Mm," Amon replied with a nasal sound.

With one hand carrying the bag, he walked into the living room and placed it on the couch. Julia followed close behind.

Julia seemed to have gathered her courage after taking a long drink of her beer. She asked, "Can I sleep here tonight?"

"Yes, you are welcome," Amon answered. He opened his own beer and, can in hand, extended it towards her. Julia understood what he wanted; she smiled a little and toasted him.

After drinking an entire can of beer, Julia seemed less nervous. She was even smiling more, and her breathing was calmer. Although beer is not very alcoholic, sometimes just a little bit is enough to give someone the courage they need - although drinking too much is not recommended.

Placing the empty can on the glass table in the living room, Julia, who had become more courageous, approached Amon and wrapped her arms around his neck.

She then said in a sweet voice, "You know, I love you very much and I want to sleep in the same bed with you~"

Her voice almost melted Amon's heart, and his whole body grew hot. Her sweet voice was a deadly weapon against him who had a vocal fetish. His voice got a little hoarse. "Do it."

" Fufufu, I will~" Julia stood on her tiptoes, pulling him to look at her by placing one of her hands on his head and pressing his lips to hers.

Even with the alcohol, Julia's heart was pounding. She may have seemed more courageous than Maisa, but the reality is that when she was alone with Amon, she would become more shy, although she tried to hide her shyness.

Julia let out a moan in Amon's mouth the instant his hands reached her ass. The feeling of having her ass tight made her even more shy, however, she liked the feeling of his hands on her ass...

"Amon, you've gotten... very good at these things..." Julia said.

Maybe it was just him, but Amon could hear from her tone that she sounded a little jealous as she said that.

Amon stopped kissing her, touching her forehead against his, a seductive smile curving his lips. "It's because I've practiced a lot, besides, I believe I do well because I'm with the girl I'm with. I love it."

"Am I beautiful?" Julia asks, she feels incredible happiness hearing Amon's words saying that she was the girl he loves and feels like she wanted to hear more from him.

Amon said in a deeper voice, "Yes, you are always beautiful, but today in particular you are very charming."

"Hehe~" Julia's face turned a soft shade of red as she lets out a happy giggle, soon turning into a happy smile with a hint of shyness. "Thank you~"

Amon brought his lips to hers, sucking on the underside and gripping gently with his teeth as he slid until a sound came out the instant her lips were released. He smiled.

Amon's smile and the way he tugged on her lip made Julia's heart skip a beat. She was horrified at how seductive Amon could be, even unconsciously.

"You are the death of me…" Julia murmured.

"Huh? Why do you say that?" Amon, who was about to kiss her, felt her fists hit his chest and heard the words spoken by her. He looked genuinely confused.

"That's what I'm talking about!" She brought her hands forward and squeezed Amon's cheeks. "Without even knowing it, you act so seductively, making my heart skip a beat~ Pfft-hahaha!"

She laughed when Amon's expression turned quizzical as she pinched and tugged at his cheeks. It wasn't like it hurt, so Amon didn't seem to mind, and seeing her laugh, he just let her do it, as he loved her laugh.

At some point, they went to Amon's room. Julia asked him for a moment, then she returned dressed in sexy lingerie consisting of just a short red silk dress revealing lots of skin, accentuating her beautiful curves. Amon figured she had probably brought it in her bag that was left on the sofa in the living room.

Lying down next to him, Julia snuggles into Amon's arms. Kissing his lips, she said, "Good night, Amon."

"Uh, good night." Amon returned the kiss and brought her closer, to the point where she wrapped one of his legs over her while her head was right up against his arm, crushing one of her breasts into his chest as she wrapped her arm around his other side.