Julia, who had just woken up, looked at Amon, who was getting too handsome for his own good... He had a seductive look that he gave off in a natural way and a half smile that was somewhat sexy that made her heart flutter. It was unfair how much he could make her flustered as soon as she woke up.

"Good morning," Julia said first. She then gave him a sweet smile.

Amon reached out with his left hand, tucking her hair behind her ear, and kissed her cheek, "Good morning."


Early in the morning, Julia already felt as if she had eaten gingerbread. Amon hugged her tight. She could hear his heart pounding in his chest as he laid her head on it. Julia didn't feel anything like this even when her father hugged her. It was hard to breathe and her heart was pounding rapidly. She felt her body twitch for no reason.

Wearing her red nightgown, she got to her feet. Amon, still dressed, did the same.

Although they hadn't done the act, it didn't mean nothing had happened... Some things between lovers happened. It was good enough to make Julia, who woke up in a good mood, want to sing like a fairytale princess.

Of course, she has a sense of shame; she wouldn't do something like wake up singing, open the window, say good morning to the birds, etc. Just thinking about something like that made her want to hide under a blanket.

══════ 『 🧬 』 ══════

Kaia's Lab, Amon soon finds her in an empty room.

"Amon, we're picking up where we left off in the last class," Kaia said.

She was dressed in a simple beige outfit consisting of long pants and a T-shirt. Over it, she wore a white lab coat that reached down to her ankles.

Amon was wearing black designer pants and a gold satin button-up shirt; three buttons were undone, showing a good deal of his chest. Amon's arms weren't overly large, however, they were ideally shaped so that the sleeves of his shirt were snug against his biceps.

"Have you used the syringes yet?" This was a direct question.

Amon was not surprised, as Teacher Kaia had always been like this since they met.

"Not yet," Amon replied, "I'm waiting for the best time to use them."

"Bianca's training room?" Kaia asked.

"Mm, there I would have a better environment for such a situation," Amon nodded matter-of-factly.

On the armrest of the chair, Kaia tapped the fingers of her right hand. The sound of tapping on wood echoed as she then said as soon as her fingers stopped moving, "Okay, I could come up with a similar means, but it takes a lot of work."

She then muttered, "Maybe it'd be a good idea to negotiate with her to let Mabel use this training room too..."

Kaia then said as she threw a book toward Amon, "Read that book first."

It was a book with a dark green cover and some writing on it. It wasn't a book with many pages, so it wouldn't take him long to read.

[The Elementary Mental Rune Creation Secrets]

Reading the cover of the book, Amon opened it and began to read. Minutes later, he deduced the rough contents of the book. It was basically as the title of the book suggested: it was the teaching of how to create elemental mental runes in mental space.

Initially, the instructions seemed like a rather crude method, however, the more Amon read, the more he understood how complex and rich the book's knowledge truly was. It was no surprise that Kaia was such an amazing person. Her knowledge went far beyond that of ordinary people. She had her own way of thinking and a unique way of finding solutions to something that many could not even imagine.

Amon didn't really expect Teacher Kaia to suggest that he read this book. For, as she said before, it was necessary to have more knowledge and practice more. However, the fact that she trusted him with this book made Amon take this matter seriously.

Time passed, and soon it had been a few hours. Amon read and reread the book several times just to make sure he didn't miss any point. Only when he read it for the last time and realized that all of his questions were answered did Amon close the book.

"You finished?" Teacher Kaia asked, then said, "I'm going to ask you a few questions. I want to know how deep your understanding has become from reading this book.

══════ 『 🧬 』 ══════

Ariel was walking alone in the large courtyard of the university's east wing. Her classes had ended, and while at the moment there weren't any classes that piqued her interest, Ariel decided to walk a little by herself.

There was actually another reason why she wanted to be alone at that moment. Ariel was reflecting on several things that had been happening in her life since she found Amon.

Honestly, Ariel was worried. Whenever she was around Amon, she felt at ease, however, there were other feelings that she had been hiding in her heart. One of her worries was because of what had happened this morning.

Upon waking, Ariel realized she had dreamed of Amon... She murmured his name. The worst thing wasn't even that, it was the voice she produced when she murmured his name. Her voice was like a drop of pure, unsullied water; the purity of its sound could have made anyone shudder. She felt so taken aback by her coquettish, feminine voice that it had startled her a little.

It was fascinating how beautiful her eyes could look when getting wet when threatening to shed tears. Ariel took a few deep breaths as she stabilized her mental state. After some time, her eyes turned cold as she saw some people approaching.

With a cold look and an indifferent expression, she walked past these people. Ariel walked towards the water department, however, she stopped when she saw the twins and that's when her expression changed to a smile.

"Maisa, Julia~!" Ariel waved at the two.

"Ariel." The two noticed her and waved back as they walked towards her.

Julia frowned a little when looking at Ariel up close, but she didn't know why she felt she looked a little different. The same could be said for Maisa; she felt something different about Ariel, but she couldn't put her finger on what exactly was different about her.