Recently, Victor Nunes heard about an incomparable genius from the first year. At first, he didn't care much, but when he heard that this genius was being considered the number one among his peers in the Rank Inate level 1, he cared.

Victor Nunes was not only proud, but also confident in his own strength. After all, he had a double affinity with lightning and wind, and by fusing them, he created a powerful Genetic Factor. To this day, he had never lost to anyone at the same level, so he was upset to see that someone was being considered better than him.

"Look, it's Victor Nunes!" a girl who was a fan of his shouted.

Victor Nunes was not only very powerful, but also very handsome. Plus, he had a huge amount of confidence, creating an aura around him that differentiated him from others. At 189 cm tall, Victor had grayish-blue eyes and short golden-blonde hair. His physique was neither big nor small, with a chest circumference of 90 cm, a waist circumference of 80 cm, a hip circumference of 90 cm, and weighing 71 kg.

It was no wonder he could attract so many looks from both girls and even boys. Although his looks didn't go so far as to make straight men doubt their own sexuality, he could make them feel depressed by feeling inferior to him.

Many girls looked at him with admiration and said some words of adoration. Many boys, although they knew he was someone on another level, still felt jealous seeing the level of attention he was receiving.

Because of all this, Victor Nunes felt even more confident and excited with all the attention he was getting. He knew he looked good, and the fact that so many people recognized him only reinforced his self-confidence. However… he was still bothered by the first-year genius who was now being considered the best. He decided he needed to meet this young prodigy and find out if he was really as good as they said.

That's when he got the idea to challenge the last person who fought against Amon: Elijah. It was said that although Elijah had lost, he was still able to pose some challenge, despite not hurting Amon. Therefore, to show that he was even better, Victor Nunes decided to look for Elijah.


In the laboratory.

"Summarize everything you have understood so far," Teacher Kaia requested.

Amon said, "Well, at first I thought the method was a bit simplistic, but as I read more, I realized that it is very complex and rich in detail. Creating the elementary mental rune requires a great deal of knowledge about the mind and its connection with the energy of the universe. I understood that it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the elements that make up the rune, as well as the ability to visualize and manipulate mental energy to create a physical representation of the rune in our mental space."

Amon continued, "I also realized that creating the elementary mental rune is not an easy process. It requires time, patience, and practice to master completely. It is a process that requires a large amount of mental energy and a deep connection with genetics. Additionally, I also learned that the created rune can be used for a variety of purposes, from healing to manipulating elements of nature."

Amon then continued, "In summary, the book taught me that creating the elementary mental rune is both an art and a science. It requires a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and intuition to create a powerful and effective rune."

"You are correct, Amon. Creating the elementary mental rune is indeed an art and a science, and you have captured the essence of that by reading the book," Kaia said with a satisfied smile.

She then stood up and walked to the center of the room.

"I will show you an example of how the rune can be used for healing," she said, focusing on her breathing.

She closed her eyes and began to visualize the image of a rune in her mind.

Amon watched attentively as Kaia concentrated on her meditation. He could feel the energy around her increasing as she continued her visualization. Finally, Kaia opened her eyes and pointed to a withered flower in a nearby vase.

"Watch," said Kaia as she raised her hand and touched the flower with her fingertip. "Now, pay attention to the flower."

Amon looked at the withered flower and was surprised to see it starting to revive. The petals that were once wilted were slowly opening, and the flower began to rise toward the sunlight.

"That's amazing!" exclaimed Amon, looking at Kaia with admiration. "You really have a deep understanding of mental energies and their healing abilities."

Kaia smiled. "Now you understand the importance of creating the elemental mental rune, Amon. It's a powerful tool that can be used for healing, manipulating genetic energy, and much more. And now, it's time for us to start practicing."

Teacher Kaia tested Amon and discovered that he had a lot of familiarity with music, so she suggested he create something related to music, particularly a musical note. Amon, upon hearing this, responded and did as she suggested.

Amon, taking Teacher Kaia's suggestion to heart, began to think about how he could create an elemental mental rune that represented a musical note. He closed his eyes and started to focus on his breathing, trying to connect with genetic energy. He began to visualize a musical note in his mind, trying to capture the essence of the sound and transform it into mental energy. Then he started to manipulate the energy, shaping it into a physical representation of the musical note in his mental space.

Amon worked for hours on creating the elemental mental rune for the musical note, adjusting and refining it until he was satisfied with the result. He then showed his creation to Teacher Kaia, who smiled upon seeing the rune.

"That's amazing, Amon," she said to him, "You managed to capture the essence of music in an elemental mental rune. I'm impressed with your skill and intuition."

Amon was happy with Teacher Kaia's praise and knew he had found a new passion in creating elemental mental runes. He was excited - though his expression didn't show it much - to continue practicing and discover what else he could create with his newfound knowledge.


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