Amon arranged to meet Maisa, Julia, Barbara, and Ariel at a café in the university center. When he arrived, he was impressed by the beauty of his three girlfriends.

Maisa was wearing a black blouse and a pink skirt with a pair of high boots. Her blue hair was loose and cascaded down her shoulders. Julia was wearing a tight red dress that highlighted her curves, and her dark blue hair was tied in a high ponytail. Barbara was wearing a white blouse, jean shorts, and sandals, and her red hair was loose and slightly curly. Ariel, meanwhile, wore a black top and ripped jeans, with a short boot, and her blond hair was tied in two braids.

"Love your outfits today," said Amon, looking at each of them.

"Oh, thank you Amon!" said Julia, excitedly. "I knew you would like this dress."

"I feel so good in this skirt," said Ariel, spinning to show the aqua-green piece she was wearing.

"I'm glad you like it, Amon," said Barbara, smiling. "I was unsure if the choice was right."

They continued chatting, animatedly talking about college and plans for the future. Amon couldn't help but feel grateful to have these four girls in his life. Each one of them was unique and special in their own way, and he felt lucky to have them as girlfriends and friends.

Suddenly, Ariel cracked a joke that left the other girls slightly embarrassed. Amon noticed but remained calm and tried to change the subject.

"So, girls, what do you think of going to the park this afternoon? The weather is so pleasant outside," suggested Amon.

"I would love to!" said Maisa, excitedly.

"Great idea, Amon!" agreed Julia.

Barbara and Ariel also agreed, and so their group said goodbye to the café and headed towards the park. During the walk, Amon couldn't help but smile as he watched his girlfriends having fun and enjoying their time together.

As they walked through the park, the girls began to tell some funny stories about their experiences in college. Ariel, as always, was eager to liven things up and made some provocative jokes that made the other girls laugh and blush slightly.

Amon couldn't help but smile as he saw them so happy and comfortable together. He knew that, despite the somewhat daring jokes, his girlfriends respected and loved each other deeply.

After a while, they found a quiet area of the park and sat on a bench in the shade of the trees. Maisa rested her head on Amon's shoulder, while the other girls continued to talk and play amongst themselves.

At one point, Julia approached Amon and whispered in his ear, "I'm happy that we're all together like this, but I can't wait to have a more intimate moment alone."

Amon smiled and whispered back, "Me too, Julia. But for now, let's enjoy each other's company here in the park."

Meanwhile, Barbara and Ariel were talking about some adventures they had had together in the past, laughing loudly and having fun. Ariel, with a mischievous smile on her face, suggested they try the roller coaster, and they all agreed excitedly.

The girls headed eagerly towards the roller coaster, excited about the prospect of adrenaline and excitement. Ariel was particularly excited, as she loved the feeling of speed and height. She sat next to Amon in the line, chatting animatedly with him as they waited their turn.

When the time came, they boarded the roller coaster and started climbing the first steep hill. Ariel let out an excited scream as they reached the top, but then suddenly something went wrong! The safety bar didn't close properly, and Ariel was thrown out of her seat.

Maisa screamed in panic as Ariel disappeared from sight. But then they saw her floating in the air, her silver-white hair flying in the wind as she used her psychic powers to hold herself up. She floated safely to the ground, where she was immediately surrounded by her worried friends.

"Are you okay, Ariel?" Barbara asked, concerned.

Ariel, still trembling from the shock, nodded. "Yes, I'm fine. It was scary, but I managed to use my powers to protect myself."

The other girls surrounded Ariel, showing their concern and care. Amon silently showed his gratitude that she was able to save herself, feeling a strong sense of admiration for her.

After checking that Ariel was really okay, the group decided to end the day with a quiet stroll in the park. As they walked together, the girls talked about how much they valued the time they spent together and how much they loved each other. Amon felt deeply grateful to have these four wonderful women in his life and knew he would never let them go.


Later, Amon, who was already in his dormitory apartment, heard someone knocking on the door. Upon opening it, he saw Barbara.

"Barbara, what a pleasant surprise," Amon said as he saw the girl at the door. He was impressed with her appearance that night; she looked especially beautiful.

"You look amazing tonight," he said, complimenting her in a sincere tone.

Barbara blushed lightly and smiled, feeling delighted by Amon's words. She was dressed in an outfit that made her feel good about herself and thought he might like it. "Thank you. You look great too," she replied, smiling. "Can I come in?"

The two had an intimate conversation and Barbara asked if he wouldn't invite her in. Amon let her in. They sat on the couch and talked for a while, sharing thoughts and emotions.

Barbara, in turn, was clearly interested in Amon and approached him, looking into his eyes.

"You know I like you, Amon," she said softly.

Amon felt drawn to her and felt his heart beating faster. He couldn't deny that he also had feelings for Barbara. "I like you too, Barbara," he said, caressing her face.

Barbara smiled and approached him, kissing him passionately. Amon responded to the kiss, and in no time, they were kissing ardently.

Barbara spoke amidst the kiss. "I want to sleep with you, Amon."

Amon stepped back a little, looking at her. "Of course, you can, Barbara."

Barbara smiled and approached him again, kissing him with more intensity. They continued kissing, but suddenly, they heard a knock on the door.

Amon quickly pulled away from Barbara, looking at the door. "Wait here. I'll see who it is," he said before getting up and walking towards the door.

Amon opened it and saw that it was Julia. She seemed surprised and a little upset to see him with Barbara, but quickly disguised her feelings.