"Amon, I came to spend the night!" Decisively, Julia declared her intentions, assuming a dignified expression, hopefully leaving no room for Amon to refuse.

"Okay." However, contrary to what she imagined, Amon easily accepted.

Since Amon had started dating four girls and they accepted, there was no problem in his mind in sharing the bed between the four of them, especially since his bed was quite large. There was no logical reason for him to refuse her request.

"I think that's good, hehe~" Julia's mood quickly changed. She looked at Barbara who was sitting on the couch and gave her a subtle glance.

Although Barbara felt a little sad seeing how Julia was behaving, she ended up laughing discreetly. She knew she couldn't always monopolize Amon, since she was merely one of his girlfriends. The two had known each other for a long time and had even shared a medicinal bath, so there was no problem sharing a bed. Barbara had not come with any ulterior motive; she just wanted to be close to Amon.

After Julia entered, Amon closed the door and the three of them sat on the living room couch while a TV program was on. Julia was on Amon's left side and Barbara was on his right.

During the program, the three of them talked about various topics, from trivial daily things to the activities they were doing at university. Amon paid attention to both of the girls, asking each of them questions from time to time and laughing at the jokes they told. It was as if he had no worries in the world at that moment.

Meanwhile, Julia and Barbara felt comfortable beside him. They knew that even if they shared Amon's time, he still loved them the same way and was willing to take care of them.

After a while, the TV program ended and Amon invited the two of them to go to sleep. So the three of them went to Amon's bedroom and the two girls changed into more comfortable clothes. Amon also put on comfortable clothes and lay down on the bed.

Julia snuggled up beside Amon, while Barbara lay on the other side of the bed. Amon hugged Julia and put an arm over Barbara, making them feel comforted and secure.

"Good night, girls," Amon said, kissing each of their foreheads.

"Good night, love," Julia replied, smiling.

"Good night, Amon," Barbara said, returning the smile.

The three of them fell asleep in an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

They were about to face many difficulties together, so it was good that they became even closer, especially when their lives would be at risk in the future battles they would face.


The next morning, Amon woke up early and carefully got up so as not to wake Julia and Barbara, who were still sleeping next to him. He took a quick shower and dressed up to go to class.

Amon left the room and went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee while he waited for them to wake up. Sometime later, Julia and Barbara woke up and joined him in the kitchen, still groggy.

"Good morning, girls!" Amon greeted them with a small smile on his face.

"Good morning, Amon," Julia replied, yawning.

"Good morning~" Barbara said, rubbing her eyes.

The two girls were a bit lost as they stared at Amon wearing an apron.

Amon was a tall and slender young man with an athletic and well-groomed appearance. He had short, black hair that framed his angular face, contrasting his honey-colored eyes. His face was sculpted by well-defined features, such as a strong chin and a defined jawline. He had clear and smooth skin, with few visible imperfections. Overall, Amon had an attractive and confident appearance that drew people's attention to him. Seeing him in the apron was quite the contrast, although not an unpleasant one.

Once the two of them sat down at the table, Amon turned his attention back to what he was doing in the kitchen.

Amon was wearing a short-sleeved black t-shirt and dark jeans. Over them, he was wearing the white apron that was a bit dirty due to the activities he was doing in the kitchen. His short black hair was a bit messy, and he wore a pair of white sneakers. His honey-colored eyes were focused on the task he was executing at the moment.

Amon started to cook a delicious meal for everyone. He used some herbs and spices he found in the forest to flavor the meat and cut fresh vegetables to make a salad.

While he was cooking, he also prepared some tea for them to drink. When the food was ready, he put everything on plates and served them to Julia and Barbara.

They praised the food, saying they had never eaten anything so delicious. While they ate, they talked and laughed together.

Amon remained calm most of the time, but occasionally he also laughed a bit, especially when the two girls told funny stories about the things that happened to them in their childhood.


When Julia and Barbara went out with Amon, it caused a sensation, especially when they left the men's dormitory together.

Julia was a tall and slender young woman, with a graceful and elegant appearance. She had long, silky, dark blue hair that fell in perfect curls to her waist. Her eyes were large, with a bright purple color, and were often described as captivating and mesmerizing. Her face was marked by well-defined features, such as a thin nose and full lips. She had clear and smooth skin, without any imperfections. Overall, Julia had a very beautiful and attractive appearance that drew people's attention to her.

Julia usually wore stylish and well-fitting clothes that enhanced her slender figure. She prefered shades of blue and purple that complemented her appearance and eye color. She was a confident and charismatic young woman, and this was reflected in her appearance and the way she presented herself to the world.

On the other hand, Barbara was a tall and slender young woman, with an elegant and captivating appearance. She had bright red hair that was long and cascaded down her back. Her eyes were a bright light green, with a shine that reflected her strong and confident personality. Her face was marked by soft and delicate features, with pink lips and a small, upturned nose. She had clear and smooth skin, without any imperfections.

Barbara was a stylish and charming person, with a firm and confident posture. She usually wore elegant and well-tailored clothes that enhanced her slender figure. She had a striking presence and was capable of attracting people's attention without much effort.

Being next to Julia and Barbara, Amon represented a powerful and admirable individual, capable of drawing people's attention around him. His presence was striking and conveyed an air of confidence and security. People tended to feel impressed and intrigued when they saw Amon, especially now with the two young women, one on each side, considering that they were heralded as the most talented in the university in their respective genetic fields.

Some people might have felt envious or even a little resentful towards Amon because of his great genetic power and the company of two such talented young women. However, others felt inspired and motivated to strive even harder to achieve a similar level of success and prestige.

Overall, Amon's presence next to Julia and Barbara caused feelings of admiration and fascination among the people around them.