The Giteron Dynasty

"How's the Earth take over plan? How long do you need to take the whole world?" Augusto Thamsen put the fork with meat into his mouth.

"Why such a hurry, father? Isn't it better for them to fight out before we start our move? From my informant, the Tang Empire is not a faction that could be taken down that easily even with the reinforcements from the federation and also the church. They have millions of forces, much more compared to the other factions on Earth," Reinar Thamsen picked up the bread, tearing them into a few pieces before stuffing them into his mouth.

Augusto Thamsen furrowed his brow, "How is that possible for a faction to grow so fast?" He heard that Earth was not even two years old after the System integration.

"I don't know, but we will know once we take over the Tang Empire, no? I have sent my people to quicken the progress a little bit. The Tang Empire will lose the first big battle to balance the war a little bit. Then the federation and the church will start moving to the Tang Empire's main territory where the real battle is. I think it explains why the System put Earth into our Dimensional Tower. The System thinks that the Tang Empire is equal to us which is absurd."

"System is about fairness, meaning the System thinks that the Tang Empire is as strong as us if the God Rank does not get involved, meaning they have someone that can rival the Demi-God Rank. You have to be more cautious," Augusto Thamsen reminded his son not to be careless.

"Nah," Reinar Thamsen waved his hand at his father, "I have people inside the Tang Empire, a former high-ranking member, and he told me there's no Demi-God Rank in the Tang Empire. It's hard to believe, but the strongest people in the Tang Empire is their dead emperor. There are a few Legend Ranks, but no Demi-God Rank."

"He is just Ancient Rank, how could it be possible that he is stronger than the Legend Rank?" Augusto Thamsen got even more confused the more heard about the Tang Empire. That just did not make sense.

Reinar Thamsen shrugged, "I don't know, but I do trust my people. He is also a Legend Rank, but he left the Tang Empire after his wife was taken by that stupid emperor. He is stupid enough to throw away a Legend Rank subordinate." He was talking about the Former Elven King, Revalor. Revalor snuck into the Dimensional Tower two weeks ago and met with Reinar Thamsen. They made a promise that Arbane would be the Elven King, and a territory for the Elven Kingdom as well. With that promise, Revalor would help Reinar Thamsen to take over the Tang Empire and also took all The Emperor's wives. That was the promise between them, the reason why Revalor agreed to take action against the Tang Empire was because he acquired support from a strong faction such as the Giteron Dynasty.

*** ***

"Virion!" Aleesa was shocked that Arbane killed Virion. Not just Aleesa and Jasmine, all elves witness how their King was murdered by his brother. Never crossed everyone's mind that Arbane would kill Virion. That was the last thing they could expect from Revalor and Arbane's return. Especially knowing the good relationship between the brothers they showed in front of everyone.

Aleesa was about to come over, but Revalor blocked her. Jasmine and Aleesa took a few steps back from Revalor. Without a doubt, Revalor was stronger than them.

"Listen to me, my people! Virion's reign is over with his death, and your new king is my second son, Arbane! He will lead the Elven Kingdom from slavery, and we are no longer the Tang Empire's lackeys! We will stand on our own and take over the Tang Empire! This is our chance, the only chance! Follow me or die here!" Revalor's voice reverberated through the air. He made sure all elves heard his declaration.

"Nock your arrows! Set your aim to the Ortis Legion!" The green-haired elf pointed toward the army below the wall.

To Revalor's surprise, no one listened to him, not even one elf followed his command. The elven armies nocked their arrows, but they aimed at Revalor and Arbane. He relied on his past influence as the former king to take over the Elven Kingdom back, but that did not work as he thought it would.

"Fool! Are you going to be the human's lackey for the rest of your life? Fight for the human and let the human take over you? This is your only chance to break free from that chain!"

"You are really blinded by vengeance, Revalor. You no longer have the dignity you had once in the past. You are just a fallen elf with no honor. No one will listen to you who killed your own son and tried to take the Elven Kingdom," Aleesa was not worried that the elf army would listen to Revalor, not after he killed Virion.

"Honor!? Are you talking about honor with me, Aleesa? Do you think your emperor has honor in him?" Revalor turned toward Aleesa and raised his voice, "HE TOOK MY WIFE! HE RUINED MY FAMILY! DO YOU THINK HE HAS HONOR!?"

"It's a regrettable tragedy. Nothing justifies his past action, but you are the one who ruined your family by doing all of this! You killed your eldest son, and you know that you are the person he admires the most. He trusted you, and you answered his trust and admiration by killing him! Have you thought about how Alissa will see you now after you killed Virion? Fear! From now on, she will see you in fear for what you have done!"

Revalor let out a chuckle, "Do I care? I don't! I will ruin his life just like he ruined my life. I will let him see his wives f*cked by people! I want to see his expression," The green-haired elf's expression turned crazed, grinning ear to ear as he imagined what he just said, "And you will be included for that, Aleesa."

"You have lost your mind! You have gone insane, Revalor," Aleesa shook her head.

"I don't want to hear that from your mouth, Aleesa!" Revalor's figure blurred and appeared right in front of Aleesa. He smashed his arm toward Aleesa. The latter was caught off guard, but she managed to raise her hand to block the Revalor's hand.

The impact still hit her, sending him flying off the wall into the ground. The booming sound resounded as Aleesa crashed to the ground. It was not an attack with killing intent; Aleesa did not suffer any injury from the simple strike. The elf archers released their arrows at Revalor and Arbane after the first strike, raining them down with the arrows.

"FOOL! You all don't deserve to stay in the future of the Elven Kingdom!" Revalor was angry that the elves shot at him. The wind swirled around him, forming a bigger wind, reflecting all the arrows. At the same time, the wall started to crack as roots came out from the wall. The root moved toward Revalor and Arbane.

"Useless!" The wind blade cut the root before they got to Revalor. Arbane also sliced through the incoming root with his swords. One of the roots caught Virion's body, "Leave the wall!" Jasmine told the elf army to leave the wall. The wall could not withstand her roots. From dozens of roots, it turned into hundreds of roots, accelerating toward the father and son.

The wall broke apart as Revalor and Arbane lost their footing. It did not take long as the wind carried them floating in the air. The whole army had their weapons pointed at him, including his own race. He observed everyone from the air, and he realized his plan failed. The plan was to use his past influence to take over the Elven Kingdom's army, nominating Arbane as the new king. However, his eldest son was doing good in his role as the King. The Elven Kingdom's army did not fight for the Tang Empire, but they fought for their dead king, to avenge Virion.

"It's time for us to leave for plan b," Revalor muttered, but then he noticed something glowing at the bottom.

Aleesa fully drew her bow while her arrow was glowing green. She released the arrows, then shot another one. She used two skills, Power Shot, and Rapid Fire, empowering five arrows with Power Shot. The green lights shot through the air and reached Revalor.

"Basic skill will not be able to penetrate my wind shield," Revalor scoffed at Aleesa's pathetic attempt to hurt him. The five arrows exploded once they hit the wind shield. The five arrows could not reach the intended target, but they exploded into a green mist that quickly mixed into the wind and entered the wind shield. That was just too fast, and Revalor inhaled the green mist without knowing what it was. His mind blanked in the first inhale, and he almost fell off from the air. Arbane also inhaled the green mist, and he immediately passed out.

Revalor realized the green mist was poison, and he immediately held his breath. He did not know what kind of poison it was, but the poison was so strong that it affected a Legend Rank like him. The poison made his body and the urge to sleep became stronger and stronger. 'I must leave before the poison takes me out!' That was the first thought. He tried to move with his wind while protecting them from the arrows.

"Stop your shoot! He can never leave with me here," Revalor heard the voice from above. He looked up and immediately realized that he was fucked up.

Kalliyan, The Kirin, was right above him. The dragon's descendant beast looked down at him with jade eyes, the third Legend Rank of the Tang Empire was here, and Kalliyan was the reinforcement Lu An mentioned in the message.