Herman Bonivido watched the Giteron Dynasty's people swarm into the teleportation portal. He wanted to be here, watching them leave to ensure nothing bad happened during the move. He did not know why but he felt nervous, watching these people leaving. Unfortunately, lady luck was not on his side. After a few thousand troops entered the portal, the teleportation portal suddenly went unstable. Chaos and panic ensued among the soldiers, and many tried to pass through the portal even though it was unstable. From unstable, then the teleportation portal was shut off which resulted in many soldiers being cut in half. The lower part was left behind while the upper part was on the other side.

Herman Bonivido's heart jumped up, nervous and anxious. There was nothing scarier than the leaderless army. His mind spun, thinking of how to calm these people down. The leader they were supposed to protect was trapped on the other side. He needed to do something to control the chaos, or else these angry mobs would turn against him, the last thing he wanted. He turned around, leaving the room, rushing down the building as Frans followed him.

As he reached the lobby, a group of five soldiers from the Giteron Dynasty were confronting his people, asking his whereabouts. Herman did not hesitate to jump in before the situation got worse, "What happened?" He wanted to know what happened with the portal.

"There's no time to explain it to you. We need to get to Lord Reinar. He might be in danger. Find a way to get there!" The person who spoke was one of the Legend Ranks. Someone above Herman in terms of individual strength.

"There? Where?" Herman was bewildered, "They are on another continent from here. We need a ship to get there, and it will take one or maybe two weeks, I don't know. I never take a ship to that place, and we also don't know where the portal is connected to."

"I don't care about the method. You have to get us there, or you will take responsibility for whatever happened to Lord Reinar!" That did not sound persuasive at all, an obvious threat as the soldier did not bother to mask the three. It was either get them 'there' or face our wrath. That was what the Legend Rank told Herman.

The worst happened, and now Herman had to find a way to get Reinar back or get the soldiers to Reinar. He calmed himself down, cursing his bad luck inwardly, "May I know the situation, Sir? Is there a way to restore the portal? The Smart Base has a General Shop, and maybe we can get something from the shop to make the teleportation portal work again."

"I don't know if there's a way to restore the portal. The issue is not the teleportation portal here, but the portal on the other side. If I am right, the portal on the other side is destroyed. The only way to make the teleportation portal work again is to repair the portal on the other side, not this one," The Legend Rank General explained.

Herman Bonivido massaged the space between his eyes. The worst really happened, and The First Order Guild might be blamed for whatever happened to Reinar Thamsen. He must find a way to save Reinar Thamsen, and the culprit was likely the Tang Empire, "We can talk to the Tang Empire and ask to return Sir Reinar if the Tang Empire has him. We can head to the tower city to meet them. That's right, we can still meet them there."

"We will not talk! We will demand for Lord Reinar to be returned or they will face the Giteron Dynasty's wrath!" The Legend Ranks General sounded forceful. There was no room for negotiation, they wanted Reinar to be returned which left Herman speechless, "No, we will take Lord Reinar for them! They must have a teleportation portal, right? We can use the teleportation portal to get Lord Reinar back."

"I am sorry, Sir. But the tower city is protected by the System. If you try to fight there, you will be blacklisted from entering the city for one month for the first offense. We can't fight them there even if we want to, Sir. The only way to get Lord Reinar is to talk with them, and we might be able to ransom Lord Reinar if they captured Lord Reinar," Herman tried his best to explain the situation. He believed that aggression might not be the right choice in their situation right now. If the Tang Empire wanted to meet them was already the best scenario, but if they used aggression, the one who might suffer was Reinar Thamsen.

*** ***

"Urgh!" Reinar Thamsen opened his eyes, spitting the ice-cold water that entered his mouth, coughing. He was disoriented and confused, his vision was still blurred as the ice-cold water got into his eyes. As his clouded mind cleared, he found out he was in the cell, hanging on the cold wall with his hands chained to the wall.

Then he remembered what happened to him. Death flashed before his eyes when he saw his own skill in front of his face. He thought he would die, but he passed out because he was too scared back then. That was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment in his life. He did not know he would be that scared of death, not until the death itself came before him.

His vision cleared and found out he was in the cell. The steel bar caged him, and he saw someone standing before him. He recognized the person, the young man who gave the church and the federation a hard time. He lurked in the shadows and ambushed people, killing many people. One of the most dangerous types that many people did not want to encounter.

"You better release me unless you want to receive the Giteron Dynasty's wrath!"

The threat was responded to with laughter by the young man which made him angry, "I guess that's your type, a coward who acts superior because of your status. You are the easiest to crack."

"I won't repeat it again. Release me and also give me Revalor," Reinar repeated, even adding a condition.

Lu An just shook his head. He was holding a plier in his hand, squatting in front of Reinar. He held the sole and used the plier to remove the toenail. The piercing scream rang in the dungeon, echoing through the hallway, "As I thought, easy to crack." He then took out a bottle. Inside the bottle was a clear liquid, just like drinking water. He opened the bottle and poured a little bit onto the missing toenail. The liquid was thicker than water, but not much. The liquid seeped into the wound.

"Urrrgggghhhhh!" Reinar Thamsen's muscles tensed up, grunting in pain. The chain made clunking noise as he endured the pain.

"Let's make it easy, shall we? You don't need to suffer like this if you cooperate," Lu An looked up, smiling while waving the plier at Reinar, "Why are you attacking the Tang Empire? Just to be clear, if you cooperate, then there will be no pain."

Reinar Thamsen gritted his teeth, refusing to answer. He just stared at Lu An with hatred, he imprinted the young man's face. He would not forget what happened today and would pay the young man back ten times.

"Time is up," Lu An went for the next toenail. He plucked toenails this time and poured the same liquid. Reinar's scream echoed once through the dark tunnel, echoing back. Tears started to gather in his eyes. However, the young noble still refused to speak. Even until all ten toenails were removed, the young noble kept his mouth shut, not spilling a single word.

Lu An stood and still smiled, "Quite tough, heh?" Then his left hand reached Reinar's cheek, forcefully opening Reinar's mouth. He moved the plier to the front teeth at the bottom row, "Do you wish to speak? Blink your eyes two times if you want to speak." The plier was right on Reinar's teeth.

Reinar's eyes turned bloodshot with the tears flowing down from the pain. His chest heaved up and down as his body tensed up. However, he kept his eyes open, staring at Lu An.

Lu An shook his head and snapped the flier down, snapping two teeth. Blood spurted out from the gum as Reinar let out a scream. He even choked because of the blood inside his mouth. Lu An held the cheek firmly, putting the plier to the front teeth at the top, "Now do you want to speak? Blink your eyes twice if you want to speak."

Reinar breathed heavily from his nostril, and stared dagger at Lu An with his eyes opened wide.

Lu An just shrugged and snapped the flier upward, snapping two more teeth. The chain clunked against the wall as his body shook in pain. He tried to break free from Lu An's grasp, but it was futile because his strength was drained. More tears flowed from his eyes as his mouth was throbbing. He tasted his own blood, entering his system. Some of the blood got into Lu An's clothes, but he did not bother to clean them as he put the plier on more teeth.

"Iwillspeak…" Reinar made an unintelligible voice, but it was hard to understand with blood gathered in his mouth and his mouth was kept open.

"Calm down. You don't need to speak. Blink your eyes twice if you are willing to cooperate now." Reinar blinked his eyes twice as fast as he could.

"What a pity. I expect you to last longer so I can play a little bit more," Lu An shrugged, releasing his grip on Reinar's cheek, "I will give you a healing potion after you answer all the questions. Make sure to answer everything fast."

"Resources! Earth has a lot of resources because your world just integrated into the System recently. Herman told me that your world is still in the second phase and that the Ancient Rank Dimensional Tower is the first dimensional tower. There are many unexplored resources on Earth, and The Giteron Dynasty wants those resources. Earth has greater value than the Ancient Rank Dimensional Tower, that's why the God Ranks of the Federation of Allurion and the Divine Church are willing to get involved!" Reinar did not hesitate to give the answer, "Now give me the healing potion."

"That's just the first question," Lu An shrugged, "Then why do you want to take the Tang Empire? You have the First Order Guild already. You still can get those resources without getting involved with us? Why are you so obsessed with the Tang Empire!? Don't lie to me, or you will feel more pain than what you feel right now. I can do more than just plucking your toenails and teeth."