Lu An returned to report the information he got from Reinar Thamsen. Of course, there were more than the resources that the Giteron Dynasty wanted from the Tang Empire.

"He has a weird fetish, saying he likes the feelings from conquering the empire and the—" Lu An paused, glancing at Zhang Mengyao, Rosalie, Aleesa, Kang Xue, and the other women in the room. He was not sure if he should say everything in front of the others because Marshal Alton, Chief Moon, Wei Xi, and the other high-ranking officials were with them.

"Say it!" Receiving the command, Lu An continued, "He said he loved to conquer the strong women, so not just the empire but also the women in charge. More than that, The Giteron Dynasty wanted to force us to submit to them to get more force under their command. He said that it would raise the Thamsen Family's status in the Giteron Dynasty if they managed to conquer the world and the people."

'That sealed Reinar's fate,' That was what everyone thought when they heard that. There was no turning point after that confession.

"What about the resources? What resources he talked about that we don't know?" Zhang Mengyao continued as if she heard nothing.

"Two remaining dimensional towers are one of those many resources, the smart base, the unique classes. And remember, we are still in the second phase of the game. There's a phase three for the Game, and he said there would be a dungeon form in the third phase. A dungeon is a subspace infested with monsters and beasts, and we have to clear the dungeon in a certain amount of time. There's a reward in that dungeon, but there's also risk. If we don't clear in that certain time, then there will be a dungeon break where the monster inside the dungeon will break free."

"Ah, I wonder why Earth does not have a dungeon, that's why…" Marshal Alton finally understood why Earth did not have the dungeon. The people from the Ortis Continent would understand the dungeon because there were a few dungeons formed in the Ortis Continent, "I can confirm it's true for the dungeon. We have cleared many dungeons in the Ortis Continent."

"What is the dungeon's timer before it breaks out?" Zhang Mengyao took out her note. This was important information for the future. She started writing what Marshal Alton said next.

"Each dungeon is different. There are a few ranks for the dungeon, and the higher the rank for a dungeon, the faster the timer is. A higher rank dungeon is also a home for the dangerous beast and monsters. Gigante Forest in the Ortis Continent is proof of the dungeon break. Kalliyan and Suvan are from the dungeon," Marshal Alton remembered the reason why the Gigante Forest had become so dangerous. It was because of the dungeon break that the forest was infested with a variety of strong monsters that forced the Elven Kingdom to hide their dwelling with illusion spells, the reason why the dwarf built the underground city.

Kalliyan was a Kirin, and Suvan was a Great Sky Serpent. Both came out from the dungeon and became the guardian beast of the Gigante Forest. That was the only reason why two strong and rare beasts stayed at the corner continent such as Ortis Continent, the dungeon.

"Are there more resources he talks about aside from the dungeon?" Zhang Mengyao asked again after taking notes.

"There's a thing called World Clash where the System allows a war between two worlds under System's regulation. The winner will take over the world, and the System will also take the natives out of their world. He added that's rare to happen because the risk is too great, so it's very rare to happen. The System will also add a special event between factions with a rare reward if Earth has more than ten factions, and the event is random as well. It can be a contest for a blacksmith, or alchemist, or even something similar to Earth Tournament. It will be different for each event."

"There are more events. There's a Universe Tournament, similar to Earth Tournament, but the scale is just bigger. Of course, the reward is also far superior to the Earth Tournament. The last addition for the third phase is our world will undergo a transformation. The transformation will be varied, the Earth might become bigger, or the System will transfer new races or species to Earth, or it can be both. Or maybe a different unknown transformation, but the common transformation are those two. Meaning the System will generate more resources for Earth."

Zhang Mengyao turned toward Moonsong and Marshal Alton, in case these two knew something about the transformation. Moonsong and Marshal Alton's world had entered the third phase which was the last phase. She hoped they knew something about this transformation. The scale transformation was too big to be ignored, and she needed to make preparations. More resources would also mean the danger had increased to another level. She must always prepare for the hidden danger.

Moonsong and Alton exchanged glances. Both shook their heads, if the transformation happened during their time, they could not feel it for sure.

"Is there anything more that we need to know, Lu An? If not, we will end the meeting now," Zhang Mengyao was overwhelmed with the new information. She did not know when the third phase would begin, but she must make preparations ahead. She needed to digest the new information before making a plan. Of course, there was also a threat looming over them.

In order to make a trap, Zhang Mengyao decided to abandon the plan to take Belgium and Netherlands, making a hasty retreat after distributing all the Unique Classes. That was why they could only set up the trap when the sun started to rise.

"I don't know if this information is useful for us, but he also mentioned that our world is not supposed to compete with their worlds in the Dimensional Tower. We are supposed to compete with another lower world that is still in the second phase or maybe in the early third phase," Lu An added, "The reason is most likely because we have grown too strong compared to the other factions in our world. That was why the System pitted us against an advanced world like theirs. Reinar said that the Tang Empire is far stronger than the First Order Guild. We have millions of armies while the First Order Guild barely gathered one hundred thousand people that could fight. Our abnormal growth made us compete with them, but that was just a guess from the Giteron Dynasty."

That was not helpful for their current situation, but it was good to know. It was not like she would cull their numbers to weaken themselves

"Does he know when the third phase will start? Any indication so we can be prepared for what will come for us? The World Clash might be rare to happen because of the risk, but we don't know what will happen. We need to be prepared for the worst, always," That was an important piece of information. If they knew when it would come, they could prepare better.

"When one of Earth's natives reaches God Rank. That's when the third phase begins."

"I see, we have a lot more time for the third phase," Zhang Mengyao nodded, "Thanks for your work, Chief Lu An. Our focus should be the preparation for the God Rank's invasion, and we have twenty-nine days if they are telling the truth. Let's end the meeting for today."

Everyone stood up from their chairs and started leaving the room, leaving Zhang Mengyao, Kang Xue, Rosalie, and Li Shuang, "Do you have any news from him?" Li Shuang asked in a worried tone.

Zhang Mengyao shook her head, "I still can't send a message. That means he's still on trial."

"There's no need to worry about him. A trial is just another chance for him to increase his level. The trial poses no threat to him," Rosalie tried to comfort the worried Li Shuang. At a time like this, they needed to support each other to keep them strong.

"What we need to worry about is that he will return in time before the God Ranks invade Earth," Jasmine nodded, "But I believe he will return before Ava gives birth to his firstborn. That might motivate him to return faster."

Kang Xue furrowed, concerned about Ava, "What about Virion? Should we keep it until she gives birth?" That was another thing they worried about the most. It was just wrong to keep it secret from Ava because Virion was her eldest son. The most concerned issue was not that they were afraid that Ava would collapse after learning of Virion's death, but the worst was that her ex-husband plotted it, and her second killed her first son. That was the biggest problem, and maybe that was what Revalor tried to achieve by killing Virion. He wanted Ava to suffer instead of having a happy life with Tang Shaoyang.

Zhang Mengyao drooped her shoulder, massaging the space between her eyes. If Ava collapses, that might cause a serious issue for the baby inside her belly. Before they could reach a decision, Lu An returned to the room. This time, he learned his lesson to go through the door instead of coming out of the shadow, "I have a message from my people at the tower city. The First Order Guild requests a meeting with your Sis Mengyao."

"Again? Ah, he wanted to talk about Reinar. His backing is with us, so of course, he wants to talk with me," Zhang Mengyao shook her head, "Let him wait. I will think about it if I want to meet him or not later."

Lu An did not leave the room immediately, "There's another thing, Sis Mengyao. I have reached level 3000 during the war, so I need to take half a month off from my duty to take the Trial of the Myth."