With the bloodline awakening and class from the smart base and also the Survival Game, The Lycanthrope and the Werewolf became one of the elite of the Tang Empire's force. With dozens of Ancient Rank and many Epic Ranks, the night creature debuted for the Tang Empire in tonight's battle. The scream of men suddenly filled the air, coming from all directions after the terrifying howl.

Following the scream, the same screech with earlier resounded once more. The screech caused the people to look up. The same gargantuan bird with three pairs of wings dove into the ground. The bird dove into the middle of the Giteron Dynasty's armies. Hundreds of Giteron Dynasty's armies were sent flying by the impact of the giant bird upon landing. It lowered its body as a person came down from the bird, Li Na.

That was right, the bird was one of Li Na's summons, Seraphic. As soon as she came down from her summon, she summoned two more. The ten-meter-tall white bear stood behind her with the crescent moon mark on its forehead. It let out a roar which sent a shock wave to the nearby Giteron Dynasty's armies, sending them flying further from Li Na. The second summon was three-headed hounds, lava trickled down from their mouth, burning the ground. The bear was Moon, Li Na's first summon, and the three-headed hound was Li Na's third summon. She named the third-headed hound Emo.

Moon lowered his stance, allowing Li Na to get on him. She got on the Moon, holding a bow and a quiver on her back. While her main class was a Summoner, her second class was Elven Ranger. It was a class she learned through hard work, being trained by the former elder of the Elven Kingdom, Aleesa. That was another way to learn a new class which Li Na discovered after months of strict training with Aleesa. Of course, the elf did not allow anyone to learn the class, only a few chosen ones, and the Tang Empire never imposed for the Elven Kingdom to teach the others. The Tang Empire let the Elven Kingdom decide if they wanted to teach the class to the others. If a Tarrior wanted to learn the class, he or she must earn the Elven Kingdom's approval.

Li Na motioned her hand forward, signaling Emo to start the rampage. The three-headed hound opened their three mouths and blasted out lava in three different directions. The soldiers tried to block the lava blast, but their barriers and shields were melted by the lava, burning them alive. After the lava blast, the three-headed hound's body burst out in fire as their bodies split into three and dashed to the crowd of the army. Another lava explosion engulfed the Giteron Dynasty's armies.

Seraphic flew off to the sky once more while Moon charged into a different crowd with Li Na on his back. He smacked the soldiers in his sight as he charged forward, leaving a trail of ice. Even his claw swipe produced the cold air, and Li Na shot her bow to the enemy further away. The temperature on Li Na's side slowly went down because of the ice while on the other side, the temperature slowly rose up because of Emo's lava. Meanwhile, with a flap of her wing, Seraphic sent a hurricane, sweeping the soldiers with her wind.

The battle got more chaotic as Pride, the Demonic Ape, the leader of the Fogged Ape Tribe, roared from the top of the building. The ten-meter Demonic Ape leaped from the top of the building, landing among the Giteron Dynasty's armies. Pride trampled seven soldiers, crushing seven people with his arm and feet. He released another roar while beating his chest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following their leader, more Fogged Ape jumped off the building, crushing the soldiers beneath them. Hundreds of giant apes trample the surprised soldiers. Pride, The Demonic Ape, was actually smaller than the actual Fogged Ape. The biggest Fogged Ape reached twenty meters in height. Their impact upon landing on the ground, caused the ground to shake like an earthquake.

As the Fogged Ape went on a rampage, the top building suddenly lightened up. The building was like a torch and the top of the building was on fire. Of course, the building was not on fire. The fire was from Fire Bombyx Mori, the giant fire moth, gathered above the building. It looked like the building was on fire, but it was not. The fire was from the Fire Bombyx Mori's abdomen, their abdomen was made of fire. The Fire Bombyx Mori spat out fire to the enemy's back line. Just like a canon, they bombarded The Giteron Dynasty's back line. The sky brightened because of the fire, and the fire exploded as it hit the ground.

The chaotic battle turned even more chaotic with the living canon. The Tarrior formed a line in front of the building, protecting the building from the Giteron Dynasty's army. Meanwhile, The Elven Kingdom archers sniped the enemies from the building while the Fire Bombyx Mori bombarded the enemy's back line while a few selective individuals went on a rampage in the middle of the Giteron Dynasty's armies.

Herman Bonivido, Frans, and Henry; the three people with the highest position in the First Order Guild, witnessed the battle from the top floor. Herman's chest heaved up and down as he breathed heavily. As if what occurred before him was not enough to shock him, he heard a roar from the sky. With the active fire cannon from the Fire Bombyx Mori, he could see clearly what was in the sky. He spotted another massive creature aside from the white bird, a Golden Dragon. The Dragon easily overshadowed the bird in size. His breathing became hurried at the sight of the golden dragon, and could not believe what he saw.

Herman was pretty sure the Golden Dragon was on The Tang Empire's side, not the Giteron Dynasty's side. He did not see that the Giteron Dynasty brought such a massive dragon. He finally understood why The Tang Empire could stand toe-in-toe against the Divine Church and The Federation of Allurion at the same time.

The Golden Dragon came down to a low altitude, sending his fire breath. The dragon fire melted the Giteron Dynasty's armies. Not just Herman who was stunned at the sight of the Dragon, but also the Giteron Dynasty's armies as well. No one expected that a dragon would appear in this battle. What surprised him even more was how the Tang Empire turned the one building into a destructive fortress.

Looking at how chaotic the battle was, he was glad to manage to persuade The Giteron Dynasty's armies to do the trade in this place. If a battle broke out in his territory, the city he just rebuilt would get destroyed again.

At the same time, Reinar Thamsen watched how his army was being dismantled. He was aware that the First Order Guild betrayed him. However, he did not expect the Tang Empire would overwhelm his army. He witnessed how helpless his army was as the Tang Empire's armies pushed his army further away from the building. More and more Tang Shaoyang's armies swarmed out of the building, beast slaughtered his people, and fire burned his army that his family had built for years.

Then the dark sky turned brighter as another source of light illuminated the area even more. He turned to the side, and he furrowed his brows because of the blinding light. It was as if a sun appeared, but it was actually two individuals on fire floating in the air. He could not see their features, but he could tell both were women. One had a pair of wings, and the other one was just a figure engulfed in fire.

'What now?' That was what was in his mind at the sight of the two figures. Slowly his jaw dropped as he witnessed what the two figures in fire were capable of. His eyes reflected a massive fireball, falling down to his army, not just one, but dozens of them. Each fireball was ten meters in diameter.

Reinar Thamsen turned his gaze at where the fireball would land, noticing his armies were forming an emergency barrier. However, he knew that the emergency defensive barrier was not enough to fend off the massive fireball. Especially when he noticed there was something different within the fire. He could tell it was not an ordinary fire that could be defended with the emergency barrier. If his army was prepared, they might be able to form a proper barrier against the fireball, but they were not prepared for this.