Chang Jie witnessed how strong The Emperor was with his own eyes, up close. The enemy tried to overwhelm him with numbers but they failed. The first was like an explosive shell, anyone who got hit by the fist exploded. Whether it was the head or the body, they exploded into pieces.

The order was in his head, stuck close to Tang Shaoyang. He snapped out of his shock and came closer to Tang Shaoyang. He had not fought a single soldier yet, holding the sword with his two hands, he watched The Emperor's back. Two figures fell in front of him, six meters from where he stood. The two soldiers immediately got back on their feet and locked their eyes with Chang Jie.

After joining the Expansion Team for the Tang Empire, he developed a habit of using Detection before he fought monsters or zombies. He did the same for the two soldiers in front of him. Both were unranked, but the level did not show up.

Chang Jie's grip on his sword tightened up as nervousness got into him. He wanted to ask Tang Shaoyang if he should fight the two soldiers at once. The question never came out of his mouth after looking at how many soldiers The Emperor had to deal with.

The two soldiers exchanged glances for a moment before they nodded, rushing toward Chang Jie at the same time. The young man was nervous, but he knew this was his time to show what he was capable of to The Emperor. He took a step forward and used his skill, Heavy Strike. That was one of the basic skills for the Warrior class.

The two soldiers put their shields forward to block Chang Jie's sword. The strike was not that fast for them not to react. However, they underestimated Chang Jie to think they could block the sword. The sword went through the shield as if the shield were jelly. The sword cut through the shield and their bodies, splitting the two soldiers' bodies into two.

Chang Jie was also surprised that he managed to cut through the shield. What he thought was to knock back the two soldiers and kill them one at a time. He did not expect to kill them in one strike. There were two factors he was not aware of. It was his new sword and also his bloodline. Those two were the main reason he killed the two soldiers even though they tried to block the sword. Before he could comprehend everything, two more soldiers fell not far from him. He finally understood that the two soldiers were for him.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang glanced at the back, and he was relieved that Chang Jie was ready for the battle against the people. He thought it would take some time for the young man to get used to killing people. But Chang Jie seemed not to be affected even though he had to kill a human.

Tang Shaoyang knocked two more soldiers past him for Chang Jie as soon as Chang Jie killed two more soldiers. Then he focused back on his Spirit Eyes, scanning the battlefield. He realized that the enemy had too many people. From the above point of view, it was like an ant nest.

'I need to pick up my pace, or else we will spend an entire day here,' He popped three heads closest to him, then he raised his right foot and stomped the ground. He did not use Earth Split, it was just a stomp imbued by Heavenly Energy to create a strong shock wave. The soldiers around him flew backward from the impact as Chang Jie also tumbled forward as the young man did not expect to be hit by the shock wave from behind.

Tang Shaoyang gathered Heavenly Energy in his right hand and sent a punch forward with Heavenly Crushing Strike. It was the same technique, but he sent Heavenly Energy in the form of first. The four-meter-wide golden first hit dozens of soldiers, crushing them with a single strike. He gathered more Heavenly Energy in both hands this time, sending five golden fists consecutively, killing hundreds of soldiers.

"What's the fun of bullying the weakling? Why don't you come to us instead?" As the dust settled on, four figures were revealed, standing ten meters away from Tang Shaoyang. The four men had dark blue armor on them. The one on the right had a halberd on his back, next to him was someone with a spear, and the other two had a sword and a shield.

Through the Dragon Eyes, he could see and sense how much energy these four people had. They were far stronger than the soldiers he killed, far my many. He used Detection on them and found out they were Legend Ranks, four of them.

Tang Shaoyang was a little bit surprised that four Legend Ranks came out this early. He thought it would take a while before the Legend Rank came at him. He at least needed to kill a tenth of the armies first, but four Legend Ranks came at him when his tally was just a little over a thousand soldiers.

Tang Shaoyang grinned as he was excited. He then summoned three Spirits, Zara the Angel of Death, Karoen the Void Knight, and Avyn the Last Kankara'Xeo, "You can have fun, but you three must babysit him. Give him enough opponent to struggle."

The three spirits thought he needed help in the fight against the four Legend Ranks, but that was not the case. Tang Shaoyang needed them to keep a watch on Chang Jie instead. He never planned to share his toy with the others, "I don't want to hear complaints! All Legend Ranks are mine, or I will recall you back. But you can have fun with the Primordial Rank if you find any!" He could tell that the three spirits would complain, so he warned them.

After giving the three spirits instruction, he then took out his new sword, Nightfall. That was the reward from the God Rank, Arion. He held the sheath with his left and his right was at the handle, lowering his posture a little bit. He did not waste any time having conversations with soon-dead men.

Fifth Heavenly Gate, Heavenly Sword - Heavenly Revoke.

As soon as he pulled out the sword, his figure blurred. As his figure blurred, the ground was cut through. That was too fast and the four Legend Ranks did not expect such a quick attack. The Legend Rank with a shield managed to raise their shields and barrier, and the one with the spear managed to use his spear to block the incoming attack. But the fourth was unlucky as he failed to reach.

The fourth Legend Rank's head flew into the air, high and far as the body fell on the knee and the blood sprayed all over before the body fell to the ground. The Legend Rank with spear blocked the sword in time, but his spear was not enough to block the sword. The shaft split into two as the sword cut through his chest. His chest was split open as blood gushed out. He was still alive, gasping for breath. He tried to take a healing potion, but his wrist was cut clean by Tang Shaoyang before he managed to drink the healing potion.

Tang Shaoyang swung the sword, a clean cut to the neck, ending the legend rank suffering. Heavenly Revoke, a draw sword technique in the Heavenly Sword. The surprise element and how quick the attack was, made the technique good to be used in the first attack. Four Legend Ranks were caught off guard; one was killed instantly, one failed to block the sword, and the last two barely escaped death as their barriers crumbled and their shields split into two.

Tang Shaoyang raised his sword, pointing at the two remaining Legend Ranks, "You better be prepared if you don't want to die just like your friends." He then raised his sword and swung it down.

Fifth Heavenly Gate, Heavenly Sword - Heaven Fall!

The two Legend Ranks immediately used their bloodline transformation as quickly as possible. By the time they finished their transformation, the sky split into two. The two raised their heads as the golden sword descended from the sky, right onto them. It did not make any sound and cut through everything in its path.

The Two Legend Ranks used everything they had to block the sword because they knew they could not escape from the sword. It was not just one or two swords, but dozens of them. Their defensive barrier barely blocked the incoming golden sword. Their swords broke apart as they tried to swing their swords against the Golden Sword. They could not escape from the same tragedy as their friends as their bodies split into two.

Following the two Legend Ranks, the nearby soldiers got hit by the swords, killing hundreds of soldiers if not thousands. Two strikes, four Legend Ranks died.

Tang Shaoyang shook his head, disappointed with how weak the Legend Rank was. He felt like it was no different than the soldiers he killed in a single punch.

Chang Jie's jaw dropped, and could not believe what he just witnessed. His heart was pounding hard, nervous and giddy from excitement. He was nervous that the sword might hit him, and he was excited to be able to witness how strong The Emperor was. He heard a lot of rumors about how strong and cruel the Emperor was, and he had witnessed a small part of how strong The Emperor was. Many Tarriors worshiped The Emperor, and he understood those feelings now.