Moonsong watched everything from the wall, and he stopped breathing for a moment as he witnessed the sky split and the sword descend. He thought for a moment it was God Ranks descended into Earth. He was worried for a moment before he realized it was Tang Shaoyang's technique. The ground split open just like the sky, leaving a cut mark on the ground in a massive size.

That was proof that The Emperor of the Tang Empire did not slack off during the time he was away from the Tang Empire. That was enough to make him trust Tang Shaoyang even more. The idea of fighting the God Rank was without a doubt an insane idea, but he slowly believed in Tang Shaoyang with just the short show. This was the reason why he stayed behind instead of returning to the border. He wanted to see how strong Tang Shaoyang had become.

"What's his rank?" Chief Moon muttered in a low voice, curious. The Emperor did not tell him anything about the rank, and he did not dare to use Detection on Tang Shaoyang. No one dared to use Detection on The Emperor, even for him.

*** ***

"77 levels…." Tang Shaoyang muttered with a frown on his forehead. That was his gain from killing four Legend Ranks, and that was less than he thought. He had killed Legend Rank beasts and monsters inside the Dimensional Tower, and he gained more levels by just killing one or maybe two Legend Ranks.

"I am Level 8528 now. I need 1472 more levels for my next trial. If four Legend Ranks are worth 77 levels…." He was doing math during the battle, "I need to kill 77 Legend Ranks more, or maybe over a hundred Legend Ranks. Oh, it seems I have become a little smarter." He was surprised to get the number that fast for someone who did not finish his middle school, "I hope they bring more than one hundred Legend Ranks. I will have better odds if I reach the Demi-God Rank before the God Ranks arrive."

He shook his head, "That's not possible. Even if I fulfill the requirement for the trial of Demi-God, I don't have enough time to finish the trial in one week." He realized he did not have enough time to get to the Demi-God Rank, "Unless I can finish the trial within five days," he tried to calculate the time and thinking of finishing the Trial of Demi-God within days, three to five days, "I still have one Archaic Summoning. Two Archaic Spirit and one Mythical Spirit, that should be enough for me to finish the trial in three to five days. That means I have to wipe The Federation and the Divine Church's armies within two days."

Tang Shaoyang nodded and raised his head before he realized the armies created a safe distance. He was surrounded by the armies, but not a single one of them dared to get closer to him. That was a natural reaction after four Legend Ranks were killed that fast. Even if the four Legend Ranks could fight Tang Shaoyang, let alone the soldiers who are mostly not even an Epic Rank.

He put Nightfall on his back and directed his open palm toward the soldiers in the distance. Out of many soldiers, four soldiers were pulled toward him. That was Gravity Pull, manipulating the gravity to forcefully pull four soldiers toward him. He deflected three soldiers to the back and caught one in his hand. The three soldiers were for Chang Jie behind him while he wanted to gather information with the soldier in his hand.

"You have two choices. First, I will give you a painless death if you answer me. Second, I will give the most painful death if you don't answer my question. How many Legend Ranks are in your army?" Zhang Mengyao, Marshal Alton, and Moonsong told him that the highest rank on the enemy's side was Legend Rank. He wanted to know the number as the number would determine his next move.

His aura enveloped the soldier, fear and terror were reflected in the soldier's eyes as he shook his head. The soldier did not say a single thing, but just shook his head furiously in fear, "Why must you choose suffering before your death?"

The Red Energy gathered in his palm, The Slayer Energy. He used Slayer Touch, one of the inhuman skills he rarely used. The soldier's body shook fiercely as the cracking sound resounded from inside the body. That was right, it was the sound of the soldier's skeleton crushed by the Slayer Energy from inside. From the bone to the flesh to the organ, crushing everyone inside the man's body. Blood flowed out his nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. The soldier died with his eyes wide open. The armor that covered the horrifying body burst out into pieces, revealing the nightmarish body.

His body no longer had a shape, but just the skin and the juices of bone and flesh inside him. It was more like a bag made of human skin. He dropped the dead body and pulled four more soldiers, tossing another three for Chang Jie. He gradually increased the number for Chang Jie. The goal was to let Chang Jie reach Ancient Rank's trial. Meanwhile, he held one soldier in his right hand, pointing his to the dead soldier before repeating the same choices.

"Die like him or answer my question. What's your choice?" The soldier's body shook in fear at the sight of the horrifying body. Even though the soldier did not look up close, he saw how the body shook and shrieked as the body was destroyed from inside.

"We have 113 Legend Ranks!" The soldier answered immediately.

"Who are we?"

"The Divine Church. We are the Divine Church's new recruit. The Divine Church brought one hundred and thirteen Legend Ranks, and there are fifty Legend Ranks stationed here. You just killed four of them! The remaining sixty-three Legend Ranks are with the Shiva Federation Faction," The soldier answered in detail without Tang Shaoyang asking them one by one.

Tang Shaoyang guessed the one he faced right now was from the Divine Church. He could tell that the enemy was human, not Elf or Beastmen. The Federation of Allurion was a faction composed of the beastmen and elves. He then used Heavenly Crushing Strike, crushing the soldier's head in a single strike.

"Ah…. I forgot to ask which side the Federation of Allurion's army is on," He shrugged, "Whatever, they will come to me if I kill enough people. Time to pick up the pace."

Realm of Fire

That was the ranked-up version of Fire Domain. The ground cracked as fire burst out from the crack. The surprising thing was the wave of fire that came out from the hole in the ground. The hole made by his sword, Heaven Fall. It was just like a fountain, the fire burst out into the air and spread out all over. His control over the domain was much much better after he learned the Nine Heavenly Gate. He could control where he wanted to place the domain, and it was to the front. There was no fire behind him, so Chang Jie was safe.

However, the young man looked silly as he gazed at the fountain of fire. He was scared for a moment that the fire might hurt him even though he knew it was Tang Shaoyang's doing. The fire flooded the ground, moving forward toward where the army was. Within twenty seconds, the burning lava filled the ground, killing all the soldiers within the domain range. That was a method to filter out the weaklings, leaving the stronger ones alive.

Tang Shaoyang could see with his Spirit Eyes that dozens and quite many survived the lava flood, more than one hundred stood in the one thousand-meter area. He glanced back at Avyn and Karoen, "You can take fifty people to fight, twenty-five each. But leave the Epic Rank alone."

Avyn's eyes glimmered in excitement that she had to fight at least a decent opponent. Karoen did not show the same excitement, but he moved faster than Avyn, leaving Tang Shaoyang and Chang Jie to get some excitement.

"You keep following me closely and don't even try to step on the lava," The fire had burned the ground, turning the ground into a lava pool. However, the lava split up as Tang Shaoyang took a step forward, making a path for Tang Shaoyang and Chang Jie. The young man was amazed by how the lava split up. The only disturbing thing was the smell, the smell of the burning that caused him to frown.

The two reached the center of the Realm of Fire, and there was no lava in the center. It was the hard ground, forming a circle like an arena. Tang Shaoyang's figure blurred and returned one soldier, an Epic Rank soldier in his hand. He used a blink and returned with an opponent for Chang Jie in his hand. There were a few Epic Ranks that survived the Realm of Fire, and those survivors would become Chang Jie's opponents.

Tang Shaoyang then summoned Bronson the Execution and asked the Undead to keep a watch on Chang Jie's fight. Bronson's task was to make sure that Chang Jie did not die before his figure disappeared again, leaving Chang Jie at the center of the Realm of Fire.

The Epic Rank soldier was in his transformation skill, glancing between Chang Jie and Bronson. He tried to use Detection on Bronson, but the skill did not work because Bronson was not considered a player. The Undead's strength was unknown, and his only choice was to fight his way out against the young man.