Tang Shaoyang changed his plan after realizing he could reach the Demi-God Rank before the God Rank descended on Earth. The initial plan was to wipe out the enemy within a week, but it was a little bit different now. He needed to kill all Legend Ranks by himself so he could reach Demi-God rank. It was not about him having fun or bait the force from the other side, he needed to kill them all as fast as he could. He gave himself three days to wipe out millions of armies. If he took more than three days to wipe out the armies, he had to abandon the thought of taking the Trial of Demi-God. He would not have enough time to finish the trial if it took him more than three days to wipe out the armies. His only concern was the time, not if he could wipe the armies or not.

Tang Shaoyang summoned all his spirits, all of them, from the lowest rank to the highest rank, ninety-seven spirits including the three spirits he summoned earlier. From the troll, bear, raven, chimera, demon, and more, gathered behind him. With a signal from his right hand, the spirit charged toward the enemy despite being outnumbered. They did not have fear because they could not be killed with a normal attack. If they died, they would return to Tang Shaoyang's Spirit World.

His actual enemy was time, and the spirits would help him in that matter. They might help him clear the armies faster, and the spirit's kill was his kill, so he could also gain a level if the spirit killed enough people for him to level. The reason he did not use them often in the fight was because he enjoyed the fight itself.

"You can kill whoever you encounter, whether it's Legend Rank or Primordial Rank. We have one day or maybe two to wipe this army!" With Tang Shaoyang's order, Avyn's figure flew to the sky. Her figure disappeared into the sky, leaving Zara and Karoen. Both had killed the soldiers who survived the Realm of Fire.

"Then I will be going to that side. I will help you to keep a watch on your people," The Void Knight went in the direction of Zaneos' group. Zaneos decided to split up instead of following Tang Shaoyang after finding out the vanguard was quite weak. His purpose was to train Areth while Pride, Kairu, and Wen went on a rampage on their own, killing whoever was in front of them.

Tang Shaoyang glanced at the Angel of Death who floated next to him, "What about you? Don't you want to have fun too?"

Zara shook her head, "I will stay next to you, in case, you need to do a Spirit Integration with me. And it will be more fun to stay by your side."

Tang Shaoyang just smiled and nodded. Then he looked at Bronson who had a duty to protect Chang Jie, "Change of plan. Get Chang Jie back and return to the battlefield fast. We will wipe out the army as fast as we can and tell Moonsong about the change of plan. Don't attack the army in India, just defense." He did not have time to babysit the young man anymore with a timer, so the best choice was to bring Chang Jie to the safe area instead of leaving him on the battlefield like this.

Chang Jie still did not understand what happened, but then the undead grabbed him and ran back to the city wall. He did not try to break free from the undead, letting the undead carry him. Whatever the reason was, it must be the Emperor's order, and disobeying The Emperor's order was the last thing he wanted.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang activated his skill, Wrath of Slayer. The skill was similar to Berserk but stronger. His attributes, all of them increased by a huge margin. Magic Power, Strength, and Vitality reached 30-Star Demi-God, and the remaining two attributes reached the peak of Legend Rank. There was no change in his appearance aside from his eyes which glowed in red. He then took out his battle ax, Abyssal Bone.

Tang Shaoyang put his battle ax on his shoulder, and lowered his posture and also his feet. Then he kicked the ground as his figure flew to the sky. In the air, he held the battle ax with his two hands and swung Abyssal Bone downward as his figure fell down from the sky. His figure fell much quicker than leaping to the air. He tried his new skill from his new class, Destruction Strike. The class gave a few active skills, and he hoped the active skill was as destructive as its name. As he reached the ground, his battle ax cut through one soldier, splitting the body into two before the battle ax hit the ground.


Abyssal Bone went into the ground and the ground cracked. All the cracked ground flew in all directions, hitting the soldiers. But that was not all as the hit produced a big shock wave. It was more than a shock wave, not only did the shock wave flung the soldiers in range, but the shock wave crushed the armor and also the soldiers' bodies. Some of them had their heads exploded, and some of them had their bodies split up just from the shock wave. The dead bodies flew in every direction along with the cracked stones, creating a massive crater where he stood right now.

Tang Shaoyang was not done yet as he used another new skill, the Domain of Paragon Armament. Thousands of weapons appeared out of thin air, stuck to the ground. He had tried Destruction Strike, but he had not tried Domain of Paragon Armament. He could feel the soul of all the newly spawned weapons, dozens of swords, spears, bows, halberds, and more. Not only did he feel the soul of the weapon, but also their weapon. The excitement to return to the battlefield, the joy of the upcoming battle.

He could sense the soul as if the weapons were a living being, and he could feel their emotions. However, he did not know what to do with the domain. It was not like he did not have a weapon with him. He had a sword on his back and the battle ax in his right hand. All kinds of weapons were here, from the brand new spear to the broken blade.

"Wait… If they have souls, does that mean they can move on their own?" Tang Shaoyang channeled his thoughts to all the weapons in his domain. He told them to attack the soldiers, the specific target so they did not attack the spirits, Zaneos, and the others. To his surprise, all the weapons slowly floated in the air. The weapon was shaking from excitement, he could feel their emotion after they received the first order.

The ballista pulled its own string as the bolt took the form of its string. The bow pulled the string as an arrow formed as well while spears, swords, daggers, and other weapons turned toward the army. Without Tang Shaoyang's order, the ballista shot the bolt, the bow released the arrows, and the other weapons accelerated toward the Divine Church's army.

The ballista bolt pierced through at least ten soldiers before it stopped, arrows rained the army down, and the spear skewered the soldiers. It was as if the weapon came to life in the domain. Similar to the Slayer Blade, he did not need to control all these weapons while he still needed to control the Slayer Blade.

Tang Shaoyang was about to pull the sword on his back when he sensed the incoming arrow toward him. A single arrow, glowing in green, accelerated toward him. The arrow was so fast that by the time he sensed the arrow, it was already five meters away from Tang Shaoyang. He could still use Blink to get away, but he chose not to. He put his hand forward and tried to catch the arrow.

The arrow broke through The Divine Cloak that covered his palm, and the arrow went through his palm. The arrow stopped when the head of the arrow pierced through his palm. Tang Shaoyang pulled off the arrow and threw it away as the wound in his hand was healing at a visible rate. He tried to identify who shot the arrow, but before he could find the archer, he sensed a murderous aura from behind him. He subconsciously turned around to see Zara's furious look, almost to the point of growling.

"Calm down, Zara. It barely hurt me," Tang Shaoyang showed his hand halfway from healing the wound fully. He picked up the battle ax and pulled the sword from his back; Abyssal Bone in his right, and Nightfall in his left hand. He made another huge leap, landing in the middle of the armies. He crushed two soldiers under his feet while his battle ax and sword claimed more soldiers' lives.

Meanwhile, Zara came out of the Void Portal. She had mastered the Void Energy and could use the void to travel anywhere without destroying her body. With a single swing of her scythe, more than ten soldiers died. Even though they went deeper into the armies, most of them were not even an Epic Rank. Just like that, the massacre started.

The Legend Rank did not make any move after the death of the four Legend Ranks earlier. They used their soldiers to exhaust Tang Shaoyang and Zara, but they failed to see the success in their plan because Tang Shaoyang and Zara did not look exhausted at all. Even when the armies from the Federation of Allurion came to help, they did not see the sign of exhaustion as piles of bodies stacked up. After eight hours of battle with the no-rank soldiers, a few Epic Ranks, and Ancient, the Legend Rank finally showed up on the battlefield.

The armies created a ring with Tang Shaoyang and Zara in the middle, and more than one hundred Legend Ranks gathered, and more than five hundred Primordial Ranks stood behind the Legend Ranks.

Tang Shaoyang let out a mocking laugh, "Finally the mice show their faces. I thought you all ran away already," He had lost count of how many people he killed. To force the Legend Rank showed up, meaning he had killed more than they could tolerate before making their move, "One hundred and twenty-seven Legend Ranks. This should be enough for me to reach the Demi-God Rank, no?" He muttered by himself.

"I don't have time to play with you guys, so let's finish this quickly since you're all here," He gave a signal to Zara, and the latter nodded, creating a void barrier around her and Tang Shaoyang. Everything that hit the barrier went into the void, whether it was a fireball or an arrow.

Ten seconds later, the void barrier disappeared, and Tang Shaoyang already used his transformation. Zara was nowhere to be seen as Tang Shaoyang also used Spirit Integration with her. With the Bloodline Transformation and Spirit Integration, Tang Shaoyang's attributes reached the peak of the Demi-God Rank. It seemed his attributes could go past the Demi-God Rank despite the bonus he had from his skill. He tried to use Attribute Shift, to increase his Magic Power into God Rank, but it said that he had reached the maximum number. His attributes were even much higher than those of the people who just advanced to the Demi-God Rank.

"I wonder how strong my Heavenly Sword is right now," He put away the Abyssal Bone and pointed Nightfall toward his enemy. The first thing he did was to use the Heavenly Gate, Ninth Gate, and the Divine Azure Dragon. The sky split up as an Azure Dragon descended toward Tang Shaoyang. He was borrowing the power of the Azure Dragon on top of all his buff. It could be said that he had used everything to buff himself, and then he raised his sword, pointing to the sky.

The Nine Heavenly Gates, Fifth Gate, Heavenly Sword - Heaven Fall.