Tang Shaoyang guessed it right that he killed all the Legend Rank with one attack, a combining attack of the Heavenly Gates. Within seventeen hours, Tang Shaoyang and his spirit cleaned up the remaining soldiers. The first thing he checked after the last soldier died was his status window.

"Level 9817…." He muttered in a low voice. Level 10000 was not far, and the Demi-God Rank was not far from him. It was the best scenario for him to reach the Demi-God Rank If he could finish the Demi-God Rank trial within four to five days. Tang Shaoyang floated in the air, and a few of his spirits died and returned to the Spirit World. Zaneos' group was beyond exhausted as the three lay down on the ground among the dead bodies. Pride, Kairu, and Wen were also exhausted after killing millions of soldiers.

Tang Shaoyang expected reinforcement from the armies in India, but no reinforcement came. What happened in the last few hours was a chase against the soldiers who tried to run away from them. The leaderless armies lost their lead and tried to escape for their lives, but then he might get why there was no reinforcement. It is because he destroyed the portal gate in the city along with the smart base. The soldier ran away from the gorge he made with the Heaven Fall, and the gorge lined up with the city ahead of Lisbon. No portal, no reinforcement, and no place for them to escape. That was why the soldiers scrambled all around to escape instead of returning to their base. There was no more base to return, after all.

Tang Shaoyang put the Abyssal Bone back in inventory, sheathing back Nightfall as he landed close to his group, "I will leave this area to you guys. I am going to continue my hunt." There was no time to waste, he needed to get his remaining level for the next trial. He recalled all the spirits and returned to Lisbon.

"Now I wish I had followed him back then…." Zaneos muttered in a low voice. He was talking about exploring the Dimensional Tower. There was a time for him to join Tang Shaoyang and Rosalie to climb up the tower instead of taking it slow by exploring the eleventh floor. It was not that he did not have a gain during his exploration with Zowen and Areth, but his gain was nothing compared to Tang Shaoyang. The Demon Swordsman wanted to know what Tang Shaoyang had gone through to reach that level.

Zowen let out a chuckle, "From what we know about him, he must do something crazier. I don't think we can match up with his craziness, so it's useless even if we follow him back then. You know him earlier than me, and you should be aware of that."

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang flew through the sky. The area below him was destroyed beyond recognition. The buildings were left in rubble, and craters formed all around the ground as smoke billowed.

Moonsong remained on the city wall, watching the destruction from the start to the end. Even though it was the work of a group, Tang Shaoyang without a doubt contributed to the most destruction. He noticed the figure in the sky, coming toward him, and immediately recognized his Emperor. The figure landed next to him, giving him a fierce breeze to his face. Chief Moon bowed his head, "Welcome back, Your Majesty. Congratulations on your triumph over the World Government!"

Tang Shaoyang waved his hand, "Lead me to the Shiva Federation's border. I am going to wipe the army on that side as well, me alone." He did not cancel his transformation, heading to Lisbon's Smart Base. There were several portals in Lisbon, and he did not know which portal connected to.

Moonsong was surprised and tried to catch up. The first thing he did was to ask the reason why Tang Shaoyang was in a hurry, "Don't you want to take a rest first, Your Majesty? You just fought millions of armies. Don't you need to recover your mana first?" He was worried for The Emperor after a big and long battle. Especially when they did not need to wipe the enemy in a hurry like this.

"I am less than two hundred levels away from the Trial of Demi-God, let's not waste any time anymore, Legion Commander Moonsong. It's an order, lead me to the other side!" Tang Shaoyang did not turn his head as he changed his tone. It was no longer the usual flat tone, but a tone with a little more force.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Moonsong hurried over and led Tang Shaoyang to the portal, "Do you want to go to the Tibet border or the Burma border? If you want to sweep them all, I recommend you to start with the Burma border."

*** ***

Saintess Marisha and Redvers Scovel participated in their invasion on Earth, and they stayed in India with the World Government while putting half of their force on Europe. Their main force was in India, not in Europe because they planned to run over the Tang Empire once their God Ranks descended. That was the plan, but they were surprised to hear that the Tang Empire initiated the attack. They received a report over fifteen hours ago that the Tang Empire in Lisbon made their move, moving out of the city to attack them. However, they had not received any information after the initial report about the attack.

"Check our people, Captain Ruben! Are they still alive or dead? How come there's no more report?" Saintess Marisha felt uneasy about the situation in Europe. Millions of people were put there, but not a single of them could report back to them after so many hours. There were two conclusions for that matter. First, the Tang Empire had a tool to block the Communication System. Second, they were killed, so there was no report. She leaned to the first because she did not believe their armies could be wiped out in less than a day.

"There's no way they are dead, Saintess Marisha. If the Tang Empire is capable of wiping out our armies, they will not turtle out in their own territories," Redvers Scovel shook his head while smiling, "You are overestimating them too much."

"We underestimated them once, and we paid a huge price for that. I don't want to repeat the same mistake and lose our armies before Almighty God descends. Don't just check their names, but also send someone to check what happened there!" Saintess Marisha insisted on checking the situation.

The leading figures of the World Government were in the same room as they were having their dinner together. They overheard the conversation and exchanged glances. The Tang Empire's force shocked them, they did not expect the Tang Empire to be this strong, far out of their expectation. However, they believed it was impossible for the Tang Empire to wipe out millions of armies within a single day, not when their Emperor was dead.

Hines Myers of the World Union snickered, shaking his head as he took a bite of the bread in his hand, 'Once the Tang Empire falls, the World Government will take over Earth! I don't care even if I become part of the Federation of Allurion.' As he finished his thoughts, a notification popped at the corner of his eyes. It was a message from one of his people and checked out the message. The message was just a single sentence.

[We are under attack!]


Someone landed at the corner of the dining hall as the building shook. Everyone stood up and pulled out their weapons. As the dust settled on, a figure was revealed.

"Long time no see. Do you like my surprise?"