"It does not matter which border. I will go for their smart base. That's where the main force gathered, after all," Tang Shaoyang waved his hand, telling Moonsong his plan. He was not going to sweep the armies like he did in Europe as it would take most of his time. He would rather go directly where their main force was than sweep their millions of armies.

Tang Shaoyang was concerned that the main force in India would try to escape after they found out what happened in Europe. Moonsong said nothing nonsense anymore, nodding his head as he led to the portal gate.

Chief Moon chose the Burma border where Marshal Alton was. He needed to tell Alton what His Majesty planned and thought of the plan b in case The Emperor needed their help. As soon as they arrived at Burma, Tang Shaoyang flew out of the smart base, leaving the Moonlight Rabbit by himself.

Tang Shaoyang floated in the sky for a few seconds, looking for the direction of India before his figure blurred once more, heading toward India. The Divine Church was in charge of the Burma border. Holy Knights were put on the wall of the Burma border, filling up the wall with the knights. The Holy Knight did not expect that they would be attacked tonight, and they were caught off guard when Tang Shaoyang landed among them on the top of the wall.

Tang Shaoyang did not waste his time as he extended his hands to the right and left, with his open palm. The black flame burst out of his palm, filling the space on the wall, and burning the Holy Knights. There was no scream coming out of their mouth as the black flame burned their flesh despite the armor. As the Holy Knights fell down, Tang Shaoyang summoned all his spirits once more.

"Kill whoever fights back! Spare who surrender!" Those were his orders for the spirits before he flew to the sky once more.

Aerelion, the Infernal Wyvern let out a roar as he breathed fire, burning the surviving knight that tried to escape from the wall. Doru, the Obsidian Golem, jumped off the wall, landing right on the knight below the wall. Ronan, The Helion Wolf, released his piercing howl, announcing their arrival as the other spirits went on a rampage as well. This was a rare occasion where Tang Shaoyang let them do whatever they wanted, and they were excited to go out of the Spirit World.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang flew further into the city, using his Spirit Eyes to find the smart base. He saw through the wall and found where the smart base was because of the familiar faces. He grinned as his figure flashed toward the tall building to the east and crashed into the building.

"Long time no see. Do you like my surprise?" Tang Shaoyang gazed at the table where Redvers Scovel and Saintess Marisha were seated. He was happy to see them on Earth because this was his chance to make them pay for what they had done, to him, and to his people.

Saintess Marisha and Redvers Scovel looked toward the voice. They stood up from their tables, having their guards surround them immediately. The two did not recognize Tang Shaoyang at first because they only met him a few times, less than five times. For Redvers Scovel, the first meeting with Tang Shaoyang at the alliance meeting. The second meeting was when Tang Shaoyang fought the Divine Church outside the Starter City. It was almost a year since that fight, so he did not really remember Tang Shaoyang until Saintess Marisha said the name.

"Tang Shaoyang…." Her lips quivered at the sight of a man that was supposed to die, standing right in front of her. She remembered not because of the face, but because of his transformation. There was no way she did not remember the transformed Tang Shaoyang who killed a whole squad of Primordial Rank Knights back when he was still Ancient Rank.

Tang Shaoyang grinned as this was one of his happiest moments to see the flabbergasted look on Saintess Marisha and Redvers Scovel. The people who looked down on him and his empire, and next he wanted to see fear in that face.

"I have to cut the escape before making that happen," After he muttered that, a giant golden sword descended from the sky, piercing through the smart base from the top to the foundation, cutting the building into two. The giant sword dispersed into golden light and the second sword came down, splitting the building into four parts. The smart base was on the verge of falling down as the third sword descended, cutting the building into six parts. The fourth sword followed and cut the smart base into eight parts, completely destroying the smart base.

The smart base crumbled as a lot of people jumped off the destroyed building to save their lives, including Hines Myers and the older guild leaders from the Earth's factions. Of course, Saintess Marisha and Redvers Scovel remained in the air along with a few of their bodyguards who could fly as well. Then two figures flew to Tang Shaoyang's side. Karoen the Void Knight and Avyn the Last Kankara'Xeo. Both followed Tang Shaoyang instead of staying with the other spirits.

"My surprise really got you, huh?" Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear, revealing his sharp teeth, licking his lips, "Two Demi-God Ranks~" Everyone could tell how excited and happy Tang Shaoyang was from his tone when he mentioned Saintess Marisha and Redvers Scovel's ranks, "This is perfect!"

There were another twenty-six people floating with two of them with all of them being The Legend Ranks. Twenty-six Legend Ranks and two Demi-God Ranks, made Tang Shaoyang's blood boil in excitement.

"How are you still alive!?" Saintess Marisha could not hold back anymore. She was shocked and also confused. The message from her Gods was clear that they had killed Tang Shaoyang. Even without the message, she believed Tang Shaoyang was dead. There was no way a mere Ancient Rank could escape from the God Ranks' chase. So how the man who was supposed to die was alive. Not just alive, the man had all his limbs, was healthy, and in fact had become much stronger, Legend Rank.

"Unfortunately, I don't have a habit of telling my secrets to my enemy. That's enough with the chit-chat. You need to get past me if you want to escape alive from my world!"

Tang Shaoyang pushed Nightfall's cross-guard with his thumb and reached the handle with his right hand. Fifth Heavenly Gate, Heavenly Sword - Heavenly Revoke. At the same time, he used the Sixth Gate, The Heavenly White Tiger. His Heavenly Energy shone even brighter because of the Heavenly Beast's energy. This was his attempt to combine Heavenly Revoke with Heavenly White Tiger.

His figure blurred out as he sheathed out his sword. His first target was Redvers Scovel, and his sword split into three as if it were a tiger claw. At the same time, the White Tiger figure appeared behind Tang Shaoyang, roaring toward the wolf beastmen.

"Watch out!" Saintess Marisha acted faster than Redvers Scovel's bodyguards. One of her classes was Divine Priest, a support class. She cast a Divine Shield on Redvers Scovel, and that was the best she could do in that emergency situation.

Hearing her shout, Redvers Scovel reacted as well. He pulled a gauntlet with the shape of a wolf, sending his punch toward Tang Shaoyang's sword. His punch created a wolf after image, lunging forward. At the same time, Redvers Scovel's bodyguards reacted, five of them. The five beastmen put themselves between their leader and Tang Shaoyang, but that was futile as the sword sliced through the five Legend Ranks easily before they could do anything with how fast Tang Shaoyang was.

The White Tiger and The Wolf clashed, and the wolf after the image was destroyed as Tang Shaoyang's sword went through toward the Divine Shield, sending the wolf beastmen down.


Redvers Scovel crashed to the ground, losing the first exchange and also five of his Legend Ranks. The Five Legend Ranks lost their lives easily because they were caught off guard. They did not use their Transformation, and they failed to execute any skills before the sword got them.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brow, muttering in an unbelievable tone, "Just 56 levels?" That was what he got from killing five Legend Ranks, and Redvers Scovel survived his Heavenly Revoke. It was hard to believe how little he got from killing the same ranks as him. He glanced at Karoen and Avyn, "You two go for the people down there. Start with their Legend Ranks if you are capable of killing them. I need to reach my target quickly."

Avyn and Karoen wasted no time with the green light from Tang Shaoyang. They dove down for their prey while Tang Shaoyang turned his target to Saintess Marisha. He recognized the barrier was the one who saved Redvers Scovel from his sword. Without that barrier, he should be able to kill Redvers Scovel in that one strike, "You are more annoying than I thought. I have to kill you first."

Saintess Marisha's knights surrounded her, ten of them, transformed into an angel. They surrounded their Saintess, protecting her from Tang Shaoyang. Meanwhile, Saintess Marisha put her hands together and cast her buff skills for her knights and herself. Not just buff, but a white barrier formed around each of the knights.

"Let's try this," He pointed his sword toward Saintess Marisha and used one of Zara's skills, Void Domain. The space around them started to crack and formed void gaps. That was one of Zara's new skills after comprehending Void Element. He swung his sword to the void gap on his right and his sword went through. At the same time, a void gap opened behind one of the knights, and the sword went through the barrier with ease. Tang Shaoyang used his Slayer Energy, covering his sword with the blade.


The knight's head flew over with a shock all over his face. He died while not knowing how he died as the blurt splattered around. Saintess Marisha witnessed up close how one of her knights died. But that was just the start as Slayer Blades came out of the void gap where they least expected, piercing her two knights' hearts.

Tang Shaoyang wasted no time as he summoned a thousand Slayer Blades around him. Saintess Marisha realized that she was in grave danger. She had to use everything she had for herself instead of buffing her knights. Her second class was Divine Templar, and she used Templar Aegis, her strongest defensive skill herself. She had the third class as well, Divine Conjurer. She conjured the Divine Fortress on herself, leaving no gap for the void to sneak into her defense as she witnessed how the void opened a gap inside the barrier to kill one of her knights. The last skill was Divine Shield, the same defensive skill she cast on Redvers Scovel. She cast the three strongest defensive skills she had while trying to think of a way to escape from Tang Shaoyang's Void Domain.

Saintess Marisha witnessed how the Slayer Blades dismembered her knights with no mercy. The red blade easily pierced through her defensive skill through the void gap. The worst thing was that they did not know where the blade would come from, so they could not focus their defense on one area.

With all ten knights dead before her eyes, she was left alone in her defensive fortress. The one thousand Slayer Blades went after her, and she witnessed how one thousand Slayer Blades tore apart her defensive skills. Her Divine Shield broke apart, and her Divine Fortress crumbled. Just as she thought death would come for her, she heard a deafening howl from below.


Before the blades could tear apart her last defense, Templar Aegis, a shadow lunged upward, and crashed toward Tang Shaoyang, bringing Tang Shaoyang further away from her. Thanks to that, the Void Domain that needed a full concentration crumbled, and all the red blades dispersed.