Tang Shaoyang smiled, looking at Redvers Scovel's despair. That was obvious in his expression, fear and desperation mixed together. The beating heart could be heard even though he was not that close to the wolf's chest. With the wolf knelt, they were about at the same height, their eyes met at each other.

"Have you ever thought that you would get to this position before, kneeling to the person you despise to work with?" Tang Shaoyang let out a chuckle. He was at ease because of the Energy Destruction Touch, one of the Way of Destruction class' skills. He used the skill on the Slayer Blade, and that would ensure that Redvers Scovel would not be able to use his mana.

"You might win against men. You can smile now, but you will die eventually! Once the God Rank of the Federation of Allurion comes to Earth, that's the time you and your people will die!" Redvers Scovel grinned, showing his rows of canine teeth.

"Acting tough in your last moments?" Tang Shaoyang grabbed Redvers Scovel's chin, getting closer to the wolf's face, "I can see the fear in your eyes. I can sense your fear, and this is what I want to see from you."

"Ah, the last moment before your death. Are you wondering why your people never come to save you?" He forced the wolf to look at the other side where Avyn and Karoen were, fighting dozens of the Legend Ranks. With him being a Legend Rank, they could pull out their strength up to Legend Rank as well. However, the Legend Rank Avyn and Karoen were much stronger than The Federation of Allurion's Legend Ranks.

The two overwhelmed dozens of Legend Ranks by themselves. They did not let a single Legend Rank pass them, and Redvers Scovel witnessed how two of his Legend Rank subordinates died.

"Yes, that look. I like the look on your face right now, and what should I do with you?" Of course, Tang Shaoyang did not consider to spare Redvers Scovel. The man was the source of his level to reach the Demi-God Rank. He was thinking of a way to kill the man, killing him directly or should he use Slayer Absorption. The benefit from Slayer Absorption was that he got more attributes, but did he really need more attributes?

He briefly checked his window status and found out that all his attributes were maxed out with many attribute points left. There was an additional skill for using Slayer Absorption which was good. A skill from a Demi-God Rank should be good. However, there was one drawback to using Slayer Absorption he could not use the body for the Spirit Summoning.

Redvers Scovel's body was too precious for his summoning. Adding to the body that Zhang Mengyao had gathered back on the main base, he was hoping to summon another Mythical Spirit or even Archaic Spirit if it was possible, "I will need the body if I want another Archaic Spirit."

Tang Shaoyang grabbed the big wolf's head and twisted it away before pulling it out. He pulled out the head along with the bloody spine.

[You have killed a Demi-God Rank Individual!]

[You gained 612 Levels!]

Tang Shaoyang frowned as he felt like there should be more notifications about him fulfilling the requirement for the trial of Demi-God Rank, and yet he did not receive the notification. With 612 levels from killing Redvers Scovel, he should have reached level 10000, even surpassed level 10000. He checked the window status, and he was level 10546, halfway to level 11000.

"What? Is there something wrong with my level? Am I not fulfilling the requirement for the trial of the Demi-God Rank?" He was confused. From the pattern for each trial, he needed two thousand levels. Four times more than the others who got their trial for each 500 levels. He felt it was so unfair, but he accepted it because of how good his class was. Now he is actually pissed off that he still did not get the requirement for the Demi-God's trial, especially when this was his hope to face the God Rank.

[Calm down, Tang Shaoyang!] Zara who was the only spirit with him, trying to speak up in his head, [Maybe because you got two additional classes, and that was the factor that you need more levels to fulfill the requirement for the trial than usual. Your next trial may be at level 11000, and you have one more Demi-God Rank to kill. She must be at least worth 500 levels! And there are more Legend Ranks that are still alive! Level 11000 is not out of reach. Getting mad at the System will not help you to reach the Demi-God Rank!]

Zara's words helped him a lot, calming him down. He then saved the wolf's corpse which returned to the original size in his inventory, the head, and the body. Then he looked up at the sky where Saintess Marisha and her subordinates were. It seemed she was not aware that Redvers Scovel was dead because of the dust. But then she seemed to realize that Redvers Scovel's aura disappeared.

"Retreat! Make an escape for me!" Saintess Marisha did not think of fighting Tang Shaoyang upon finding out that Redvers Scovel was dead already. The chance of them winning against Tang Shaoyang disappeared with the death of the Federation of Allurion leader.

Captain Ruben, Saintess Marisha's right hand, standing in the front along with the other sixteen Legend Rank Knights, "I will buy you time, Saintess. Get to the nearest portal and return to the Dimensional Tower!"

"You are not going anywhere!" Tang Shaoyang's figure flashed out of the cloud of dust, charging toward the group of angels.

Saintess Marisha turned around and left her people behind. She felt like the only way to defeat Tang Shaoyang was if they had at least three Demi-God Ranks specializing in combat or a God Rank. The fact that Tang Shaoyang was still alive was their miscalculation. All this time, The Tang Empire hid it pretty well that their Emperor was alive. On top of that, The Emperor had become scarily stronger, reaching Legend Rank in less than a year.

She threw all the useless thoughts in her head and focused on running away. She did not bother to check on her subordinates on how well they fought against Tang Shaoyang. The only thing in her head was to remember the layout of the territory and try to get to the next city where a smart base was.

Not even a minute passed as the space in front of her cracked and a figure came out of the void gap. Tang Shaoyang was right in front of him as his aura and killing intent overwhelmed her. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of the creature in front of her. The fear crept out in her heart after knowing that the man in front of her easily killed Redvers Scovel.

There was no second thought in her mind as she cast all her defensive skills on herself. From the strongest to the weakest defense skill she had. Twelve layers of barriers formed around her. Then she raised her staff up to the air, executing one of her strongest offensive skills, Divine Judgement.

Twelve golden swords formed on top of them with all the swords pointed at Tang Shaoyang. Each of the golden swords was twenty meters long. As soon as the swords formed, all the swords immediately charged toward Tang Shaoyang at the same time.

Tang Shaoyang raised his right hand and received all the golden swords with his palm. The Heavenly Energy swirled in his palm, and he used Energy Destruction Touch. As soon as the twelve golden swords reached the swirled Heavenly Energy, the golden swords burst out into millions of golden flecks.

"This is how it works," Tang Shaoyang muttered, realizing how strong his new class was. He relied on the Nine Heavenly Gates, thinking that was his strongest offensive technique, and he was also still unfamiliar with the two new classes. Now he realized how strong the class was, how he easily dispersed his enemy's attack by neutralizing their attack with a single skill.

"Let's combine The Nine Heavenly Gates with the Energy Destruction Touch."

The Heavenly Energy gathered in his right hand and executed the Heavenly Crushing Strike. A big golden fist formed and accelerated toward Saintess Marisha who was turtling in her defensive barrier.

The Saintess was too shocked at what happened to her Divine Judgement and reacted late to the Heavenly Crushing Strike. She had no time to avoid it and had to rely on her defensive barrier. But then she witnessed how useless her barrier was. With a single touch, her barrier dispersed just like her Divine Judgement earlier. That was right, it looked like the first disrupted her barrier instead of destroying her defensive barrier.

The twelve defensive barriers dispersed as the fist hit her chest. It was like a mountain fell on her as she was crushed down to the ground.

Saintess Marisha lay down on the ground as the golden fist dispersed, and she coughed up blood. It was hard for her to breathe after that, her chest heaved up and down as her breathing roughed up. She tried to use Healing Skill on herself, but for some reason, she would not be able to use her mana. The skill broke apart halfway, and she did not know why. She tried the healing spell many times, but it was futile until a figure landed next to her, looking down at her with his bloodthirsty gaze. For some reason, she sensed the fury from the man even though he won the fight.

"You don't need to be scared. I am not in the mood to torture you for what you have done. I will end you painlessly," Tang Shaoyang did not play with his prey anymore because he needed to confirm if the next trial was at level 11000. He swung the sword and cut her neck, a single swing for the kill.

[You have killed a Demi-God Rank individual!]