Saintess Marisha's head rolled over to the side with a face of disbelief. Her eyes opened wide, fear mixed with regret in her last moment.

[You have killed a Demi-God Rank Individual!]

[You gained 747 levels!]

Tang Shaoyang was surprised that Saintess Marisha gave him more levels than killing Redvers Scovel. It was unexpected that someone with a support class like Saintess Marisha was higher-leveled. And he was relieved as he heard the notification after the level gain notification.

[You have fulfilled the requirement to take the Trial of the Demi-God Rank!]

[Do you want to take the Trial of The Demi-God Rank?]

Tang Shaoyang chose to delay for a bit longer because he still needed to take care of the remaining soldiers. He was not sure that his army could take care of these headless armies. Opening the Communication System, he sent the message to Zhang Mengyao to launch an all-out attack on the World Government. Informing her and the others of the death of Saintess Marisha and Redvers Scovel. There was no need to hide Kalliyan's existence anymore as what they needed was to clear the Divine Church and Federation of Allurion's remnants so he could take the trial with ease.

Closing his eyes, he sheathed his sword as he took the Saintess' body with him. He was not going to miss valuable material for his summoning. The next step was preparation for the trial. With the time he had, he needed to clear the trial in less than five days or the best would be finishing the trial in three days. Meaning he needed everything to reach that time, summoning more spirits to speed up the clear time.

Tang Shaoyang used the Domain of Paragon Armament. All various kinds of weapons formed and planted on the ground. Then, all the weapons shot up into the air as if they came alive. With a single order from Tang Shaoyang, the weapons moved out on their own, attacking the remaining armies in range. He did not forget to message Li Shuang in the capital to prepare the bodies they gathered so far.

The plan was to use his Archaic Summoning charge here. Then he would use all the bodies he, his spirits, and his armies killed in the fight for the second summoning. Then he would use the bodies Zhang Mengyao had saved up for the third summoning. Three new spirits, and hopefully he summoned a strong spirit. He was hoping to summon another Archaic Spirit with all the Legend Rank bodies and possibly millions of armies. And he still had more sacrifices for the fourth summoning in Lisbon as well.

There were millions of dead bodies there. It was worth it to use those dead bodies for summoning for SSS Rank Spirit or even SS Rank Spirit. He needed a little bit of strength to push the clearing time. With the plan set, Tang Shaoyang did not hesitate to use his Archaic Summoning charge which he got after his class advancement.

It was the same when he first used Archaic Spirit. He was brought to another place as the surroundings changed. No longer on the battlefield which made him a little bit worried. He hoped that he did not recall all spirits he summoned. That would delay the eradication of the remnants of the army.

The eerie atmosphere thickened, and the dark sky remained dark, or even darker without the moon. No moon, no stars, and the land mostly was black sand. Black trees without leaves grew sparsely in random places. The cold breeze hit him, and then he finally found the creature residing in this place, floating in the sky.

"Welcome to my realm, the Realm of Death!" The cold voice with no emotion echoed in the air. The figure was covered in a black robe, from top to bottom. His spirit eyes failed to see through the robe, and but he could tell the figure was a man based on the voice.

The figure slowly landed in front of him, three meters away in front of Tang Shaoyang. The figure raised his hand, revealing the white bone, "You look like a human, but you are not a human, peculiar but not that weird even a skeleton frame like me exists. But this is the first time in my life to discover something like yourself."

The skeleton hand moved in the air, at Tang Shaoyang's head level, as if he was touching Tang Shaoyang's face from a distance, "Hmmm…. Interesting. I can sense the dragon aura and also the demon aura at the same time, but you are dominated by the human's smell. The interesting part is that you have three hearts. The first human I met with three hearts…."

"Ah, I apologize for looking into you without asking your permission. I have been staying here for…. I don't know how long it has been…. I don't remember, and I forget my manners," The skeleton put his hand on his right chest, bowing his head, "My name is Vandir the Death King. The System gave me that little, and I was actually quite embarrassed with the title but have learned to accept the title since that's the only choice for me to return to the realm of life."

"Nice to meet you," Tang Shaoyang was quite awkward as it was quite an unusual encounter, "My name is Tang Shaoyang, and the System has not given me a little yet."

Vandir raised his finger bone, shaking it right and left, "You don't want to receive the title from the System because it means you are dead and making a deal with the System."

"I would like to have a chat with you, and learn more about you, but I don't have that much time. Since you do not question me why I am here, that means you know why I am here, right?" As the skeleton nodded, Tang Shaoyang directly got to the main topic, "So, are you willing to establish a contract with me or not?"

Vandir caressed his jawbone underneath the cloak, "Aren't you supposed to offer me something in exchange for my help and my power? I haven't heard any offers from you yet, Tang…. Should I call you Tang or Shaoyang? Which do you prefer? Or should I call you by your full name?"