"I can't refuse your offer, but I need to know how you are going to give me your body in a month? That's fair, right? I want an assurance that you are not tricking me. In exchange, we can put your second clause in the contract that I will lose the right to your body and also will lose my memory of my research of your body if I ever betray or go back on my words in serving the Tang Empire. The Spiritual Contract overseen by the System is more reliable than a mere oath."

The atmosphere calmed down as the black smoke dispersed and Vandir became calmer. He was willing to listen first instead of jumping to conclusions. There was nothing to lose from listening to what Tang Shaoyang had to say.

"I have a skill that allows me to resurrect upon dying. After I reach the Demi-God Rank, you can figure out a way to kill me while preserving my body. That's the way I can give you the body in less than a month," Tang Shaoyang did not tell the details about the skill, but that should be enough to convince Vandir. That was right, he planned to use one more life of Seven Souls to make a contract with the Archaic Spirit.

Of course, he was not wasting his Seven Souls for just the contract. A benefit from the Seven Souls was that his attributes increased by ten percent upon resurrection. That was why he wanted to reach the Demi-God Rank first before giving the body, helping him to gain more attributes. He hoped that he could reach the attribute of God Rank once he reached the Demi-God Rank with all his skills. Wrath of Slayer, Spirit Integration, and Grand Dragon Transformation. Hopefully, that would be enough for him to forcefully break through to the God Rank attribute despite being Demi-God Rank. That would increase his chance of winning against the God Rank. He would do anything to kill the God Rank in the upcoming battle.

"How about I add one more clause? If you are lying to me that you have a skill that allows you to be resurrected upon dying, the contract will be automatically nullified. I will agree if you add that to our contract," Vandir did not know if it was the truth or not. He leaned to trust Tang Shaoyang, but his experiences told him not to trust the person he just met. That was just another assurance for him to make sure he was not tricked into forming the contract. The thing he hated the most was being used and thrown away, and he would not let that happen again for the second time to him.

"Then it will be fair if I add one more clause to the contract, right? I am not asking something unreasonable for the assurance, but I want you to share your research of my body, everything. If you fail to do so, then you will also lose all memories about your research of my body," Tang Shaoyang was not going to agree immediately even though it was just an assurance clause.

The System mentioned that he was a new race in the System, and he also wanted to know more about this new race. There might be something hidden between the mix of dragon, high human, and demon bloodline. He wanted to ensure that he also knew everything about his race.

"That's fair," Vandir nodded and offered his right hand, "Let's form the contract since you… Wait. You said I need to wait until you reach Demi-God Rank? Haven't you reached the Demi-God Rank yet?" The skeleton realized there was something fishy. He wanted to ensure that there was no hidden trick in the contract.

"I just need to finish my trial, which I will do right away after three more summonings. I am Legend Rank right, so let's make it quick so I can finish my trial," Tang Shaoyang offered his hand for the contract.

Usually, the handshake was not necessary, but this was different from the previous contract. It was more complicated than just a promise of resurrection. Vandir hesitated for a moment before reaching Tang Shaoyang's hand. Their hands glowed in golden brilliant light as both mentioned their clauses before their forehead also glowed in gold.

Vandir's whole body turned into a golden wisp and got smaller before the small golden wisp entered Tang Shaoyang's forehead. As soon as the golden glow entered his forehead, the surroundings changed. He returned to where he was before using his Archaic Summoning. On the same battlefield where he killed Redvers Scovel and Saintess Marisha.

"What's the situation right now?" He muttered in a low voice while using his Spirit Eyes to check his surroundings. It was fortunate that he did not recall any spirits when he was brought to the Realm of Death, Vandir's home. The closest to him were Avyn and Karoen who were still fighting the soldiers. They were still surrounded by dozens of Legend Ranks.

"Let's see you in action, Vandir," Tang Shaoyang summoned his second Archaic Spirit.

Vandir appeared next to Tang Shaoyang, and there was a gloomy aura around him which Tang Shaoyang did not see when he met the skeleton in the Realm of Death. The skeleton looked around, trying to figure out where he was, and tried to proceed with what Tang Shaoyang meant by seeing him in action.

It did not take long for Vandir to understand what that meant as he realized he was on the battlefield. The fact that the contract went through, means Tang Shaoyang did not trick him. He could get the body and do some research soon. That would help him out of his boredom, a new thing to research.

"Before that, I was curious about one thing," Vandir turned toward Tang Shaoyang. The skeleton was still covered in the black cloak, having his face covered still, "What will you do if I refuse to make a contract with you, Tang? I can sense your desperation, but I can't read what you will do if I refuse your offer."

Tang Shaoyang turned toward the skeleton, "I will fight and kill you. If I can't get anything from my Archaic Spirit, then I will use Spirit Sacrifice on you. If I can't get you to agree to make a contract with me, then I will get my Spirit Energy and also one of your skills."

Silent followed after Tang Shaoyang answered honestly. Vandir was not angry with the answer. He was surprised by the answer and thought that his contractor was crazy, "That will not end well for you. Not because I underestimate you, but because you will be fighting me in my realm. The chance of me winning is eighty percent."

Tang Shaoyang let out a chuckle, "I still have twenty percent to win, and I will make that happen. Help my other spirits to finish this army and make sure not to destroy their bodies. I need them for more sacrifice, one more Mythical Spirit will help me to finish the trial quickly. I will go to the other location of my other summonings."

Tang Shaoyang left The Death King by himself. With Spirit Link, he could see Vandir's perspective to find out what his new spirit was capable of. He could see what his new spirit's power was. He did not really ask what Vandir's class was, whether he was close combat, a mage, or maybe the others. The only thing he knew was that Vandir was the Archaic Spirit, and the Archaic Spirit was strong.

Tang Shaoyang headed back to Burma and his next destination would be his capital. The next summoning was using the bodies that Zhang Mengyao had gathered from the battle against the Divine Church and the previous battle. There were a few Legend Rank bodies with mostly Ancient Rank and Myth Rank bodies with a few dozens of Primordial Rank.

His arrival at Burma's smart base caused a big commotion as not everyone had seen Tang Shaoyang in this form. It was because most Tarriors rarely followed Tang Shaoyang to the battle. He quickly got the pass by mentioning his name. No one dared to stand in his way with the fierce aura emanated from him.

Tang Shaoyang returned to the Capital, and Zhang Mengyao had arranged for someone to guide him to where the dead bodies were stored. Zhang Mengyao asked the dwarf to build an underground storage to save the body, and it was a dwarf who would be his guide.

"This is where we store the body, Your Majesty," The dwarf pointed at the double metal door ahead of him. The storage was next to where the dwarves built their underground city, but it took a secret path to reach the storage. The dwarf opened the metal door with the key on his neck, and the cold air gushed out of the door, hitting his face.

Tang Shaoyang waved his hand at the dwarf, "You can leave now. Make sure no one disturbs me!"

The dwarf nodded and immediately left the area as Tang Shaoyang entered the storage. Most of the dead bodies were frozen, and most of them were human bodies. This was the result of many battles, whether in the Dimensional Tower or on Earth.

"Let's see what I will get," He muttered and activated Spirit Summoning.

The ice broke apart and puffed into the snow, not just the ice, but the body inside the ice also broke into white snow. Then it was followed by fierce wind as the storage was raged by a blizzard afterward. The cold temperature barely affected Tang Shaoyang, he just felt a little bit cold, in fact, it helped him to cool down. A figure appeared at the center of the blizzard.

[You have summoned Rank SSS Spirit!]