Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brow. He could see the creature despite the thick snow and fierce wind because of his Spirit Eyes. The humanoid shape did not make the creature like a human, at all. In fact, this was his first time seeing a humanoid creature like this one. It did not have a face or even a physical form but just the glowing snow in the humanoid form.

[You have summoned SSS Rank Spirit, Radiance - The Frostbringer]

The spirit walked out of the snowstorm, approaching its summoner, "Are you my summoner?" It asked.

Now Tang Shaoyang got a closer look, and the right description for the spirit was light that radiated frost aura. It was a bright wisp in humanoid form and radiated a freezing aura around him. It had an outfit for the people to wear in the winter. It had a winter boot, thick pants and shirt, gloves, and the winter cape with its head covered in hood.

"I am," Not the first time the spirit asked the same question, but he still answered the same. But Tang Shaoyang was surprised by what came out from the spirit.

"Let's make a contract with me." That was no nonsense from the spirit which was rare. It did not specify any demand, and it did not try something funny like trying to figure out how strong his summoner was before making the contract.

"That's it? Are you not going to ask me anything about the contract?" Tang Shaoyang was concerned all of a sudden with how easy this was. The one in front of him was SSS Rank Spirit, but still, he was suspicious that the spirit offered itself without asking him anything.

"I will tell you the reason why I don't make any demand, but not until you make a contract with me," Radiance made it even weirder by saying that.

That just made Tang Shaoyang become even more cautious in accepting the contract. The thing he was afraid of the most was that the spirit might become a parasite for him, harming him in other ways, absorbing his energy for example. He did not know if such a spirit existed, but that was a genuine fear to him. Especially when the fight against the God Rank was imminent.

Radiance also noticed how Tang Shaoyang became cautious around him. He let out a sigh, "Please believe me. I will not harm you. No, In fact, as a spirit, I can't harm my contractor. You should be aware of that because once I try to harm my contractor, the contract will be nullified, and I will get punished by the System. Believe me, I meant no harm."

"Alright. I agree to form a contract with you," Tang Shaoyang agreed. If not for that he did not have that much time, he would press it further to get the answer. But he did not mind taking the spirit offer.

Radiance turned into brilliant light and entered Tang Shaoyang's forehead.

[You have established a contract with SSS Rank Spirit, Radiance The Frostbringer!]

The blizzard disappeared, and all the snow disappeared as soon as the contract formed. The storage that was full of bodies was now empty.

Tang Shaoyang wasted no time as he turned around, leaving the storage. The dwarf was dutifully doing his job, guarding the gate into the underground storage, "I am done with the bodies. You can ask Supreme General Zhang Mengyao or Minister Li Shuang for further storage." He went directly to the portal floor and asked the person on duty to send him to Lisbon.

The next summoning was outside Lisbon where millions of bodies were strewn all over. Over a hundred Legend Rank bodies, and many Primordial Ranks and also Myth Ranks. He hoped to summon Mythical Rank Spirit with this amount of sacrifice. He believed that the amount of sacrifices was about the same as the lesser Kraken back then.

By the time he arrived at Lisbon, Zowen, Zaneos, Areth, Kairu, Wen, and Pride had just returned to the city even though the battle was finished around an hour ago. Tang Shaoyang asked them to arrange the dead bodies so all the bodies were in the range for his Spirit Summoning.

Areth raised his sword at the sight of Tang Shaoyang, but Zaneos' hand was quicker. The Demon Swordsman pushed down the sword before the young teenager had the chance to swing it, "You will die first before you can swing your sword. They will eat you alive."

Zaneos was motioning toward the three beastmen next to them. Pride, Wen, and Kairu would take action first before the young teenager could take any action, "Remember the form you just saw. He is His Majesty Emperor and don't try to swing your sword in the future."

Tang Shaoyang did not care what happened below him as he flew past them, but he did not forget to say thanks, "Thanks for your hard work. If you still have the energy to fight, then you can join the battle in India."

Mountains of bodies were in sight, a few thousand meters away from Lisbon's city wall. Even though all the dead bodies were not that close to each other, all of them were still in his range. He floated above the dead bodies and used Spirit Summoning.

The sacrificed bodies melted into lava, burning already devastated land. As if the lava was alive, the lava gathered into one spot, right below Tang Shaoyang. The lava gathered and formed a mountain of lava. The lava bulbed as the temperature rose.

Tang Shaoyang flew back, creating a distance from the still-rising lava mountain. He started to sense a presence inside the lava mountain, and he was surprised that the lava blocked his Spirit Eyes. Failed to see through the lava, and that was a good sign for Tang Shaoyang.

After all, the lava gathered into the lava mountain, forming fifty meters of lava mountain. The bulbing sound was louder, and the temperature had reached to the point that whoever got near the lava mountain would be burned. Of course, Tang Shaoyang was not affected by the heat, and in fact, he felt comfortable in this situation, waiting for his new spirit to come out.


The lava mountain burst out, forming a rain of lava all around. Tang Shaoyang was glad that he summoned the spirit far from Lisbon, or else it would burn his city. Following the burst of lava mountain, a deafening roar resounded.


[You have summoned Mythical Rank Spirit, Afi The Primordial Urosa!]