The notification sounds ominous, Doombringer the Calamity Behemoth. It was another new name in Tang Shaoyang's ear, Calamity Behemoth. He had not heard anything about the behemoth until now, and it seemed there were a few spirits who knew about the behemoth.

[I advise you not to form a contract with this behemoth if you promise him a resurrection!] That was what Vandir the Death King said in his head.

[Agree!] Karoen the Void Knight, Afi the Primordial Urosa, and Radiance the Frostbringer followed up after Vandir. The four spirits agreed without telling him why they asked him not to make a contract with him.

"You need to provide me with an explanation for me to agree. I am not going to waste my sacrifice just because you all have a bad history against him," Tang Shaoyang muttered. He had not seen the spirit yet to make an appearance.

"Is this what the System talks about the second chance?" A hoarse voice resounded.

He turned around to see what was Calamity Behemoth, the creature that his four strongest spirits were scared about.

Calamity Behemoth stood on four, having a wide and long tail with shiny spikes on it. It had a pair of horns and a horn-like jaw with three lines of spikes grown from the back of the neck to the body down to the tail. Red hairs grew along the line of the spike, and below the spike were cracked scales, glowing in red as well. It was surprisingly small to what he imagined for a spirit named Calamity as the name. It was just twelve meters long, including the tail.

"Isn't he part of the dragon family?" It was the first time he encountered a behemoth, and he thought so because of the scale. It was similar to the dragon's scale with just a tiny difference. He assumed it was part of the dragon family because of Kirin, Kalliyan. Kalliyan was part of the dragon family, and he assumed so for this case.

[I don't know. I haven't gotten such precious materials for my research in my entire life. If you let me have its body, maybe I can find out more about this behemoth. I just know it exists, and as its name suggests, this thing is a source of disaster. One of the worlds that I visited was destroyed by Calamity Behemoth. Everything I know about behemoths is that they will destroy the world it's born into or visit. If you want to keep Earth safe, then better don't make a resurrection promise with that thing. Or you can make a contract with it, but never promise it a resurrection.]

Vandir the Death King explained, but that was not enough to deter Tang Shaoyang from forming a contract with the Calamity Behemoth. In fact, he was more tempted to make a contract with the Calamity Behemoth. If the spirit in front of him was capable of destroying a world, meaning it had enough power to fight against the God Ranks.

"I am not part of the Dragon Family! I am a Behemoth!" It seemed Doombringer did not like being called part of the dragon family. It was obvious from the tone; from neutral to hostile.

"I assume I am the first one to summon you since you don't know anything about the contract," Tang Shaoyang came down from the air, standing eight meters away from the Calamity Behemoth.

"I know how it works even though this is my first time, hu…." The words stopped midway as Calamity Behemoth realized the one in front of him was not a human, "You are not a human, but you have a human-like appearance. What are you?"

"Does it really matter what I am?" Tang Shaoyang shrugged, "Give and take, that's the simple way to explain the contract. You give me your power, in exchange, you can make a request to me, something reasonable. What do you think?"

"That's true. It doesn't really matter what you are," Calamity Behemoth eyed Tang Shaoyang, "Something reasonable, huh? What about a resurrection? The System told me that I can get resurrected…. No, let me rephrase it. I am not dead, I don't need to be resurrected, but the System told me that I can get out of this damned world if you use a resurrection spell on me. I will lend you my power, but you have to get me out of this damned world."

"That's something I can easily agree on, but I will only agree if the length of the contract is a thousand years," Tang Shaoyang proposed. Even though what his other spirits said did not dissuade him from making a contract with the behemoth, he also needed to be cautious. If he could live for a thousand years, then he should be strong enough to kill this Calamity Behemoth no matter how strong it was currently. A thousand years was more than enough for him to grow stronger than the behemoth.

"NO! That's too long! I have been here for more than three hundred years, and I don't want to wait a thousand years! Fifty! Fifty years!" The Calamity Behemoth instantly rejected the proposal.

"I will be honest with you! My other spirits told me not to make a contract with you because you are the source of disasters. You have been destroying many worlds, and you will destroy mine too. Despite their persuasion, I am still willing to make a contract with you. Take or rot in this place forever!" Tang Shaoyang did not budge from his initial proposal. He could lower the length, but he wanted The Calamity Behemoth to counter it first before he lowered, it so he could keep the contract as long as possible.

"You can't blame me for that! I am created by the System, and it created me with one purpose, to destroy! Blame the System if you look for someone to blame! I am just fulfilling my existence's purpose, destroying everything!" The Calamity Behemoth roared, angry, "That's the only way for us to get stronger! We destroy to get stronger or else we will be hunted and killed! I choose to destroy rather than be killed!"

"And you can't blame me either for putting a long restriction on you. I need to be prepared for your resurrection, to fight you. A thousand years! For your information, it seems my class is super rare. I am the only Spirit Contractor from my world, and I haven't encountered any other Spirit Contractors from the other worlds. If you refuse my contract, maybe, you will get summoned a thousand years later, or maybe ten thousand years later. On top of that, in order to summon you, I have to sacrifice millions of lives to summon you. That's how hard it is to summon you. This might be your only chance, and you will have to wait more than a thousand years to be summoned!"

Tang Shaoyang was not lying about everything he said to Calamity Behemoth. There were no people with the same class as him in the Dimensional Tower, and he had been in two Starter Cities, each city with factions that had conquered multiple worlds, yet none of them seemed to know about his class. That was how rare his class was, a world not necessarily have a Spirit Contractor.

"A thousand years is still too long! Three hundred years! I don't mind waiting for another three hundred years!" The Calamity Behemoth seemed more desperate than Tang Shaoyang. It tried to make the contract lower instead of refusing to make a contract, or maybe because this was Calamity Behemoth's first contract as well.

"Seven hundred years! That's the furthest I am willing to lower the length of the contract! Take it or leave it!" Tang Shaoyang did not back down.

Calamity Behemoth stared at Tang Shaoyang, its bright crimson eyes, unknown what it tried to do. But then it backed down and agreed to form the contract, "Alright, seven hundred years! You have to resurrect me in a hundred years!"

As both reached an agreement, Calamity Behemoth turned into a bright crimson light and entered Tang Shaoyang's forehead. The contract was formed.

[You have established a contract with an Archaic Spirit, Doombringer The Calamity Behemoth!]

It was totally different when he formed with the other spirits, no one welcomed Doombringer. His head was quiet, even for the chatty Radiance. The surroundings changed again as he returned, and he found many people around him. It seemed he was teleported to another world when he was summoned, and it caused a panic.

"Where did you go?" Zhang Mengyao was right next to him when he returned, and she held his shoulders before asking him with a concerned tone.

"I was summoned to the spirit's world, and it only happened because the spirit is special, on the same level as Avyn," Tang Shaoyang explained briefly, "I will take the last trial. Should I go to the trial room, or can I take it anywhere else?"

Zhang Mengyao was surprised to hear that Tang Shaoyang was ready for another trial. But then she realized the reason Tang Shaoyang attacked the force in India after wiping out the army in Europe. It was for him to reach the next rank.

"But can you finish your trial in a week?" Zhang Mengyao had another concern. It was a Demi-God Rank trial, it was supposed to take more than a month based on the data she gathered from the Tarrior. But it was Tang Shaoyang, someone who could not be measured with the normal data, but it still concerned her. Not because she was afraid of the God Rank, but because she was concerned that Tang Shaoyang pushed himself too hard.

"It should be doable with my new spirit." Tang Shaoyang reassured her.