Tang Shaoyang returned to the capital as he agreed to Zhang Mengyao to take the Demi-God Rank trial at their home. He went to one of the empty rooms where Zhang Mengyao would watch his progress closely. The time he spent to wipe out the entire army, including summoning four new spirits, was a little over one day, meaning he had six days left before the God Rank came.

Of course, six days was their estimation based on the information they had. It could be five or even four days, or maybe they still had one more week. Tang Shaoyang went to one of the rooms for the trial taker, the same with the others. Under Zhang Mengyao's concerned gaze, he opened and entered the portal of the trial.

Zhang Mengyao wanted to jump into the portal deep inside but she was afraid of the consequences. Deep inside she wanted to help Tang Shaoyang to clear the trial, she wanted to share the burden. However, that might ruin Tang Shaoyang's trial, and she held the urge back. The only thing she could do was to organize the thing in the home, keeping a watch on Federation of Allurion, The Divine Church, and The Giteron Dynasty.

Now she had control over the World Government and took all of them as hostages. The Tang Empire had control over the gate that connected the Dimensional Tower and Earth. She took a deep breath and left the room, making a call to Yeon Hee whom she sent to the Starter City earlier, "How's the situation there? Have you made sure that the World Government has pulled back their people?"

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang entered the never-changed trial dimension. It was the same plain with the same black steele.

[Do you want to start the Demi-God Rank Trial? Y/N?]

He did not immediately tap yes as he summoned all his strongest spirits, including Zara the Angel of Death. Avyn, Vandir, Afi, Karoen, Doombringer, and Radiance stood in the front, looking around, "Do you need our help to clear your trial?" That came from Doombringer, scoffing at him. From the line of the spirits, he also stood alone and was not particularly liked by the other spirits.

"What's wrong with that?" Tang Shaoyang asked.

"Does that mean you are quite weak without us?" Doombringer did not change his tone.

"I don't think you are aware that you are part of my power. You will not exist here without me, what's wrong with using my own power to clear my trial? Stop with your useless yapping and finish the trial for me. Kill all the monsters as quickly as you can!" Tang Shaoyang made his order and tapped yes.

Not long after he tapped yes, the ground started to shake as a horde of monsters appeared on the horizon. He followed with more summonings with the other spirits, Rank SS Spirits down to Rank S Spirits. He did not summon Rank A Spirit and below to preserve his Heavenly Energy. While at it, also summoned his skeleton armies. He used everything he had from the start, from the first wave.

Compared to the horde, Tang Shaoyang's group was quite small. But as soon as they charged toward the horde, the frontline horde almost immediately disappeared. Radiance wanted to show his usefulness in front of Tang Shaoyang, using a massive spell to freeze the monster horde before cracking them into pieces. While Doombringer showed a little bit of defiance at the start, the Calamity Behemoth proved why it had Calamity as its name as both spirits wiped out the frontline with a single strike.

Everyone moved, and they finished the first within fifteen seconds. Some areas of the battlefield were freezing in ice and snow, some areas were charred and burned, and the other parts were left with scattered monster dead bodies. All his spirit made a move which annihilated the horde, but one spirit, Vandir the Death King. He stayed next to Tang Shaoyang and had not done anything yet in the battle.

"I have confusion, and it bothered me for a little while, and now I can't simply keep it in my head," The Death King's cloak turned toward Tang Shaoyang, "May I know why you want to finish the trial as quickly as possible? Don't you want to take your time? Using all these monsters instead of going to waste to summon more spirits?"

As one of the new spirits, Vandir did not know anything yet about the God Rank's invasion. He got a clue that The Tang Empire was in a war, but if they were in a war and winning. There was no need for Tang Shaoyang to be in a hurry like this. Just as he said, he could take his time and summon more spirits.

"Oh, you don't know yet? I thought you had already picked up a clue already," Tang Shaoyang smiled and tapped yes to start the second wave, "Can you help to finish the second wave, faster than the first wave if possible."

"I can do that," Vandir the Death King nodded and summoned ten skeletons. Those ten skeletons were not just weak skeletons, but skeletons with a fierce death aura. The surrounding atmosphere changed as soon as those ten skeletons appeared.

"Elder Lich!" The appearance of ten skeletons caused the other spirits to frown, and Karoen was the first one to speak up, calling the ten skeletons Elder Lich.

Tang Shaoyang did not know anything about Lich, in fact, this was the first time he heard about Lich. So he did not know how strong or how fearful this Elder Lich was.

"That will help you for a while. We can finish the wave in less than five minutes at least until the thirtieth wave. I have to participate in the fight if we take more than five minutes to finish the monster horde," Vandir waved toward the monster horde, and the ten skeletons flew toward the monster horde.

Tang Shaoyang watched through Spirit Eyes how ten skeletons were wiped out. The ten Elder Lichs sent an aura, and anything that touched the aura instantly died. He gained a little bit of understanding of why the other spirits were surprised by the ten Elder Lich appearances.

Radiance and Doombringer did not want to lose out against Vandir the Death King as they followed the ten skeletons. The second wave was much faster than the first wave, around ten seconds.

Tang Shaoyang nodded and told Vandir what happened, not in detail, but briefly that he was about to fight a God Rank, possibly more than one God Rank at that. That new information clearly displeased the Death King.

"Does that mean you are lying to the other spirits about their resurrection? How can you resurrect them if you died so early? You are tricking them and me!" Vandir the Death King did not have that much faith in Tang Shaoyang to win the fight against the God Rank.

"I never tricked you or them. I made a promise because I am confident that I can win the fight," Tang Shaoyang shrugged. He did not take seriously what Vandir just said. If he could reach the Demi-God Rank in time, he was confident of winning against the God Rank.

"Who are you trying to fool? Even if you reach the Demi-God Rank, your chance of winning against a God Rank is less than one percent. The difference between Demi-God Rank and God Rank is far higher than you think," Vandir the Death King did not believe Tang Shaoyang as he tapped yes for the fourth wave already.

"Do you want to make a bet with me? What if I win against the God Rank? Will you dedicate your life for my family?" He said family instead of empire. Having a God Rank as his family's protector would leave him at ease in case he died early or he had to leave somewhere far.

"Again, you are trying to fool me. If I win the bet, that means you lose the fight; that means you die! If you die, there's nothing I can get from you. Winning the bet is useless," Vandir The Death King released a sigh, "I want to believe you have a chance to win, but…." He did not finish his words, shaking his head.

"We will see…." Tang Shaoyang grinned as the sixth wave started. It was much faster than the previous trials, not even ten minutes passed, and he already reached the sixth wave.

*** ***

Zhang Mengyao woke up in the morning. She just had three hours of sleep, and she had less and less sleep every day. She skipped breakfast and headed toward the trial floor, checking Tang Shaoyang's room. That was what she did every time she could not sleep, and the room was empty.

A long sigh escaped her mouth as it had been three days. She followed the corridor, walking to the window, looking up at the sky. Her heart grew restless each time she looked at the splitting sky.

That was right, the sky was split open, and the split appeared last night. From the information he knew, that was a sign that the God Rank was about to descend into Earth. And it had been three days since Tang Shaoyang took the Trial of Demi-God. It seemed the God Rank would come earlier than what they predicted.

*** ***

Trial Dimension

[Congratulations! You have finished The Trial of Demi-God

[You have advanced to the Demi-God Rank!]

[Please choose the following rewards!]

[(Bloodline) (Artifact)]

Tang Shaoyang breathed out roughly as he looked at the screen in front of him. Fighting the bonus wave was much harder even with the help of his two new Archaic Spirits. He recalled all the spirits as soon as the fight was over. There was no second as he chose bloodline for his last power-up, and he was given two choices.

[(Upgrade Bloodline) (A New Bloodline)]