Tang Shaoyang had his stats increased by ten percent, excluding Divine Power which already maxed out from the beginning. He prioritized the Divine Power since all his skills relied on the Heavenly Energy. It was not like it mattered which he should max out first with his Attribute Shift skill.

The attribute bonus was just the bonus from the promise, what mattered to him was that Vandir could help him fight the God Rank. Especially if The God Rank brought another army with them. Vandir told him that he was Lich Emperor, and had control of thirty-two Lichs. These thirty-two Lichs had control over many skeletons, and he had seen one of them have a skeletal dragon. Vandir himself was an army. It was worth using one of the lives of Seven Souls to form a contract with Vandir. On top of that, he had the Lich Emperor join the Tang Empire after Vandir was resurrected. He did not regret making the contract despite being scolded by the other spirits.

[You do really have a resurrection skill!?] Vandir was not bothered by Avyn and Zara's relentless rant as he was surprised by the resurrection. He made the contract but did not fully trust Tang Shaoyang about the resurrection skill until he witnessed it by himself.

Tang Shaoyang just shrugged, re-summoning Karoen. The Void Knight did not immediately check on the rupture as he stared at Tang Shaoyang in shock. It seemed the suicide really got into Karoen as he had not gotten out of his shock yet.

"What are you doing? You have to be quick, Karoen. I am relying on you to find out when and where the rupture will open!" Hearing his voice, Karoen snapped out of his trance and nodded. The Void Knight turned around and flew closer to the rupture.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang checked on his Spirit Energy, and he had over five hundred thousand Spirit Energy in total. From the previous resurrection, he knew that he needed a hundred thousand Spirit Energy to resurrect a spirit. That meant he could resurrect five spirits now, and it was time to fulfill his promise to the other spirits.

The five spirits on the waiting list were; Malki the Fire Ant Emperor, Feera the Chimera, Yowe the Undead Master Lancer, Bronson the Executioner, and Aerelion the Infernal Wyvern. Rumru the Black Dragon was on the list ahead of these fives, however, Rumru's spirit was still sealed. He still needed to return to Rumru's world to unlock the seal.

[Don't you still need us to fight the God Rank, Master?] Yowe asked. From the spirits' perspective, it would be better for them to stay as a spirit so they could not die. If they were resurrected, they might die again in the fight against the God Rank.

"But this might be my only chance to fulfill my promise to you guys. I might die, die eternally, and you will return to the void. Are you sure you want to remain as a spirit? This might be your only chance to get resurrected," Tang Shaoyang explained, "And don't worry. I will not ask you to fight for me after you get resurrected. You don't have to join my fight, and you can even submit to the Federation of Allurion and The Giteron Dynasty if I lose my fight. Think about it carefully, five of you. Your time is limited because I will not resurrect you guys once the God Rank comes."

[I will stay as a spirit and will fight against the God Rank and their cronies!] An instant answer came from Bronson the Executioner. [However, I still want to reserve my spot after the battle. I want my resurrection after we win this battle, and can you also reserve a spot for me in your army, Master?]

[Me too! Let me fight in my spirit form, and reserve my resurrection after the fight instead.] Aerelion the Infernal Wyvern followed up.

To his surprise, not a single of his spirits wanted to be resurrected right now. They gave him the same answer, albeit, Yowe gave his answer hesitantly. The other spirits in the waiting line after the five spirits also gave the same answer. At that point, Tang Shaoyang realized that the other spirits were reluctant to be resurrected after the five declined the offer.

"Alright, if that's your decision," Tang Shaoyang was not going to refuse the help no matter how little their help was. The next thing was to check his Window Status and check on his Spirit Blessing. It was a skill that could be used to rank up a spirit.

He checked how many blessings he had. His blessing increased each time he ranked up, and he did not really touch it because he had Zara who was already at Grade SSS Spirit. Zara alone was enough for his integration, that was why he did not want to use it. Adjusting to a new spirit integration also would take time, so he left the blessing alone. It was now the time to use it as the spirit would fight individually.

[Spirit Blessing: 61]

"Can I use Spirit Blessing on Archaic Spirit?" Tang Shaoyang wondered what an Archaic Spirit would become if he used Spirit Blessing on them. He did not wait for the answer from his spirits as he used the skill on Avyn. He was also curious about the rank above the Archaic Spirit.

[You can't use Spirit Blessing on Archaic Spirit!]

The answer was to be expected because the Archaic Spirit's actual rank was the same as that of God Rank. Even Karoen was already at God Rank as a Mythical Spirit. It was unknown what differentiated them.

"What about the Mythical Spirit?" Tang Shaoyang assumed that Archaic Spirit was the highest rank so he could not use Spirit Blessing. But the Mythical Spirit was below the Archaic Spirit, and there was a chance he could rank up the Mythical Spirit to the Archaic Spirit.

[Do you want to use 20 blessings on Karoen the Void Knight? Yes/No?] He could use Spirit Blessing on Karoen, meaning he could have another Archaic Spirit. However, he chose no without a second thought. That was just an experiment, and he did not really want to rank Karoen to the Archaic Spirit.

Tang Shaoyang then chose Zara as his target for the Spirit Blessing. If he wanted to rank up any spirit to Archaic Spirit, it was Zara. Not just because he was biased, but because he was more comfortable using Spirit Integration with Zara.

[Do you want to use 6 blessings on Zara The Angel of Death? Yes/No?] He did not hesitate to tap yes.

[Zara The Angel of Death has successfully ascended to the Heroic Spirit!]

[Zara The Angel of Death gained a new title, Archangel of Death!]

Tang Shaoyang could not see the live changes, and he did not get the notifications about her, including if she learned any new skills, "Can you tell the change, Zara? Do you need more time to adjust to your new upgrade?"

[I have mastered Void. There are a lot of new things, and I can share them immediately if we use Spirit Integration. Also, I have a new element, a weird one, Death.]

That was indeed weird as how a Death could be considered an element by the System. But he also learned something new that there was another rank below the Mythical Rank, the Heroic Rank. That meant there were three more ranks above Rank SSS.

"I want to do that, but I want to finish your evolution first." Tang Shaoyang did not have an intention to stop using Spirit Blessing on Zara.

[Do you want to use 12 blessings on Zara the Archangel of Death? Yes/No?]

[Zara The Archangel of Death has successfully ascended to Mythical Spirit!]

[Zara The Archangel of Death gained a new title Quasi Goddess of Death!]

Tang Shaoyang was about to rank up Zara to the Mythical Spirit, but she stopped him. [Wait! Wait! Wait!] She called him three times.

[Can you still use Spirit Integration with me if you rank me up to Archaic Spirit? You end up dying when you use Spirit Integration with Avyn!]

"I don't think that's a problem. I couldn't integrate with Avyn at that time because I am still Ancient Rank, but now I am Demi-God Rank. My body should be strong enough to use Spirit Integration with any Archaic Spirit." Tang Shaoyang was confident that his body was strong enough for that, "And I have a new bloodline that strengthens my body further. I am ready to integrate with an Archaic Spirit."

[That's right. Your body should be strong enough right now, and you have to integrate with an Archaic Spirit so I can use my full power as well. During the trial, my power was still restricted, around seventy percent I would say. However, if you reach the power of that God Rank, I can fight with my full strength, then I can really help you fight the God Rank.] Vandir the Death King supported Tang Shaoyang's decision to rank up Zara if she was Tang Shaoyang's choice.

[Do you want to use 20 blessings on Zara the Quasi Goddess of Death? Yes/No?]

[Zara the Quasi Goddess of Death has successfully ascended to the Archaic Spirit!]

[Zara the Quasi Goddess of Death gained a new title, Goddess of Death!]

Tang Shaoyang used more than half of his blessings, 38 Spirit Blessings in total for Zara to ascend to the Archaic Spirit. She was no longer an angel, but Goddess. With that, he still had 23 Spirit Blessings and two Mythical Spirits that he could upgrade to Archaic Spirit, it was between Afi the Primordial Urosa and Karoen the Void Knight.

It took him some time, but he made the decision. He chose to use twenty Spirit Blessings on Afi the Primordial Urosa.

[Afi the Primordial Urosa has successfully ascended to the Archaic Spirit!]

Afi retained the same title, but the title didn't really matter as long as Afi got stronger. Of course, there was a reason why he chose Afi instead of Karoen even though he made a contract with Karoen first. Afi's contract mentioned that he would be part of the Tang Empire even after he was resurrected, and Karoen did not make the same promise. The choice was simple: he would make his own people stronger.

"Coming! Coming! They are coming!" At this moment, Karoen rushed back to the rooftop as he warned Tang Shaoyang the incoming enemy.

As the Void Knight said, the rupture slowly opened and from the gap of the rupture, light shone. Tang Shaoyang walked closer to the edge and looked up. He could see figures beyond the blinding light, not just one, but many of them. The God Ranks had arrived on Earth.