Tang Shaoyang let out a bitter chuckle, "I don't even have time to think of my daughter's name, hah?"

The rupture slowly opened and what awaited him behind the rupture was another army. The ones who came were not just the God Ranks, but also an army behind them. The open rupture was filled with people, and it was unknown how many there were. The giant rupture was filled with humanoid figures, and it might be millions as there might be more people behind.

Tang Shaoyang used his Dragon Transformation, and this was the first time he used Dragon Transformation after his bloodline upgraded to the Wicked Dragon. The first thing he noticed from the appearance was that the dark scale was even darker, his tail grew longer as he could sense the change on his tail around three meters long, and he had three pairs of dragon wings. The first concern was whether he had three heads or not, and fortunately, he still had one head instead of three. Another change was his horn, he had two pairs of horns. A pair grew above his eyes, and another pair above the first pair.

"I am taller, I guess," He noticed that he was a meter taller compared to the previous Dragon Transformation. The previous transformation pushed his height to three meters, and now he has grown up to a little over four meters. This was a preparation for the Spirit Integration with Zara who had now an Archaic Spirit. Just in case, his normal body could not bear the burden of the Spirit Integration with an Archaic Spirit.

Tang Shaoyang did not immediately use Spirit Integration. He wanted to check his attributes first, and he was surprised that all his attributes were maxed out. With just a single transformation, without even activating Wrath of Slayer and also Spirit Integration. He realized that breaking through to God Rank's attributes was possible even though he was just Demi-God Rank. A Demi-God Rank with God Rank's attribute.

Then he used Spirit Integration with Zara. The obvious change was the wing. Zara did not get more wings, instead, her wings were reduced to three pairs, and each wing had a similar size to his dragon wings. And her wing was no longer black and white anymore, but just black wing. Another new thing was that his wing released a dark aura, and that aura was Death.

The first thing that Zara reminded him of was to control Death's Aura as it could harm his people as well, and she immediately guided him on how to control the aura through his mind. It took him a full minute before he could control it, making sure it did not leak through his weak. That was it, as usual, his Dragon Transformation dominated the change in his outer appearance just like before.

Tang Shaoyang checked his Window Status, and sure enough, his attributes broke through to the God Rank. Even though it was still at the entry-level, flat 15 Stars for all attributes except for Divine Power reached 40 stars. He could feel the overwhelming Heavenly Energy inside, the drastic change inside his body was too easy to notice.

"Then how high can I push all my attributes?" Tang Shaoyang still had one more skill that could increase his attributes, Wrath of Slayer. He did not hesitate to activate the skill. It was different from the beforehand fight where he would gradually increase his attributes, he used everything from the start. This was the deciding battle, the battle that would decide his fate. And he was surprised at how much Wrath of Slayer boosted his attributes.

Wrath of Slayer boosted his four attributes up to 85-Stars God Rank, and it pushed his Divine Power up to 110-Stars God Rank. He was surprised that his Divine Power passed 99-Stars which was usually the cap. He then realized there might not be a limit for the God Rank.

[This is insane! How could this be possible? This is not fair! I can only push my two attributes to reach God Ranks, and yet, you have the God Rank attribute while still in the Demi-God Rank. How could this be fair?] That came from Vandir who was shocked to see his window status. There was a resentment in the Death King's voice for some reason.

"Does this make you feel good to form a contract with me?" Tang Shaoyang grinned. He did not care if it was fair or not. It was not like he cheated to get all of this. He stood at the edge, and he noticed that the Tarriors had come out of the building. It seemed everyone already noticed the incoming enemy. The rupture was so bright it lit up the night. It was impossible not to notice the rupture was open.


Someone opened the door behind him, and Zhang Mengyao rushed out of the building. But then she stopped in front of the door at the sight of the figure who stood at the edge of the building. This was her first time seeing Tang Shaoyang's new form, but she recognized him. She could feel his aura that was much stronger compared to the time when they climbed up the tower.

"Please lead the Tarrior once more for me, Supreme Commander Zhang!" Tang Shaoyang turned around and smiled, "Only bring Epic Rank and above to the battlefield. For the Tarrior below Epic Rank, tell them to protect the ordinary people. Escort them out of the Capital. Origin! Show me our map!"

Origin projected the holographic map and showed him the developed territory under the Tang Empire, and also the map outside The Tang Empire. The reason he wanted Epic Rank and above to join the battle was that the army might be the main force of the Federation of Allurion and the Divine Church. Bringing Tarrior below Epic Rank was pointless as it was the same as bringing a cannon fodder. It must be Epic Rank and above to fight the main force.

"I will lure them out of our territory to the East of Russia. Get Tarrior ready to follow me there," Tang Shaoyang wanted to minimize the damage on his territory, so he chose the less populated area which was not his territory.

Zhang Mengyao was about to ask how he was going to lure the enemy until she sensed a familiar, but stronger aura. Her eyes widened as she looked at the figure in front of her. She fell on her knees, bowing toward the figure in front of him. It was not on her will, but her body moved on its own. This happened once, and she could not say anything even if she wanted to.

Tang Shaoyang did not notice Zhang Mengyao's posture because his Spirit Eyes focused on the Rupture. He just released the aura that he usually hid. Not only did he release it, but he made sure his aura grew stronger so the people in the rupture noticed him. That was how he was going to lure them to him. If they sensed the strong aura, they would come for him instead of coming to his Capital. From what he knew, they did not know the exact location of the Tang Empire's Capital yet.

The six pairs of wings opened and his figure blurred as he moved toward the East of Russia. It was a short flight for the current Tang Shaoyang. He made sure that he was out of China before stopping, and it just took him a few minutes.

Tang Shaoyang floated in the air, looking up at the rupture. He brought no one, including his beast companions, alone, waiting until the rupture fully opened. The rupture fully opened a few minutes later, and sure enough, his aura attracted the figures from the rupture.

The people in the ruptures came down toward him, proving his little trick work. That meant he could avoid the battle from away from his territory. That was a good start.

The army slowly descended from the rupture, and the rupture immediately closed up as the army descended. The portal only opened for a certain amount of time. Seven figures led the army, and he noticed that the army was protected by the barrier.

"Anyone good and quick in counting? Can you tell me how many people they bring for me?" Tang Shaoyang asked his spirits. He did not sound nervous, in fact, he sounded cheerful. He was not scared of the incoming army, and in fact, he was excited. There was nervousness in him, but he was more excited to fight the God Rank and their army.

[Who cares about their numbers? Just get me out already. I am ready for the battle!] Doombringer the Calamity Behemoth replied. It was not just him who was excited, the behemoth was also excited for the upcoming battle. [I hope you are strong enough so I don't get restricted like before!]

"That's true. Who cares about their numbers," Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear, "But I am not going to wait for them to slowly descend like that."

The army's descending speed was quite slow in Tang Shaoyang, and he was not going to let them land safely. Seven figures led the army, and he assumed seven of them were the God Ranks. He could not use Detection because they were out of range. Tang Shaoyang only had five God Rank Spirits, and six included him who integrated with Zara. It was six against seven if the army was not included.

"Let's make it fair, six against six!"

He formed a thick javelin with Slayer Energy, taking three steps back, then he ran a few meters ahead before throwing the javelin toward one of the God Ranks.