974 Chapter 974

The beauty had been locked up for so many years that she was about to go crazy. Now, she was finally free.

However, things were not that simple. Light turned into darkness in an instant, and all their efforts turned into nothingness.

“I can’t get out! I can’t get out…”

The beauty started crying.

The world had treated her too terribly.

Did she still have to stay here for a few more thousand years?

Seeing the beauty laughing and crying, Jiang Ming felt that she was completely insane. Then, he thought about it and understood.

Anyone who had been locked up for so many years would not be normal.

“Calm down; we will get out.”

Jiang Ming couldn’t stand her crying and comforted the beauty.

“That’s true. Since the two of you aren’t strong enough, then let me help. I haven’t had freedom for 7,000 years!”

The beauty suddenly had an imposing manner. Her fingers made a sign, and her eyes were filled with anger.

The legend of this valley would be completely destroyed.

Jiang Ming nodded.

The three of them rushed forward and broke the barrier again.

However, this time, there was no darkness. Instead, another barrier arrived.

The beauty refused to be outdone and continued to urge Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan to work together to increase their spiritual energy.

However, they broke through layer after layer of barriers, but they were still not done.

“Wait! We can’t continue. Let’s go find something else.”

Jiang Ming saw that it was useless to continue like this. He immediately changed his mind and planned to look for other places.

Sikong Wuyuan wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He was already a little exhausted from using spiritual energy. It was time to rest.

The beauty was dejected, but she had no choice but to agree. She secretly made a decision in her heart.

Later, she would definitely persuade these two people to use their spiritual energy on her.

“You should be familiar with the terrain here, right?”

Jiang Ming looked at the beauty.

“Yes. The surroundings are filled with forests. There’s nothing special. If I say that I’ve never been there before…”

The beauty’s words came to an abrupt halt. Her face was filled with fear, and she was dumbstruck.

“What happened to you?”

Sikong Wuyuan came over and patted her shoulder.

“That’s a forbidden place. We might all die if we go there.”

The beauty’s eyes were already filled with tears. She covered her face and cried again.

“We didn’t go there,” Sikong Wuyuan said helplessly. “What are you afraid of? Wait, how did you know about the forbidden land? Weren’t you trapped here?”

He suddenly realized a problem. He pulled Jiang Ming and leaned back, his entire person alert.

There was indeed something wrong with this beauty.

“That’s right. But when I first arrived, someone told me that it was a forbidden place, but I could only hear voices and not see who was talking.”

The beauty was muddle-headed.

Jiang Ming could not help but admire her.

She had been here for 7,000 years and had yet to figure out anything. No wonder she could not get out.

“How is that possible?” Sikong Wuyuan was still doubtful. “We didn’t hear the voices. Your excuse is lame.”

The beauty gulped.

“I’m not lying. I was also shocked earlier. As for why you guys couldn’t hear the voices, I don’t know.”

She was panicking.

She also felt that this voice was too ridiculous, but this was the truth. She had no choice.

Sikong Wuyuan wanted to ask more, but Jiang Ming stopped him.

“Don’t worry, she won’t lie to us.”

“Why? Because you like her?”

“Why would I like someone I met five minutes ago?”

Jiang Ming hit Sikong Wuyuan’s shoulder.

“I’m just joking. Let’s go to the forbidden land. That’s the only way out.”

Sikong Wuyuan was full of fighting strength.

He had gathered a portion of his spiritual energy, and he was in a very good state now.

“Yes, let’s go.” The beauty agreed, but she still had a lingering fear. “There are residents here, but I’ve never seen them face to face. They come and go without a trace. Their spiritual energy is strong. I can’t find where they live.”

Sikong Wuyuan rubbed his chin. “We’ll see. If there are too many of them, we’ll run. What else can they do to us?”

“We’ll deal with whatever comes our way.”

Jiang Ming did not care at all and walked forward casually.

The three of them reached an agreement and headed to the forbidden place together.

Before they reached the actual location, a voice entered their ears.

“You are not allowed to enter the forbidden land, or else you will die.”

“Your threat is weak,” Jiang Ming shouted coldly.

“I thought he would use some sort of technique, but it turns out to be nothing much.” Sikong Wuyuan could not help but laugh.

Just as he said that, a black shadow rushed over and captured the beauty.

It was so fast that Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan didn’t notice it.

Sikong Wuyuan pointed at the spot where the beauty had been in disbelief.

“Did she just go in?”

“Yes, but I don’t know what took her away.”

Jiang Ming sighed.

He really should have paid more attention to this snake spirit just now. Now, it was gone.

Soon after, Sikong Wuyuan was brought in by a gust of wind.

It was extremely fast. When Jiang Ming looked over, Sikong Wuyuan was already gone.

Jiang Ming walked straight in, only to see a desert in front of him. There were only a few weeds on it.

Walking further, they were still in the desert.

Jiang Ming could not figure it out.

How were they brought in?

After a while, a few tornadoes blocked his surroundings, obviously not allowing him to leave.

“These are artificial tornadoes, right?”

Jiang Ming was sure that there should still be someone inside.

The tornadoes did not attack him. They just stopped.

He tried to take a step forward, but the tornado in front of him took another step back.

Jiang Ming understood.

These tornadoes did not want him to leave.

He suddenly had an idea.

What if he retreated?

He did as he thought, but the tornado behind him took a step back.

He snorted coldly.

It turned out that they wanted to force him away. This was impossible.

Jiang Ming rushed up and entered one of the tornadoes.

Countless gusts of wind blew past his body, bringing with them an inexplicable scent.

Jiang Ming did not notice. He inhaled the scent and fainted.

The lights seemed to have been turned on, and he heard a loud conversation.

Then, he felt someone holding his hand.

He seemed to have sensed this person’s emotions.

They were very excited, but there was also a trace of anxiety.

Jiang Ming opened his eyes and saw a beautiful woman.

She had a pair of fox-like eyes. She was charming.