977 Chapter 977

“Your Majesty, where are you?”

At this moment, he heard Sikong Wuyuan’s voice and was shocked.

Earlier, he did not feel Sikong Wuyuan’s pulse and thought that he would sleep for a long time. In the end, he was actually awake again.

This shout also attracted the attention of the Lin family’s head and the others.

Lin Shu said proudly, “As expected of my ancestral technique. This person will wake up soon.”

“Why did you save him?” Lin Siqing asked in disbelief. “If he doesn’t listen, then we won’t be able to make up for the loss.”

“Who am I, huh? Do you think I’m afraid of some random guy? Siqing, aren’t you too weak?”

Lin Shu did not care at all. She went straight to Sikong Wuyuan and pointed at his face. “Come over here and massage my shoulders.”

Sikong Wuyuan was dumbfounded.

This was the first time he had been treated like this, and by a woman, no less.

Based on his principle of being nice to women, he gritted his teeth and asked, “Why?”


Sikong Wuyuan’s face immediately swelled up. He was furious.

This person was really shameless.

“How dare you!”

Lin Shu’s head was buzzing.

This was the first time someone had spoken to her like this. She immediately slapped him again.

However, this time, she did not succeed. She was directly grabbed by Sikong Wuyuan and pushed back.

Due to inertia, Lin Shu fell to the ground. She was in pain!

Master Lin’s heart ached when he saw this. He quickly went forward to help Lin Shu up and gestured to the servants at the side.

The servants immediately rushed to Sikong Wuyuan and pulled him down, wanting him to kneel on the ground.

Sikong Wuyuan would rather die than listen. He cursed her, saying, “She deserves to fall. I can’t stand idiots like her for even a moment. She should have fallen to her death.”

Lin Shu was about to explode in anger. She went forward and wanted to slap Sikong Wuyuan again, but she was stopped by Jiang Ming.

“This is my friend. Miss Lin, it’s not good to treat my friend like this, right?”

Lin Shu’s attitude changed when she saw Jiang Ming.

“You’re right. We’ll do as you say. However, your friend is too infuriating. I hope he can change his personality.”

As she spoke, she glared at Sikong Wuyuan.

Sikong Wuyuan ignored her and rolled his eyes, but he did not say anything else.

After all, this was the Lin family’s territory. He still had some sense of propriety.

“You’re right. He may have a bad temper, but he’s a good person. He won’t say anything now. Don’t worry,” Jiang Ming continued.

Lin Shu nodded in satisfaction and looked at Sikong Wuyuan with disdain.

“If it weren’t for the king, I wouldn’t have forgiven you so early.”

Master Lin looked at his daughter and felt disappointed.

“Isn’t he just a man? Why was she so nice to him? I don’t think a man with such a thin and weak appearance can protect you. Why don’t you go to the firewood room and practice?”

The firewood room was where the Lin family did odd jobs.

Jiang Ming did not say anything. His eyes were fixed on Lin Shu.

He felt that she would speak up for him.

As expected, Lin Shu immediately shook her head. “The king is so weak. How can he do such chores? I think it’s better to let his friend go.”

Sikong Wuyuan was about to speak, but he was interrupted by Jiang Ming.

“My friend is also very weak now, so forget it.”

The Lin family head could not argue with his daughter. He could only nod his head in agreement, but at the same time, he also set a rule.

“I don’t care what you do, but you can’t cause trouble. The Lin family doesn’t need outsiders to cause trouble.”

Lin Siqing was infuriated.

He did not expect his father to spoil Lin Shu so much. He felt that Lin Shu had been spoiled by their father to the point of being unbearable.

He pouted and was about to say something when Master Lin saw through his thoughts.

He turned around and glanced at Lin Siqing, gesturing for him to follow him back to the study.

Seeing that they had left, Lin Shu pulled Jiang Ming excitedly. “Let’s go eat something. It’s almost noon.”

Jiang Ming gestured for Sikong Wuyuan to go back first and have dinner with Lin Shu.

“As expected of the king,” Sikong Wuyuan muttered to himself. “He’s so good at manipulating women.”

He had to hurry up and check on the snake spirit.

Master Lin and Lin Siqing went to the study.

As soon as he entered, Master Lin began to pace around.

This Jiu Zhu was not a good person. When the time came, his daughter would suffer.

However, his daughter liked him so much that he could not say anything.

” Don’t worry, Father,” Lin Siqing said. “I’ll get rid of that b*stard.”

“You were led by the nose just now. Can’t you tell?” Master Lin snorted coldly. “Don’t fall into his trap. Go and invite the old man of the Shang family. There’s no need to deal with him. He has a daughter who needs a netherworld marriage. This Jiu Zhu is quite suitable.”

Hearing this, Lin Siqing could not help but hesitate.

“Father, is that true? If we invite them, the old man will know about this.”

“Are you stupid? We definitely can’t let them come here. When the time comes, won’t we just bring the Jiu Zhu out?”

Master Lin was speechless. He went forward and smacked his son’s head.

Lin Siqing was so stupid!

Lin Siqing realized that there was something wrong with his way of thinking. He coughed and said, “I understand, Father. I’ll do it now.”


Jiang Ming felt a little miserable.

Other than him and Lin Shu, there were also a group of beautiful men around Lin Shu.

They surrounded Jiang Ming and kept asking questions.

“Where are you from? How did she bring you back?”

“What exactly does the young miss like about you? I look more handsome than you. Aren’t you just a little thinner than me?”

“The young miss’s taste is still as good as ever. However, don’t think about how long your time in the spotlight will last. Young Miss will have a new favorite.”

Jiang Ming nodded perfunctorily.

Lin Shu was called away by Master Lin.

When she saw her father, she immediately knelt down.

“Father, I know you might not agree to this, but I really want to say it. I think the king is the last person in my life.”

Her heart was filled with happiness.

The scene where Jiu Zhu saved Sikong Wuyuan was so cool.

It was also because of his actions that she felt that the only person she could love was the king.

No matter what, she had to make things right with him.

“Lin Shu, what did you say?”