979 Chapter 879

Jiang Ming took out a pill from his mouth and placed it in the snake spirit’s hand.

The snake spirit could not help but get excited.

“I won’t die. That’s great. Thank you, Your Majesty. But is what you said really believable?”

She hesitated, her eyes filled with questions.

“If you don’t believe me, you can find someone else to take a look, or you can wait for your death. It’s all up to you.”

Jiang Ming did not want to explain too much. He sat down and slowly drank his tea.

The snake spirit was about to say something when the servant rushed over.

“Your Majesty, Miss Lin is calling for you. She seems to be a little unwell.”

The snake spirit grinned.

“I’ve used this trick countless times. This eldest miss of the Lin family’s trick is quite simple.”

The servant glared at the snake spirit.

She immediately fell silent.

They seemed to be hostages now. They could not say such things.

“Alright, I’ll go over now. You go first.”

Jiang Ming still wanted to see the situation of the snake spirit, but the servant refused.

“Eldest Miss’s condition is very critical. Please hurry over.”

“Alright then.”

Jiang Ming followed the servant and saw Lin Shu lying on the side with a frown. She kept touching her head as if she was really in pain.

When she saw Jiang Ming, her eyes lit up again and she called him over.

“Your Majesty, I missed you so much. Why were you gone for so long? I’m about to get lovesick.”

Jiang Ming grinned.

“She was really dying. Didn’t she just want to see him?

It was indeed a little child’s trick.

“I miss you too. I heard from the servants that your illness is very serious. How are you now?”

He pretended to be concerned.

He still needed to make use of the Lin family’s eldest daughter. He hoped that she would not let him down.

“I couldn’t get up just now,” Lin Shu said coquettishly. “But now that I’ve seen you, I’m fine. Your Majesty, Grandma Shang will be coming to visit you later. We might have to go somewhere else. Don’t be afraid. Grandma Shang has a very good personality. If it really doesn’t work out, I’ll help you respond by the side if you don’t speak.”

“Who is Grandma Shang?”

Jiang Ming sat by the bed and was pleasantly surprised.

If he wanted to go somewhere else, he would leave this place.

Perhaps, they could leave this place. At that time, he could bring Sikong Wuyuan and the snake spirit with him.

“Grandma Shang is my father’s good friend. We have known each other for more than ten years. She has helped my family a lot. She had a daughter whom she doted on very much. However, due to her illness, her daughter had passed away. She treated me as her daughter and came to visit me this time,” Lin Shu said happily.

When she heard the news, she was so happy that she forgot about home.

His father would never introduce outsiders to Grandma Shang. Now that she had introduced Jiu Zhu to her, it was enough to show that his father could still accept Jiu Zhu.

After they met, her marriage to Jiu Zhu should be successful.

“Did Master Lin tell you this?”

Jiang Ming had an idea.

Master Lin was full of tricks. Things were definitely not as simple as what Lin Shu said. He probably had other plans.

Lin Shu nodded and held Jiang Ming’s arm coquettishly. “Your Majesty, are you going or not? Don’t worry, I really won’t embarrass you. With me around, I won’t let anyone bully you.”

Jiang Ming smiled.

“I’m not used to being alone. Can you bring my two friends along and let them pretend to be my servants?”

“Of course.”

Lin Shu did not think there were any other problems, so she agreed immediately.

“I disagree!”

Lin Siqing walked out at this moment, his eyes filled with vigilance.

He did not know how strong the two people beside Jiu Zhu were. It would not be good if his plan was ruined.

“Why? Siqing, why are you here to mess things up again?”

Annoyed, Lin Shu turned around and ignored Lin Siqing.

“Shu, it was all my fault before. It’s just that this matter with Grandma Shang is a big deal,” he said with a bitter face. “You know, she doesn’t like to have too many outsiders around. It’s already good enough to accommodate Jiu Zhu.”

“Didn’t Jiu Zhu say it just now? His two friends will become his servants, so what? Grandma Shang has a lot of servants, would she care about these two?”

Lin Shu felt that Lin Siqing was being unreasonable. She grabbed Jiang Ming’s arm and was about to leave.

“Siqing, don’t interfere in my matters anymore. Father finally relented. Let me do whatever I want.”

“Shu, there are some things you don’t understand. Listen to me. Let Jiu Zhu go alone. I will protect him.”

Lin Siqing became anxious and wanted to convince Lin Shu.

He felt that he could give in to his sister in any matter, but this matter was too big for her.

“I’ll decide on this matter. Siqing, if you insist on doing this, I will cut you off.”

Lin Shu felt that there was no need to stay any longer. She left without listening to her brother.

Jiang Ming could not help but laugh.

He did not expect Lin Shu to do this for him.

After leaving Lin Siqing, Lin Shu comforted Jiang Ming.” Your Majesty, my brother has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. He will definitely accommodate your two friends. You can stay here for as long as you want.”

“I know. Thank you, Miss Lin. But there’s something I still don’t understand. Why are you in this desert?” Jiang Ming asked.

Lin Shu felt that he was concerned about her. She smiled and said, “We’re doing some spiritual energy research here. If we go anywhere else, we’ll attract bandits. Staying here is the safest. Do you want to see my house?”

She leaned closer to Jiang Ming, and her eyes were twinkling.

She thought that she must have fallen in love with this young man.

“I want to,” Jiang Ming said.

“Alright, I’ll bring you there.”

Lin Shu seemed to have made up her mind. She jumped into the air with Jiang Ming and entered a room.

The interior was cozy, and there was even a spirit cat sleeping inside.

“This is my cat, Qiqi. She has already mastered many immortal techniques and can be considered a relatively good spirit beast. She’s always with me. I’ve been with her for many years.”

Lin Shu stepped forward and patted Qiqi’s head.


Qiqi opened her eyes, raised her claws, and ran toward Jiang Ming.


Lin Shu was anxious and teleported over to hug Qiqi.

“Qiqi doesn’t like me very much.”